• (Scene opens with SpongeBob waking up.)
  • SpongeBob: (yawns) I've gotta finish that paper on Hendrik Marsman. Chowder, ask Mr. Hooper for your breakfast. I'm too busy.
  • Chowder's voice: Oh, boy, breakfast!
  • (Cut to Prairie Dawn waking up.) 
  • Prairie: (yawns) Good morning, everybody. May I please have a piano?
  • (Cut to Mr. Hooper talking to Chowder and SpongeBob.)
  • Mr. Hooper. Oh, good morning, Chowder. What would you like for breakfast? Would you like something too, SpongeBob? Hmmm, a piano. Wait until Walter wakes up and ask him for one.
  • (Cut to a baggy-eyed Big Bird walking downstairs.)
  • Big Bird: Mr. C-Cooper, do you have any birdseed?
  • Mr. Hooper: Good morning, Big Bird. I have some birdseed. As for Chowder, there's waffles or I could make us some oatmeal. Just lemme know.
  • Chowder: Gee, Mr. Hooper, oatmeal is cool! Don't worry about SpongeBob, he only has to write one more page in Dutch!
  • Big Bird: Yeah, I'll have a birdseed bagel. I'm going to see Snuffy, so call me when they're ready. Thanks!
  • Chowder: Don't use up all the water, I need to water a sunflower for the plant contest.
  • Mr. Hooper: OK, oatmeal and a bagel it is, Big Bird and Chowder. What flavor do you want? Apple, brown sugar, cinnamon? Let me know. Good luck on your paper, SpongeBob. I must by Rosetta Stone and learn some Dutch.
  • Peanut: Yeah, only Dutch Mr. Hooper knows is from the movie The Bluejackets.
  • Mr. Hooper: True. Just like I've increased my French vocabulary by watch Casque d'or and Hibernatus, however, Learn French the Fast & Fun Way is the best reference book I've found so far.
  • Jose: Si. It also helps him to have a photographic memory like Senor Heff. He can quote so many films, it makes me fall off my stick.
  • Mr. Hooper: Why, thank you, Jose.

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