OG Clip, Big Clip, and Lil' Clip also collectively known as the The Crip Cousins are three Crips living in Rose Beach, Florida. They are also the only Crips in Rose Beach, Florida as well as the only street gang members in the whole city. They originally lived in Los Angeles, California and were members of a local Crip gang there as well. After getting in serious trouble with the law the three cousins moved to the East Coast in Rose Beach, Florida. They started up their own Crip set in the city, the Rose Beach Crips. As stated before they are the only members. They made their debut appearance in the first episode of the series attempting to car jack Nick Lagory. They've appeared as recurring characters in the series ever since.


OG Clip is the oldest and second tallest of the three cousins, he is also the leader. He stands at 5'5 in height and has a slightly muscular body build. He has naturally curly hair and normally wears black shaded sun glasses. OG Clip's attire consists of a blue jacket, blue jeans, and a blue hat that has "Florida" printed on it in bold black letters. He also has a blue bandanna dangling out of his back left pocket. He is believed to be around 26-years-old.

Big Clip is the oldest and biggest of the three cousins and acts as the strength of the trio. He stands at 6'4 and has a very muscular body build and dark skin. He bares a close hair cut and slit dark brown eyes. Big Clip appears to have a very low intelligence level and does whatever OG Clip or Lil' Clip tells him to do. Big Clip's attire usually consists of a black muscle shirt, tan cargo shorts, baby blue blue colored Chuck Taylor shoes, and a baby blue colored bandanna tied around his head. He is believed to be around 23-years-old.

Lil' Clip is the smallest and youngest of the three cousins. He stands at exactly four feet tall and is often mistaken for a young child (he is around 21-years-old). He always agrees with what his older brother, OG Clip, says even if he is wrong. Lil' Clip is often identified by his long braids which run down to the ground beneath him. He wears a blue jogging suit and has a blue bandanna dangling out of his left pocket.


  • OG Clip's appearance is based off of rapper Eazy-E.
  • The name "Clip" is a play on Crip, the name of the street gang which the cousins represent.
  • The brothers appear to have known Jerrick from before, possibly due to the fact that Jerrick is from Compton, California.
  • Since Crips do not use the letter "B" when speaking as it is the first letter in the world "Blood", the Crip Cousins call their gang the Rose Ceach (Pronounced: Seech) Crips. Likewise they call Rose Beach, Florida Rose Ceach as well.
  • Also since Crips do not use the letter "B", the Crip Cousins refer to Big Clip as Cig Clip (Pronounced: Sig Clip).

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