Friends. Rachel is sent to an boarding school. During her first year, the chamber underneath is opened, unleashing terrifying monsters that kill. Will Rachel discover who opened the chamber.


Rachel Green looked out of the window. She was on an train to an boarding school, Marble Secondary. She hated her parents for sending her. They didn't sent her elder sister Amy, so why should she.

The door of her carriage and an boy her age came in. "I'm Ross Geller, can me and my twin sister sit hear with you", he asked. "Sure", Rachel said.

"I'm Rachel Green", Rachel shook hands with Ross and his sister. "Monica", Monica said. "So why were you sent here", Ross asked.

"I don't know, Dad and Mom said it was for an better education, but my eldest sister never came", she explained. "That is the same for us", Ross said.

Two hours later and the two became friends. Monica never spoke unless asked questions. She was upset becuase of her coming here.

It was night and the train was nearing Marble. They were ordered to change in their bathrooms of the carriage. Rachel was first, then Monica and then Ross.

The train stopped and they were told to allow one carriage off at an time. They were last and they were told to get walk the bridge while all the other years walked to an different direction.

"Students, this way", one of the teacher's shouted. They followed her and they were placed in an room. "When your name is shouted, leave the room and you will be place in one of the five houses", the teacher explained.

More to be continued.

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