The Caretaker is a 2012 slasher film directed by Mary Stetman.

The film stars: Shia LaBeouf, Chelan Simmons, Danielle Harris, Freddie Highmoore, Erik Knudsen, Amanda Bynes, John Cusack and Angela Bassett.


A Group of teenagers are partiying in the woods, but a strange creature is following them, a creature that will kill them one by one until they are all dead. Lead by Daiel and Jessica, the group may escape, but can they survive?


Shia LaBeouf as Daiel Chesnut

Chelan Simmons as Jessica Durance

Angela Bassett as Deputy Latricia Himmons

Danielle Harris as Crazy Annie

Erik Knudsen as Leo

Amanda Bynes as Leilani

Freddie Highmoore as Jason

Arlen Escarpeta as Julian

Alexz Johnson as Shalene

John Cusack as Sheriff Frederick Georges

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