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The Case of Super Megaforce is episode of The Avenging Regular Show Unlimited.


The mysterious item, called a Legendary Ranger Key, that had been left behind.


  • (This episode begins at Avengers Tower)
  • Iron Man: Here.
  • Mordecai: What is this?
  • Iron Man: Evidence called a Legendary Ranger Key.
  • Randy Cunningham: We will.
  • Iron Man: Go and find out.
  • Dan Zembrovski: Let's go.
  • (Leader Team are going outside)
  • Iron Man: Good luck.
  • (Back with Leader Team)
  • Mordecai: There he is. Is that him?
  • Loid: It is!
  • Benji: Not so fast, Burglar!
  • Burglar: I-I was just doing what they asked me to...
  • Dan Zembrovski: Asked...? By who? Who was it?!
  • Burglar: The Alliance!
  • Saburou: You're working for them. Are you?
  • Burglar: Yes. I'm also known as...
  • (Burglar transform into Burglar Fangire)
  • Burglar Fangire: Burglar Fangire!
  • Mordecai: I'm going to check on the stolen Legendary Ranger Key.
  • (Mordecai opens the case and grabs the Dino Charge Talon Ranger Key)
  • (Someone attacks Leader Team)
  • (Mordecai grabs the Dino Charge Talon Ranger Key)
  • Louie Kaboom: Give me the Legendary Ranger Key!
  • (Louie Kaboom and Leader Team are fighting each other)
  • (Someone attack Louie Kaboom)
  • Louie Kaboom: Who are you?
  • Super Megaforce Red: Super Megaforce Red!
  • Super Megaforce Blue: Super Megaforce Blue!
  • Super Megaforce Yellow: Super Megaforce Yellow!
  • Super Megaforce Green: Super Megaforce Green!
  • Super Megaforce Pink: Super Megaforce Pink!
  • Super Megaforce Silver: Super Megaforce Silver!
  • Super Mega Rangers: Earth's defenders, Never surrender! Power Rangers Super Megaforce!
  • (Super Mega Rangers and Louie Kaboom are fighting each other)
  • Super Megaforce Red: Let's go.
  • (Super Mega Rangers summons Super Mega Cannon)
  • Super Mega Rangers: Legendary Ranger Key! Ready! Super Mega Cannon!
  • (Super Mega Rangers shoots Louie Kaboom)
  • Louie Kaboom: Ahh!
  • (Louie Kaboom is defeated)
  • Mordecai: Super Mega Rangers?
  • Super Megaforce Red: You missed us?
  • Super Megaforce Silver: Come on, give it back already...
  • Mordecai: Now, we get it... Sure. Here you go.
  • (Mordecai throw a Dino Charge Talon Ranger Key to Super Megaforce Silver)
  • Super Megaforce Silver: Thanks?
  • Mordecai: Hello?
  • (At outside)
  • Troll Moko: Sorry, Leader Team! He grabbed our devices and gears and ran off! He said he wants you and meet him...
  • (Back with Leader Team)
  • Mordecai: We're on our way. Thanks for saving us.
  • Super Megaforce Blue: Don't mention it.
  • Randy Cunningham: We need to hurry. What does he want with this Legendary Ranger Key...?
  • Dan Zembrovski: No idea. Come on. Burglar Fangire!
  • Burglar Fangire: Leader Team, you're here.
  • Dan Zembrovski: Give back our friends their devices and gears back!
  • Burglar Fangire: Hehehehe! You can't catch me!
  • Flink: How can we catch him?
  • Gash Jumon: Just leave it to us. Electoplate! Hmm! Aah!
  • Go Watara and Saburou: Summon Super Power!
  • (Gash Jumon, Go Watara and Saburou transform into Gaban Type-G and Inazumons)
  • Gaban Type-G: There he is!
  • Burglar Fangire: Hehehehe! You can't catch me!
  • Inazumon: Oh!
  • Inazumon (Saburou): So... What now?
  • Gaban Type-G: This. We got this.
  • (Gaban Type-G, Inazumons and Burglar Fangire are fighting each other)
  • Gaban Type-G: Laser Blade!
  • Inazumons: Super-Powered Lightning Drop! Chest!
  • Gaban Type-G and Inazumons: Gaban Inazumon Dynamic!
  • (Gaban Type-G and Inazumons slashes and chops Burglar Fangire)
  • Burglar Fangire: Aah!
  • (Burglar Fangire is defeated)
  • Mordecai: You did it, Gash, Go, Saburou.
  • (Code Blue arrives)
  • Inazumon (Saburou): Here's your devices and gears, Code Blue.
  • (Inazumon [Saburou] throw their devices and gears to Code Blue)
  • Nova: Thanks. We got our devices and gears back.
  • Falcon: You did it. You got our devices and gears back.
  • Mordecai: Let's go. Let's get to the food court.
  • (Super Mega Rangers watches Code Blue walks away)
  • Super Megaforce Green: They sure did it.
  • Super Megaforce Yellow: Yep. They did.
  • Super Megaforce Red: We get the feeling we'll be seeing them again soon...
  • Super Megaforce Pink: That's right. Come on. Let's go back to command center.
  • [End of The Case of Super Megaforce]


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