The Change is an friends fanfiction. What would have happened if Phoebe and Ross had slept together during The One With The Flashback. How would Phoebe react when she finds out she is pregnant.

One The Morning After

Phoebe woke up due to the birds singing in the distance. She looked around the place she was in and relised she was in Ross's. What the hell, Phoebe thought as she stared at the fossils and the pictures. Just then, She heard an surprise shout next to her.

Phoebe turned around and saw Ross. Phoebe gasped of what had happened. They had just done it. "What is going on", Ross asked, Confused. "Oh no", Phoebe cried out when she relised what had happened the night befour.

"Maybe we did'nt do it. Maybe we just slept together, No sex", Ross was trying his hardest to make this not true. "I think i should go", Phoebe said as she

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