The Church is the third episode in the first season of Hunters (TV series). It follows Blood Revenge and is followed by Devil's Mark.

Plot Summary

A church in St Paul, Minnesota becomes the lair of a succubus sent by X'arn to stop the hunters. When the bodies of young men are found in the church, the locals close it down and the police seal it off. Dan, Will and Tara arrive and meet Trent, whose friend was one of the victims. When they arrive at the church and begin to investigate, the succubus appears and reveals herself as Xerida the Seductress. When Will tries to confront her, she knocks him into a wall and he becomes unconscious. Xerida then kidnaps Trent and dissapears into the basement of the church. While Tara stays with Will, Dan goes to the car and gets an enchanted gun. He then goes down to the basement and finds that Xerida has killed Trent, pinning his corpse on the roof. When Dan moves to shoot her she knocks him aside and destroys his pentagram necklace. This really pisses Dan off and he takes it personally, shooting Xerida as she scrambles over him. With the succubus dead, Dan returns to find that Will is awake. When the two ask what happened to Trent, Dan says he didn't make it.


As the second episode featured a more gothic/horror storyline, the third episode returned the supernatural/magic theme. Orignally the creators devised a succubus character as a servant to X'arn. The name "Xerida" was only created two days to post-production of the episode.


The premiere of the third episode in the US raised the show's ratings tremendously. Jason Holt personally acknowledged the fans and said "that it is great to see so many fans when we've only aired three episodes". The show's website featured a vote of what legends fans would like to see in the show. Empire reviewed this episode also and said that Hunters is a dark and magical show full of action, horror and plenty of evil.

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