The Dark is a horror-thriller-slasher movie starring Amber Heard, Odette Yustman, Scout Taylor-Compton, Kay Panabaker, Emma Bell, Michelle Trachtenberg, Camilla Belle and Robert Englund


7 friends are targeted by a killer, they must stop him before he kills them all.


Amber Heard as Kelly

Odette Yustman as Natalie

Scout Taylor-Compton as Claire

Kay Panabaker as Jenna

Emma Bell as Tiffany

Michelle Trachtenberg as Jessica

Camilla Belle as Wendy

Robert Englund as Daniel Simmons/The Killer


Kelly, Natalie, Claire and Daniel


Wendy- She is stabbed to death

Tiffany- She is stabbed in the heart

Jessica- She is stabbed through the heart and has her throat slit

Jenna- She is stabbed three times

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