The twelfth and final level of Total Assault 2.



  • Fiends
    • Rookies
    • Veterans
    • Patriarchs
  • Purists
    • Rookies
    • Veterans
    • Specialists
    • Leader Specialists
    • Valiants
    • Gallants
    • Councilors
  • Drones
    • Rookies
    • Veterans
    • Specialists
  • Grendel
    • Rookies
    • Veterans
  • Banshees
    • Rookies
    • Veterans
  • Scarabs
    • Rookies
    • Veterans
  • Ravager
    • Infantry (x1)


  • UEM
    • Whichever weapons you carried over from the previous mission.
    • Default: Machine Gun / Pistol
  • Zodiac
    • All Zodiac


  • Hover Gun


  • Find the Conduit.
  • Find Ivy, Eliminate Kluutak.
  • Defeat Kluutak before he can destroy Haven.


The Warrior who holds The Weapon...

  • Assuming you have the default weapons, take out the Fiends and Drones in this area, take one of their weapons, and continue your genocide against The Zodiac.
  • In these next massive chambers, you will be assaulted by all the different races of The Zodiac, many Turrets (Hover Guns) and a single Ravager, on your way to The Conduit, which basically transmits all the energy of the World Breaker into its main Gun.
  • When you get there, you must hop onto an anti-grav tram and ride it to the main firing chamber and also Kluutak's throne room.

The Storm is Coming

  • Once you make it to the Throne Room Antechamber, Jon will perform a sneak attack on 2 Purist Guards and then leap at Kluutak. Kluutak will force push him aside, and then at Shawn, Cody, and Zack. Finally Davian comes in, and before Kluutak can react, Zack emits a disrupting beam of energy at him. Zack leaps to his feet and offers to attempt to drain Kluutak's Energy Shields while Davian fires at his skin and kills him.
  • The player takes control of Davian once again and must fire away at Kluutak while Zack has his shields down. There is a Sludge Cannon on the ground, grab it.
  • Fire volleys of Sludge munitions at Kluutak until you run out of ammo. Avoid Kluutak's Energy blasts and fire at him with everything you got until he falls.
  • After he dies, the game ends, and the final battle between Kluutak and Zack commences when he finds out that Kluutak wasn't dead. Zack manages to kill Kluutak but dies himself in Davian's arms, and the final battle between Ivy and Alexandria commences before she is rescued by Davian's ship. The game ends showing UEM forces arriving at a mysterious planet, supposedly the one Dark Energy fled to.

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