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The Darcy Triplets: The Movie is the live action/animated adventure film. It's the first movie in the untitled Darcy Triplets shared universe.


Following of their death from unknown reason, Cillian, Lorcan and Lilly are revived by a woman who claimed to be their mother. But then she gets kidnapped by the man named Oliver Williams who wants to aid his master by kidnapped the triplets' mother to revive his master to dominate the world.


After escaping from home, Cillian, Lorcan and Lilly venture on foot in the forest and eventually find a deserted campsite. They enjoy themselves. Cillian reveals that his dream is to make a special video game. Lilly has a strong feeling of dread and tells the others to join her. They find the leader's dead body, and the other infected children find them. Then you see infected Boy Scouts, led by Jenny, looking even worse than ever; her eyes are hollow black with more blisters. It's unknown what happened to everyone after the encounter.

In the aftermath of the outbreak, Cillian, Lorcan and Lilly wakes up in a tank of water inside a hidden laboratory. A woman named Maisie James rescue them and clames to be the triplets' mother. Just then, they saws a man named Oliver Williams appeared to steal technology and chase after Maisie and the triplets. Maisie grabbed the triplets to safety by going to the elevator to escape. Oliver grabbed Maisie as she trying to get in the elevator. Cillian tries to go back to save her but the elevator door is closed and start moving. The triplets look at the outside of the elevator. Lorcan discovers that they're in space but Lilly feel a bit sick. Cillian was amazed until the elevator stopped.

The triplets walked out of the elevator and look at the city which is destroyed during the outbreak. Cillian looked at the TV and discovers that the infection was spread across the United States, with schools burning to the ground and reports of violence and destruction caused by a horde of infected children. Lorcan looked around the city and sees someone while Lilly is wandering in an department store after the outbreak. She found spared clothes that she and her brothers can wear. Cillian looked around in the office building and sees a computer that able to work. He discovers the secret codes of the mysterious formula of the jewel called the diamond of immortality. Lorcan follow the person who knock him out and then make the runner. Cillian sees the person and chase him through the city. When he throw a glass bottle at the person, he removed the mask and discovers that the person is the 14 years old girl named Molly. She can able to help the triplets who discover that they couldn't remember what happened through the outbreak.

Lilly looks around and sees Cillian talking to Molly who's explaining what happened to them during the outbreak. Lorcan wakes up after being knocked out and sees something in the alley, he follows it and discovers that it he follows is a Spider-Bot. The Spider-Bot attacks him but then a woman named Michelle appears. Lorcan escapes and meet up with Cillian and Lilly. Cillian's talking to Lilly about taking Molly with them on a journey. Lorcan meets up with them and came up a special plan to rescue their mother from Oliver. Lilly reveals that she've found an abandoned strip club while on the way. 

At the abandoned strip club, Cillian marks a special plan to rescue their mother by traveling out of the city by finding a car. Molly reveals that she've found a truck that they can able to use to leave the city. They went to the underground parking lot and found a truck. They got into the truck and leave the city. Molly shows the Triplets the map, She must take them to the building at the next town, but then, Michelle appeared and attack the triplets. Cillian, Lorcan, Lilly and Molly jumped out of the truck to escaped from her.

In the past, Cillian, Lorcan and Lilly encountering the infected boy scouts and tries to escape from them. Jenny tries to kill them but then, Lilly decided to sacrifice herself to tell her brothers to make a run. Lorcan runs with Cillian into the city and hides from the infected kids at the apartment building.

In the morning, Cillian and Lorcan are walking in the town, he sees the three managers from an amusement park, a theater and a family fun center, respectively, get the chicken nugget boxes out of a truck carrying them. Cillian discovers that the nuggets were also infected with the virus and is responsible for the outbreak. He tells Lorcan that they must leave town. They run out of the town by getting a car to drive off. 

In the present, Cillian, Lorcan, Lilly and Molly survived from the jump and landed on the side of the road. Molly tells her that Michelle is working for the group called The Spider Lords, the elite group who works for the villainous woman called Spider Queen. Lilly discovers two motorbikes that are abandoned. They hope on and heads to another town. Lorcan remembers everything except the accident. Cillian remembers the same but Lilly remembers the sacrifice. They ride to the small town where they grew up and sees the Spider Palace. Molly reveals that they're almost there. Lorcan manages to disable the clones and convinces Molly to help. Molly accepts to help them and train them to fight back.

At night, Cillian, Lorcan, Lilly and Molly venture to the small town and take out the Spider-Bots. They arrived to the palace to fight Spider Queen

Cast Edit

  • Booboo Stweart as Cillian Darcy
  • Tom Holland as Lorcan Darcy
  • Becky G as Lilly Darcy
  • Sunny May Allison as Molly
  • Emma Stone as Michelle
  • Monica May as Dr. Maisie James
  • Michael Keaton as Oliver Williams
  • Jessica Chastain as Melanie Brennan/Spider Queen, the film's main antagonist


  • This film marks the first appearance of Becky G as Lilly Darcy.


Animated CharactersEdit

Live ActionEdit

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