Harry Potter. The Dark War between good and evil begins. See how Harry Potter comes out of hiding when an princess is kidnapped by Voldermort.


Ginerva Weasley looked at the mirror, close to tears. She would never forgive her mother or her father for forcing her to marry Draco Malfoy.

It was for the money. Ever since Ronald Weasley, her brother, ran away because of his unhappy life, the Weasleys were shunned unless they paid almost all their money.

Ever since then, Percy, Fred, George and now her were forced into marriage. Their spouses were not unhappy, except from Draco, as he hated the Weasleys and she would be treated as an slave.

She heard an knock on the door. Ginny ignored her as she perpared her hair. Another knock. "Come in", Ginny said impatiently. It was bad enough she was getting married.

The door opened, and Ginny turned around. She screamed as the person stunned her. Ginny fell down and watched as the death eater picked her up.

Meanwhile, Harry Potter was trying to survive an battle he was going to lose. He saw one of the death eaters kill his sister, Laura Lily Potter.

Harry was enraged, and he accidently set the mansion on fire. Most of the death eaters were killed, while others fled.

Harry heard his mother and father scream. He turned around and saw Lily and James Potter were on fire. James tried to stop the fire, but his wand was in the other room.

However, an blast was heard, sending Harry out. He smashed the glass window as he fell into the lake. Harry was now under the lake, trying to get back up.

He managed to swim and cried as he saw the mansion in flames. He found an rock, which was an portkey to Hogwarts. Harry grabbed onto it, and was taken to Hogwarts.


Harry found himself at Dumbledore's office. He saw Albus looking out the window. "Albus", Harry was exhauseted. Albus turned around.

"Who are you", he asked. "Harry Potter. Why was there a Portkey at Potter Manor", Harry asked. "You're mother and father were going to have an meeting. Where are they".

Harry looked at Albus, and Albus paled. "No", he whispered.

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