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The Dark Knight chronicles continues....After the battle with Bane Bruce Wayne (Christian Bale) settles down with his newly wife Selina Kyle Wayne (Anne Hathaway) and teenage daughter Helena Wayne (Nina Doberv) in Metropolis but.....a new enemy has risen to threaten Gotham once more....Slade Wilson AKA Deathstroke (Tom Jane) leads an army into Gotham along with a creature known as Man-Bat (Johnathan Break) wreaks havoc around the city as the Joker (Scott Speedman) returns with a newly accomplice and love interest Harley Quinn (Eva Green) with the help of his old allies Alfred (Michael Cain) Commsinor Gordon (Gary Oldman) Lucius Fox (Morgan Freeman) and newest allies Robin (Joesph Gordon-Levitt) and Barbara Gordon the Oracle (Haliee Steinfield) Batman will face the ultimate final showdown to save all of Gotham once more

This fandom is PG-13 and Arkham games and Batman movie scenes are refered in this

Main CastEdit

Batman / Bruce Wayne - Christian Bale

Alfred - Michael Caine

Deathstroke / Slade Wilson - Tom Jane

Comissioner Jim Gordon - Gary Oldman

Catwoman / Selina Kyle - Anne Hathaway

Helena Wayne - Nina Doberv

The Joker - Scott Speedman

Harley Quinn / Dr. Harleen Quinzel - Eva Green

Robin / John Blake - Joesph Gordon-Levitt

Detective Henry Bullock - JK Simmons

Oracle / Barbara Gordon - Hailee Steinfield

Lucius Fox - Morgan Freeman


We cut to a faded screen that soon became clear where dark and ominous music plays and cuts to somewhere in South Africa where smugglers were loading crates on a cargo ship

Smuggler # 1: I can't help but to feel like we're part of some terrorist opperation with all these bombs and weapons we're loading on to the ship.

Smuggler # 2: We have our orders, from the higher guy himself.

Smuggler # 1: Who? Bane?

Smuggler # 2: Nah, Bane's toast. Got hit by the Bat himself years ago. He has nothing to do with this.

Smuggler # 3: So who we talking about?

Smuggler # 2: I don't know. Somebody new. Goes by the name....Stroke.

Smuggler # 4: Deahtstroke.

They eventually got all the crates loaded up into the ship.

Smuggler # 1: Alright, it's all yours.

Soon enough they got on board the ship and slowly the cargo ship sailed off where exactly where it was going the crew didn't know except the boss man himself

One of them was already talking to him on his cell

Smuggler # 4: Yo, boss. The craters are all present and accounted for. We're on our way to....wherever you're leading us.

Unknown's voice: Excellent. Your progress is acceptable. But it wouldn't be wise to slack of because of that, right?

Smuggler # 4: Y-Yes, sir. (Lol)

He hung up and then.......and goofed around with the other smugglers, playing poker

But little did they know someone.....or something.....was watching them from above the ship.....It was a mysterous hooded figure sneaked around, treading softly with each step until he reached the drivers compartment the figure brought out a staff and knocked out the driver with it

The figure then puts it on auto-drive then heads to the lower levels to the ship

Just later some of the smugglers continued their poker game and the figure stalked them from the shadows and then......

He threw a smoke bomb causing a diversion

Smuggler # 4: Ahh I can't see!

They all got beat down by the figure till the smoke cleared and there was one left

Robin appeared before him

Smuggler # 4 YOU!

He pointed his gun, but Robin knocked it out of his hands with his staff then pulled the smuggler to him

Robin: Who are you scum working for?! Where did you get all these weapons?!

Smuggler # 4: I can't tell ya, man. He'd kill me.

Robin: Kill you?! What sounds worse to you? Death or broken bones?!

Smuggler # 4: Brake all you want! I'm not talking! He's horrible! He's worse than Bane!

Robin: I won't ask again....

Smuggler # 4: GOOD! Cause I ain't costing my life to be a snitch!

Then Robin brakes his arm then.....

Unknown: Impressive.

Robin looked over to see the big boss himself on a flat screen.....


Robin: Y-you.....are you the one behind all this?

Deathstroke: Very interesting. You're tenacity impresses me. However, that only boils over to who the last man standing will be. It'll only make fighting you that much more enjoyable. 

Robin: Only depends on what you're planning with these damn crates. Because I'm the one who's gonna put you in cancellation.

Deathstroke: No explanations are necessary. I'll be seeing you, soon.

The connection on the screen cuts out to static as Robin pulls off his hood and turns over to the storage unit room

He quickly and stealthly (In that case there was more enemies around) heads in the storage unit and doesn't take long to find the crates

Robin: What'd you snuck in here?

A couple of seconds later, he pulls out a Snap-Flash and snaps it on top of a crate and backs up as it sets off....


The crate explodes open and Robin moves foward and pulls off a sheet covering the items and what he saw STUNS him

The crate contianed illegal materialized and man-made weapons, one of which was the Remote Electrical Charge. He picks it up and analyzes it, then takes it apart and looked deep inside the barrel....

Robin: Hmm.....If only HE was here.....

(Main title: The Dark Knight Reborn) 

The very next day after somewhere of the coast of Metropolis (Just a little Superman easter egg) Bruce Wayne was driving home from his office in his van wearing his sun glasses with a dressc in a bag in the back seat

Selina saw him pulling up through the window while she was doing dishes and grinned miledly

He came in carrying the dress bag pulling off his shades and exhausted

Selina: Another tiring day?

Bruce: Ah just the usual. Had to pick up Helena's dress for her homecoming dance. And besides that, I'm in the mood for stress relief. *Kisses her*

Selina: *Kisses and giggles* Helena's gonna be home soon.

Bruce chuckled as Selina went back to the dishes

Selina:'ll never believe who called.

Bruce: Who?

Selina: Your friend Alfred.

Bruce: Alfred?

That name had Bruce stund for he had not heard that name in years

Bruce: I hadn't seen him since Florence.

Selina: You ok?

Bruce: Oh yeah. Just.....Alfred's always been more considerate than he was suppose to be back in the day.

Selina: I mean about that fight you two had. I mean that was the last time you ever talked to him.

Bruce: *Sighs* During the battle with Bane, it wasn't easy on him. Not when it came to my life.

Bruce laid the dress down and sighed heavily as he sat down

Bruce: It's kinda ironic....I never really saw it coming. The demise of the Batman.

Selina: Aww come on, handsome. He's still real to me. And pretty much alive as well. It just took awhile to grow out of the shell. You had already given Gotham everything. As both Bruce Wayne and Batman.

Bruce: *Chuckles mildly* I never use to think of it that way. But after Harvey and the Joker.....I'll admit that thought pleauged me for the longest time.

He finally got back up and went downstairs to the basement in one of his boxes he had a pack of his previous trinkets and gadgets and latest Wayntech

Selina had fallowed him down as he dug through the box and found one of his old video footages of the events with Two-Face and displayed it on the wall

Selina: Wow.

Bruce: Yeah got a lot of homework back then.

Selina: How do you know you still don't have some now?

Bruce: Hey, play nice.

Selina: You're not playing at all.

Bruce: I wasn't even then and I'm definitely not now. Right now, I can imagine the people in Gotham wondering: "Will we see the Batman again?" My answer: "I don't think no one will."

Selina: Bruce?

Bruce: It's really for the best. Right now, Gotham needs something more....something worse to defend her. She needs a new myth.....something more powerful....a legend that can only rise from the ashes of the Batman.

Selina walked up to him placing her palm on his cheek looking up at him

Selina: There are some things, you can't do alone Bruce. *Kisses him*

Bruce: *Chuckles softly* I know....but there are some things you have to.

Selina: I know. I just wanted to say it.

Bruce: Say no more.

He then kissed her she then wrapped her arms around his neck then.....the make out got more fiery when Bruce pinned Selina to the wall with her legs around him and she pulled off his shirt

(Lets cut back)

An hour later Helena their daughter came home from school and saw the dress Bruce bought for her on the coffee table

Helena: Oh thank you dad.

She heard a door open and looked back and saw her parents coming out of the basement with Selina pulling down her shirt over her and Bruce still shirtless but pants on

Helena: Did I miss anything?

Selina: Nothing worth talking about infront of your child.

Helena: I didn't think it was.

Helena chuckled then turned to Bruce

Helena: Oh hey dad, thanks for the dress.

Bruce turned to Helena while putting his shirt back on

Bruce: *Chuckles* Anything for you, Helena.

Helena: Could I try it on?

Bruce: There's no need to hurry....but you can if you want.

Selina: Picked the perfect size.

Helena smiled as she saw her parents walk into the kitchen as she walked up stairs into her room and looked at her dress and smiled

We cut to Arkham Asylum where we resolve over outside of the prison and then zoom inside past officers high securty gaurds and high tech defense system until we cut to the cell of one of the Batman's greatest nemises.....

The Joker

What does he do

He laughs manically until the Alpha gaurd banged on the door and he and some other gaurds have stormed in

Alpha gaurd: You. Get your ass up. C'mon, man.

Joker: Ahhhh.....WHY SO SERIOUS?

The alpha gaurd grabbed him then later just sat him down at a table in the interrogation room where a female comes in from the other side (I'm sure you can all guess who it is)

Joker: Well hello beautiful.

Doctor: Hello Mr.....Joker. I'm Doctor Cassidy's replacement for this session

Joker: Looking foward to it. Hmhmhmhmhm.....

Doctor: want me to start from the beginning? What was your child like?

Joker: A damn mess. I HATED my father.

Doctor: Why is that?

Joker: Because one night he went crazier than usual. My mother had to take a kitchen to defend me and herself. And he did not like it, Not. One. BIT. watching from the bedroom he sliced out her throat and laughed about it. He came at me and he says "Why so serious?" (Lol LOVE that line!) and he stook the knife in my mouth and he DID this to my face.

Doctor: That's....terrible.

Joker: He got his later. But my life....was one tragedy after another.....until one encounter....changed my entire life. At first I wanted to kill him, but then.....that's when I realized....he was my other half. He COMPLETED me through the worst. It felt like we were destin to battle for Gotham forever. 

Doctor: *Giggles* does this person make you feel?

Joker: Like I'm free. Free falling and free to step out into the light. I mean....26 years ago Gotham was nothing more than mob city. Wasn't it such a hard time living here back then?

Doctor: Yes. It was very hard wasn't it?

Joker: And you would understand, during then.....the things that happened then....was the most hardest way to live. Until one man changed it all. He changed everything around me, and he had a non stop habit of impressing me every now and then.

Doctor: *Giggles* And....who is this person you're talking about?

Joker: Oh someone VERY special but who's real name I don't even know yet.

Doctor: name's Harleen. Harleen Quinzel.

Joker: What a...beautiful name. And do your friends call you....Harley?

Harleen: Oh I....I don't have a lot of friends.

Joker: Well, Harley. You got one now.

That's when Harleen started touching his hand and Joker looked up to the screen making a creepy grin

Back at the Wayne residents Bruce was shaking in his sleep with Joker's laughter in his head flash backing to their fights the murders he caused and imaging his parents murder with Joker's laugh echoing

Bruce gasped out of his sleep panting and sweating

Selina: Bruce? Honey what is it?

Bruce: N-nothing. Just a bad dream. *Kisses her shoulder*

Selina: Mm. *Falls back asleep*

As Bruce laid back down with that dream in his head he started having a sinking feeling he turns on the light in the bathroom staring at himself in the mirror and that's when he heard.....the squeaking down hall

He came out of the bathrom strolled down the hall putting on his robe and.....saw a bat flapping around the cealing leaving Bruce in thought

Could this be a calling for the return of The Batman?

We cut to the next day at the GCPD where Commissioner James Gordon was running files in his office while talking on his phone with.....his first ex wife, before Barbara

Gordon: Helen I'm not saying I'm not able to look out for our daughter for a month. It's just with these new cases popping up it's been diffitculty after another. Yeah well.....

That's when his door opened and Gordon's new partner Harvey Bullock came in

Bullock: Hey Jim. Your daughter's here.

Gordon: Ok Helen. I got to go. She just came in. *Hangs up* She downstairs?

Bullock: Yeah. Down on the bench.

It slowly cuts to downstairs near the entranceway of the building where Barbara Gordon twirling her thumbs for she was anxious and that's when she started thinking....

Barabara: *Thinks* Idk what's going on with him these days. Is it just his work keeping busy, or just trying to avoid me? Ugh.....why am I even thinking about this? I know he'll have SOME time for me. 

Gordon: Hey....

The voice suddenly snapped her out of her thoughts as she turned to see her dad from the bridge of the stairs

Barbara: Hey, you been?

Gordon: It's complicated.

Barbara: What is?

Gordon: Everything. These cases have been digesting me from the inside out for the last three or four months. I'll tell ya if the Batman knew about this we probably wouldn't have to--

Barbara: *Snickers* The Batman? You're kidding right.

Gordon: I wish I was, Barbara.

Barbara: Then where's he been all this time?

Gordon: Well.....he went off out to ocean to stop a bomb from blowing up the city. It was 17 years ago. A Masked Mercenary named Bane took over the city and nearly destroyed it. The Batman saved us all.

Barbara: Didn't you tell me when I was 10, that he killed some people along with that Dent guy?

Gordon: That was um.....a cover up to lift the city's hope when another criminal tried to destroy it.

Barbara: Hmm....well where we gonna spend time tonight?

Gordon: Uhh....sorry, honey not tonight. I'm in the middle of case. But I'll tell you what, tomorrow I can take you down to the major crime's unit, for a quick tour. Sounds fun?

(Man that never ends)

Barbara was a little down as Gordon rushed back up to his office leaving her disapointed.....or was she?

She picked up her phone and speed dialed holding it up to her ear

Barbara: Hey, Tell Blake I'm on my way to the cave.


Later that night Robin was one of his nightly patrols looking for more info on Deathstroke till his police dispatch made a report

Dispatch: All units we have a prison riot at Arkham Asylum. Repeat: Riot at Arkham Asylum. Over.

Robin: That could be Deatstroke's doing. Alfred? Could you patch in the G.P.S. Alfred: I find it hard to explain why one is required.

Robin: I'll take my chances. Patch me in.

After a couple of seconds a Waynetech G.P.S. map showed up and it displayed the entire city he quickly points out where Arkham Asylum is and then quickly Robin disapeared into the night 

Later he stands outside the Asylum and realizes the facility was kept on under lockdown prior to the riot so basically goes through the roof

Once inside he see's the chaos blood spilled dismemberments just all around encompassing madness

Robin: God....this...defenitely Deathstroke had in mind.

Upon saying that he hears a chatter on the floor ahead of him and what he see's.....

is a jack in the box

Robin: What the--

It exploded but luckily Robin ducked in time but felt dimmed and his vision faded

Alfred: Master Blake? Are you there? Come in Master Blake!

He totally faded till later he slowly awoken with Dr. Quinzil approaching him and reached for his mask

Joker: Get BACK here, Harley.

Harleen: But I want to know who he is, puddin.

(*Snickers* Puddin.)

Joker: No one's ever who you think they are my dear. Why spoil the fun?

Robin found himself tied on a wheel chair and looked over and saw the Joker himself

Robin: way....I heard the stories about you but.....they also said you were dead.

Joker: What?!?! Hahahahaha! Course I'm not dead. Who said I was dead? Was it Bats?

Robin: That's just what I heard. What's all this about?

Joker: I'm glad you asked my young friend. My new sweet friend here that the Batman has gone A-wall. You wouldn't happen to know why that is don't you?

Robin: The Batman's dead. He---

Joker: Haaaaaahahahahahahaha!! Dead? I highly doubt it. After I drove poor Harvey, Harvey, Harvey Dent to the deep end, he happen to disapear then too. I highly suspect he'll return again. And....since YOU my boy wonder friend resemble him abit I'd like you to find him.

Robin: I already told you. He's dead!

Joker: Then FIND his corpse. Find it in a week or the bombs I planted all over the city for years will send Gotham back to the stone age from within.....a week! Hahahahaha!

Robin: Bombs?! Deathstroke's men were smuggling bombs and weapons into the city. Are you working for him too?

Joker: Deathstroke? *Gasps* Never heard of him. Hold. Tight.

Joker kicks the wheel chair Robin's tied too out the window


He fell from a great height until it blacked out the screen

The screen cuts slowy back up with Robin on the ground but he slowly got back up and tapped on his ear

Robin: Alfred? Yeah, I'm fine. Just....tell me. And be honest about this Bruce really dead?

We cut to where there was a knock on the door while Bruce and Selina were still in bed

But the door kept knocking

Helena: Dad?

Bruce: Hmm?

Helena: Somebody's knocking.

Bruce: Ugh....Alright. I got it. Hold on.

Bruce struggled to get out bed as Selina made a soft moan in her sleep and Bruce soon was up and came down to the door and once he opened it who he saw old friend

Bruce: Lucius?

Lucius: Morning Mr. Wayne. I haven't distrubed you in anyway have I?

Bruce: No....actually I was just getting up.

Helena: Dad, who is that?

He looks over standing behind him

Bruce: Oh. He's an old friend of mine. Matter of fact, he's an old friend of your grandfather Thomas Wayne.

Cuts later when Selina already awake was brewing coffee and Bruce and Lucius were sitting in the living room and Lucius told him everything

Lucius: So since you left Blake has been filling in your spot as a new alter ego known as Robin. He's also tracking a masked terrorist known as Deathstroke.

Bruce: Who is he?

Lucius: Another mercenary. But nothing like our old friend Bane. Blake prediticted he's been illegally smuggling weapons into the city. And also.....there was a riot at Arkham Asylum, caused by our old friend....the Joker.

That name had Bruce strucked for he hadn't heard that name in years this however had Helena in a world of confusion for she sneaked out of the room (Let's just say she doesn't know her parents least not yet)

Selina then comes in with coffee handing them theirs and she sat next to Bruce holding hers

Selina: Who is this Joker?

Bruce: A mad man I stopped before. He almost turned the city upside down when he twisted Harvey Dent.

Lucius: It gets worse. Blake says he's looking for you. As the Batman.

Bruce and Seline both gasped and looked at each other

Lucius: He say's the Joker will set bombs off in the city in a week. Unless the Batman makes an appearance.

Bruce: *Sighs* Do we still have applied sciences up and running?

Lucius: Yes. Our new head of research Dr. Kirk Langstrom has new things set for field work. He's actually someone you should get to know. He too has a things for bats.

Bruce: Hmm...

Selina: Bruce? What are we suppose to tell Helena? She doesn't know of....

Bruce: Oh....I totally forgot.

Selina: Really?

Lucius: I see....I'll give you and the Mrs. a moment to talk this over. Just remember....dozens will be killed if the Batman does not appear.

He walked out of the living room to a near by guest room as Bruce finished his coffee

Bruce: Brraggh.....I was so not ready for this.

Selina: Didn't think you were.

Bruce: Ok....*Sighs*......

He once again tries to clear his head but the memories came running back almost immediately from Ra's Al Ghul to the Joker Rachel's death Harvey's madness then death Bane and everything else in between it became apparent that he became his own prisoner

But at that moment it became clear that.....this was his last chance

Bruce: A week huh? I think that's about all I need.

Selina: Hmm...what about Helena?

Bruce: There's time. Homecoming isn't till next week. Besides Joker's been itching for another shot at the Bat. He wants it? I'll make him regret it.

A bit of doubt was creeping in Selina's head but the other side of her (Maybe the Catwoman in her) loved it 

So she went along

Selina: Well.....*Wraps her arms around his neck* Does that mean I get to see my Dark Knight in shinning armor again?

Bruce: Trust me: With the Joker you're not safe. No one is. 

Selina: Nine lives.....remember?

Bruce: Sounds like the Cat is in the brink of return. You're not gonna go off stealing jewels again are you?

Selina: Only from other criminals. That's the work of a master thief. You steal stolen property from other thieves.

Bruce: Just as long as you return them from their rightful places.

Selina smirked and kissed Bruce softly as for Helena she was down in the basement going through her father's boxes and.....found some of the Waynetech gear along with some....batter rangs that's when.....she figured it out

Helena narrating: Dear Diary. I heard the stories. The rumors. Everything that happened in this city called Gotham. But I was never a believer. I thought it was just a bed time story. But how can I deny something that was right infront of me, my whole life? Is it really true? Am I the child....of the Batman. 

At that progress we cut to Robin making an entrance down to the batcave and eventually went through this cool sequence of him coming down into it

As soon he was patced in he pulled off his mask and blurted out....

Blake:Alfred? Alfred?!

Alfred: Master Blake, is there any reason behind this behaiver?

Blake: Sudden be--*Sighs* since you never answered my question last night I'll take this one step at a time. I ran into the Joker at Arkham.

Alfred: That crazed madman? That very much explains the riot. I bet he also left you a message.

Blake: Exactly that. He made it simple: Bring him the Batman, dead or alive. Or bombs will go off murdering innocents.

Alfred: Dead? Why would he want the Batman, out of all people be found dead?

Blake: You tell me you told me that yourself. You said he sacerficed himself to save Gotham by getting rid of a bomb Bane planted himself which I saw him do from the bridge.

From that point Alfred took off his glasses and confess....

Alfred: I lied.

Blake: Wait...what??

Alfred: I assure you.....the Batman IS very much alive. I actually requested the assistance of an old friend. Lucius Fox to come and "collect" him. But haven't heard a bloody word since.

At that point his phone rang

Alfred: Speak of the devil.

He reaches down in his pocket pulling out his cell with Blake just giving him the dumbfounded look

Alfred: Lucius?

Lucius: Alfred, I think it's safe to say Mr. Wayne is coming home.

Alfred: That's the first good news I've heard in years. Has he been well?

Lucius: Better yet than ever.

Soon as they hung up Blake could not help but to stare at Alfred with a since of seriousness

Blake: I was shocked when I learned the Dent act was based on a lie. But this....this is beyond all lies. Wayne had been alive this whole time, and you knew. Why keep me in the dark?

Alfred: I wanted Master Wayne to have a chance to live a long and happy life after everything that's happened to him here. After his parents murder, Rachel leaving him, being Batman had cost him so much. But now that he has everything I did not want it to go into dust like the others. Now....Gotham needs Batman now more than ever.

Blake felt an understanding of what Alfred told him made him think of what Bruce told him before about you don't know how your loved ones mean to you until they're gone.

(To Be Continued)

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