This is a sequel to the hit horror film The Creepy Dude. It stars Zachary Gordon, Justin Long, Olivia Wilde and the voices of Steve Blum, Jackie Earle Haley, Paul Bettany and Cillian Murphy.


After The Troll (Jackie Earle Haley) was killed by the army, its body was kept in an underground hideout, sealed away. One day, a young kid (Zachary Gordon), was dared to go into the rumored location of the creatures body. When he crawled into the hole and saw a secret government base, full of blood and corpses, he noticed a swarm of hideous bats, wich the troll reffers to as "his souls", and is attacked by them, and he falls through a hole to land in a stream of glowing blood, where he is dragged under by a strange force, and several years later, is revived by three of the troll's worshipers, a group called "The Forgotten Souls" (Steve Blum, Paul Bettany, Cillian Murphy). The boy is now a deformed zombie, thanks to voodoo reviving him (voodoo is used by the 3 troll-worshipers). The boy is fully grown (and now portrayed by Justin Long). He has hooves, claws, grey skin and streams of blood going down his body. (NOTE: The streams glow) He has a deformed face, so they put a sack over it, with eye holes burnt by flames. With only tiny rips in the sack, he can barely talk, and can only groan. He goes on a rampage to gather souls for the 3 to use to revive the troll, but they slip into the water and become souls themselves. Not souls needed to revive the troll, but the troll's deformed bat creatures. Meanwhile, the zombie is wreaking havoc and killing people, and is dubbed "The No-Brainer". More to be added...


  • Jusin Long - "The No-Brainer"
  • Paul Bettany - Troll Worshiper #1 / Voice of Soul #1
  • Cillian Murphy - Troll Worshiper #2 / Voice of Soul #2
  • Steve Blum - Troll Worshiper #3 / Voice of Soul #3
  • Zachary Gordon - Young "No-Brainer"
  • Olivia Wilde - Officer Jane McTrailed

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