The Dark Side is an American neo-nior, anti-hero, vigilante, avant-garde, mystery film by Jonathan McGuillen. The film stars EriK Frillery from the Dead series.


The film starts out with a new cop named Billy Mansager, and after visiting a stockbroker, Melvan Brimes, a group of vicious criminals come in and kill Melvan, and hold Billy's family hostage, and they make him jump to his death but survives and kills the criminals before jumping out of the window, and the building floor blew up instantly, burning his family alive, and his face was half burnt, and his face turns pitch black on one side, and normal on the other side, he then settles to kill criminals and his family's killers.

The Beginning

The Beginning film segment starts out will Billy Mansager who is now killing criminals all over the States'.

The film starts with him in the hospital, in a coma, and wakes up, he is wondering why there is wrapped-cloth around his face, takes it off, and yells in pain, and he cusses and curses a lot, saying a explicit sentence, "F**k! D*** you motherf**king cops! F**k! Motherf**ker! F**k f**k, d*** s**t! F**k!!!! F**k you cop a**holes! A**holes, a**holes, a**holes, d***ed cops, an' s**t!!!! Godd**nit! Godd**ned cops!!!!" Ending in disgust, and very furious at the police, and wanting revenge against those murderers and cops.

At night, he looks around the hospital inconspicously and finds one of the killers, he then waits for the next night to come and kill him. As the day progresses through, it finally reaches night and he brutally fights the man and finds that the man stashed in a machete in his skin from a scar several years ago, and throws the machete at the man cuts his head in half/off, and policemen are stationed outside, and he brutally kills them all by cutting them up. In the end, it says "to be continued..."

The Brutality of Men

After he escapes leaving a gory mess behind of police bodies and severed parts, he escapes to a desert that is seven miles away and decides to think before going off and killing criminals, and after a few hours passing, he decides to avenge his family before killing random criminals, and goes about his quest to kill.

2 months later and Billy takes a break off a new job, and his new identity, Roger Gibbons, an American who moved from Georgia and at night becomes the killer, Billy Mansager or Billy "Manslaughter", and finds one, and violently interrogates him and accidently killing him.

Another day passes by and he heads down to the cemetery to pay his last respects for his family and promises he will kill all of the criminals that planned his family's death, and makes it a pact, and heads to a Catholic church to try and get a old famous killer, named Rico, and after asking him to help him kill those killers, he says no because he turned a new leaf, and made it his goal not to kill anymore and says he will never kill again, and Billy says "What's your problem Chico? Scared." And replies, "Yes. I am, I don't want to kill anymore." Soon Billy gives up and leaves, and being followed by four strangers, called Savagers, and they are slaughtered by Billy "Manslaughter." This one too says "To be continued...


Murdermen is about how he fought with Rico, and how he fought Savagers, a group of savage cannibals who kill at night, and stalk at day.

After "Manslaughter" kills four Savagers, Rico sees him, and that he has met a psychopath. The police hear about this, and search for him, and more and more die in 4 hours, to no avail, they are all killed by Billy. Rico says to Billy, that he would join him, and they set out to kill the real killers of Billy's family.

Billy and Rico soon find the hideout of the Savagers', and plan to face the leader after 3 hours total, and they find it, and head inside, killing them all, Rico gets half of his index finger bitten off, can't use a gun now, but uses a knife, and they battle and kill the leader, and getting some information of the leader, the leader almost killed Rico by cutting his head cut off. And this one says again, "to be continued..."

More Blood...

More Blood... is about poilice looking for current people close to him in the last week, and hoping to know if anyone knows anything about him.

Rico and Billy find man involved in the death of Billy's family, and the man kills Rico, and in Rico's last words, "Save yourself from this massacre, and keep faith." Soon news say that Billy killed a priest in the street, and then the man returns, and is instantly killed, getting his eyes and brain cut out, and then he sets out for more blood... and it says once more again, "To be continued..."

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