The Choice is a 2012 American Romantic Drama Film written and directed by Rob Reiner based off the 2007 novel by acclaimed love story to biopic writer Nicholas Sparks (that of A Walk To Remember, Nights In Rodanthe, Message In A Bottle, The Notebook and Dear John.)

It concerns two opposite type individuals living as neighbours who form an incomprehensible and unrefusable attraction which lasts them through the obstacles of their life for eleven happy years until comes the point of seperating for their own benefit.

It stars Leonardo Di Caprio, Marley Shelton, Brittany Robertson, Giovanni Ribisi, Kevin Durand, Jenna Fischer, Tiffani Thiessen, Loretta Devine, Stephen Merchant, Laura Linney, Evanna Lynch, Shirley Temple and Tom Wilkinson.


A prim and proper preserved beauty of a high society family is sent to live with her high society grandmother to be straightened out after claiming to be in love with a simple farm boy she was spending many nights with.

She eventually falls out of love with him as he falls for another woman in the town after being unable to see her in her new town.

She gives up on love and trains herself to be nothing a smart businesswoman with ambitions only for power and success.

It's all put jeopardy however as her playboy like neighbour's pet dog ultimatley gets her pet dog (whom she had dragged all the way from Savannah the only thing she had brought which is a firm reminder of freedom and fun) pregnant.

She approaches the neighbour about this and finds herself injured by a strange course of events which entailed his pet dog tripping her upon entering into his property which was in the process of being host to a large party.

She strikes a love with the playboy un-committed neighbour and a lustful but fun relationship begins which apart from the free loving common random sex is a series of fun activities which include go-karting and hangliding.

Eventually however her high strung Grandmother garners her a job as also being the neighbourhood's councellor and demands she rid the neighbour she is secretly partying away with of his property.

Things become complicated and she ultimatley ends up disgracing her family in belief that the partying bad boy is actually in love with her and not just living it up with her.

He however is unable to express his emotions at the right moment and she plans to take off.

He however stops her and after taking a trip to Cuba with her for the summer ultimatley proposes.

Marriage follows and the plans to conceive a child are pushed by the now husband former bad neighbour.

She however discovers that following the head injuries she sustained years ago falling upon his dog she had damaged a small brain tumour she had lodged on her brain.

As a result the brain tumour enlarged and has reached the point where it is inoperable and will kill within two weeks.

She is then left with the heart-wrenching choice of remaining with him for the two weeks she has left or go back to the first love she ever experienced and hopefully experience what she never got to experience.

She goes back to the first love finding him to be single.

They re-engage in love but ultimatley things do not change and she realizes she has full love for nothing but the bad neighbour of whom she married and planned on conceiving a child with.

She returns to him stating that though we will never be able to have children she will have him before she goes out.

She tells him he must fall in love with someone else wonderful and have wonderful children.

The only things she asks is that he stay by her until she can't see no more and that he never forget her.


  • Leonardo Di Caprio as Travis Parker
  • Marley Shelton as Gabrielle "Gabby" Holland
  • Brittany Robertson as Katelyn "Katie" Holland
  • Shirley Temple as Grandmother Geraldine Holland
  • Giovanni Ribisi as Jackson Little
  • Kevin Durand as Lycamore Anderson
  • Jenna Fischer as Senatine Galmont

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