The Dark Side of Nimh is a 2009 action adventure film from The 100 Acre Wood series. It follows a story of the relationship between Woody the Cowboy and an old friend of his (Jonathan Brisby).


The story began on a beautiful bright morning at Andy's House. Woody and Buzz Lightyear are playing a showdown game together.

Later that night - Jiminy Cricket came to visit Woody. Woody told Jiminy his story of when He used to have adventures with Jonathan Brisby. Then Jiminy told Woody that Jonathan was sadly killed by Dragon the Cat (much to Woody's despair). The next day - Woody and Buzz befriended Jeremy the Crow who had crashed in the frontyard with some of his strings. Woody told Jeremy that he would like to visit Thorn Valley where Nicodemus's rat group lived.

Meanwhile in the field - Jiminy warned Elizabeth Brisby that Dragon returned to find and destroy her family after he ran away from his owners. The next morning - Elizabeth gathered her children and they moved away to a safe place deep in the forest.

Meanwhile - Jeremy flew Woody to Thorn Valley after they bid goodbye to Buzz Pooh Bear Tigger and their friends. At Thorn Valley - Mr. Ages and Justin taught Woody how to climb - swim - and be talented. But after three days - Woody gets tired of being in Thorn Valley. At dawn - Jeremy gaved Woody a magic Umbrella to make it fly Woody back home to Andy's house. But as Woody and the Umbrella flew away from Thorn Valley - The Umbrella popped open and Woody fell into the trees. He wandered into the woods as he decided to find a place to stay for the night and find a map to get home.

Jeremy saw The Umbrella on the ground and flew to get help. He told Buzz that Woody is lost. Buzz Jeremy Hamm Rex Mr. Potato Head and Slinky Dog set off on a mission to rescue Woody.

At the lab of NIMH - Professor Ratigan (the leader of NIMH) is plotting to invade Thorn Valley - When He became supreme ruler of the forest.

The next day - Woody visited the Brisbies. When Mrs. Brisby went out to plant some seeds - She encountered Kaa the Snake who tried to get her. But Jiminy came and taught Kaa a lesson by telling him never to come to this forest again. With Kaa gone - Elizabeth returned home. Buzz and Jeremy found Woody after their brief encounter with Dragon at a waterfall. Justin came and told Woody that he was glad that humans never find him or the rats.

The next day - Ratigan - his sidekick Fidget the Bat The Scientists of NIMH and some mouse gangsters came to the forest and got to The Stone Aged Castle. But after Jiminy told everyone what was happening - The Brisbies Woody Buzz and The Rats joined up together and traveled to The Castle. Justin gaved Elizabeth The Stone Amulet - So Ratigan will never find it.

At The Castle - Andy's Toys and The Animals attacked The Men and Ratigan's Gang. Justin Elizabeth and Woody followed Ratigan and Fidget outside onto the castle rooftops. The Humans got The Heroes cornered. But when Bagheera and Baloo entered the fight - The Humans grew terrified and ran for their lives.

On the roof - Elizabeth got knocked out lifeless during the battle with Ratigan. Justin and Woody ringed a giant bell inside the clock tower of the castle causing Ratigan to lose balance. Ratigan falls down from the roof and his body disappeared into a ravine below.

Outside the Castle - Justin carried the fallen Elizabeth into the forest as rain falls. The Forest Creatures mourn over Elizabeth's death. But Then - The Amulet glows brighter as it's magic brought Elizabeth back to life. Happy about the resurrection of Mrs. Brisby - The Forest Creatures cheered.

Months later - The Brisby Family are spending time with The Animals at Thorn Valley. Elsewhere - Justin asked Mrs. Brisby to be his bride. Then - She said she will. At Andy's House - Buzz asked Woody he is worried about their owner Andy growing up. But Woody said that when Andy does - Woody will have Buzz to keep him company for Infinity and Beyond - and the story ends.


  • This story takes place before Pooh's Adventures of Toy Story 2
  • Pooh Bear played a minor role in this film

Cast List

  • Mrs. Brisby (Debi Mae West) - Jonathan's widow
  • Woody (Tom Hanks) - the cowboy who used to have adventures with Jonathan
  • Jeremy (Dom Deluise) - Mrs. Brisby's best friend
  • Buzz Lightyear (Tim Allen) - Woody's buddy
  • Justin - the leader of the rats and the true love of Mrs. Brisby
  • Timmy (Elizabeth Daily) - one of the brisby children
  • Martin (Justin Timberlake) - the toughest of the brisby children
  • Ratigan (Brian Blessed) - a villainous rat who is the mysterious leader of NIMH
  • Mr. Ages - one of the mice from NIMH
  • Auntie Shrew - the brisby children's baby sitter
  • Rex (Wallace Shawn) - Woody and Buzz's cowardly dinosaur sidekick
  • Hamm - a piggy bank who is Buzz and Woody's buddy

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