Harry Potter: Harry is a lonely child, until he meets Ginny Weasley. Harry/Ginny

Chapter One

Harry James Potter sighed as he threw another stone into the river in front of him. This was his hobbie, that and talking to the centaur's.

Speak of the Devil, one of the centaurs came. It's name was called Rast, and was Harry's first friend beside his parents.

"Hello Rast. Is Mar's burning", Harry asked.

"Mars is burning, as expected. How are you, Master Harry", Rast asked.

"Fine thanks", Harry threw another stone into the water.

"Is this about Jason, the human brother of you", Rast asked. Harry nodded.

"Yeah, and Dumbledore too. I don't know why he hates me. He is forcing my parents to ignore me", Harry told Rast.

"As you said, Mars is burning today, and you will see another friend", and with that, Rast left.

Harry grinned, and he got up. He walked to Potter Manor, and opened the back door.

He saw the house elfs. Bobby and his wife Lola, and their son Jinks. "Hello", Harry said, and they said hello.

"Bobby asks Harry if he wants anything", Bobby asked. "Yes please. I want a apple", Harry said, and Bobby disapeared and apeared with a crack, and gave Harry the apple.


Harry walked upstairs and opened the door. He closed the door, and layed on his bed, reading the book, Anamigus Form.

"Maybe i can ask Dad if he can train me to be one", Harry spoke to himself.

The door opened, and James and Lily Potter came in. Both were smiling.

"Harry, here is your present", James said, giving Harry the package. Harry teared it open, and gasped. Ancient Runes: Advanced Words

"Thank you", Harry said, and he hugged both parents.

Albus Dumbledore had tried to drive James and Lily away from their son Harry, to his twin Jason Remus Potter, as Jason was the boy who lived, the only boy to survive the killing curse.

At first, James and Lily tried to get away from the weekly meetings, but couldn't, as they would lose their magic. It was that day when they relised Dumbledore was controlling.

"What is that you got here", James asked, grinning as he picked up Anamigus Form. "Want to be a anamigus Harry", he asked, grinning.

"Absoloutly not", Lily screamed. "Young Man", but she couldn't continue, and she broke into a smile. She didn't have the heart to stop Harry for wanting to learn more spells.

"Thanks Mum", Harry said.

That Night, There was a party. More to be continued.

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