Harry Potter. Harry and Ginny are soul bonded during Harry's fifth year. She becomes pregnant, and considers abortion, although Dumbledore tells them the child could save the World.


Harry Potter was about to kiss Cho Chang, when he heard an squeak. Both turned around, and saw Ginny Weasley.

She seemed to be crying. "Harry, i need to tell you something", she sobbed harder. Cho looked annoyed. "Come on Harry. Let's find somewhere else to snog", she yelled each word to Ginny as if she was deaf.

"Cho, that's not very nice", Harry protested. "Damn with nice. She just ruined your and mine chance to become lovers", she shouted.

"Go away, Cho", Harry yelled. Cho looked hurt, and bursted into tears. She ran away, leaving the Quill that fell from her pocket.

"Sor-ry, H-arr-y", Ginny sobbed. "It's okay. What do you want with me, anyway", Harry asked.

"Micheal che-ated on me with La-vendar Bro-wn", she sputtered, not daring to look at Harry's furious eyes. "He did what", he shouted.

"I kn-ow, i yelled at hi-m and thi-s happ-", Harry relised she had been slapped, as he saw a red mark on her right cheek.

"I'm going to kill him", Harry shouted. Ginny tried to stop him, but it was no use. She grabbed onto Harry's shoulder, and something happened.

Harry and Ginny both collasped, and knocked into unconscious. Harry's mouth opened, and an green light came out of his mouth. The same happened with Ginny, although it was red. The Green light flew into Ginny's mouth, and the red went into Harry's mouth.

Harry and Ginny slowly floated up in the air, and all signs of scars and tears were gone. Even Harry's scar on the forehead was gone.

Then, Ginny started to scream in agony. Moments later, Harry did the same. The Quill that Chang dropped floated up in the air, and rested on Ginny's forehead, calming her down. An Moment later and Harry did the same.

An Green Glow formed around Ginny, and her eyes opened. She darted them across to Harry, who was still unconscious.

Both fell to the ground, although it was an peaceful landing. Ginny screamed in agony, and Harry did the same. "Touch him, Ginny", came an voice in her head. Ginny quickly grabbed onto him, and both fell into an peaceful sleap.


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