The Crow is a 2013 American gothic action film based on the 1989 comic book of the same name by James O'Barr and the remake of 1994 film, This film is stars Mark Wahlberg and Chloë Moretz




  • Mark Wahlberg as Eric Draven
  • Chloë Moretz as Sarah Brooks
  • Idris Elba as Sergeant John Albrecht
  • TBA as Top Dollar
  • TBA as Myca
  • TBA as T-Bird
  • TBA as Tin-Tin
  • TBA as Funboy
  • TBA as Skank
  • Ellen Wroe as Shelly Webster


  • Some of the actors is auditions to play Eric Draven it was Mark Wahlberg
  • Chloë Moretz as the main female lead to play Sarah Brooks.
  • Ellen Wroe plays Shelly Webster, Eric's fiancé who was beaten and raped by local thugs in opening of the movie and dies in the hospital from her injuries.

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