Harry Potter. After Harry is nearly killed, he finds out he is bonded with Ginny Weasley and she is pregnant. Dumbledore releases this baby could end the war, if he plays his cards right

The Bond

Harry collapses, crying. He couldn't believe what happened. He was holding Cedric Diggory's body, but he didn't care about the screams and the yells.

He didn't notice an certain red haired girl jump over the stands and run over to him. She grabbed onto him, but something happened.

A green light flashed at the crowd, hitting the stands. It was on fire. Harry and Ginny instantly collapsed, and were unconscious.

"Run", Dumbledore yelled, as the studnets and the judges tried to run away.

Dumbledore didn't wipe out the fire, so he moved it to the maze. The maze were instantly in flames, but that didn't stop everyone run away.

Dumbledore heard screams and yells. "Ginny, Harry". He turned around, and saw Arthur and Molly Weasley run to the children. "Stay back", he said when Molly was about to touch her only daughter. "Why", she looked at him as if he had growen a second head.

"They are bonding", he told them. "No", Molly screamed and collapsed. Albus patted her shoulder, not daring to think this was an dream.

Soon after, the fire stopped, and Harry and Ginny awoke. "Cedric, Dumbledore. He's back. Voldermorts ba-", Harry was cut off the minute he got up.

He screamed in pain and fell down next to Ginny. Ginny also tried to get up, but screamed in more pain. "They are so young", Molly whispered.

Harry and Ginny had to be in contact with each other, so they were forced to hold hands to the hospital wing. "Dumbledore", the boy whispered. "Yes".

"Voldermort said that there was an spy in hogwarts", and with that, he went to sleap, the same time as Ginny Weasley.

The next day, they looked at worried faces Molly, Ron and Hermione. "What happened", Harry asked. "I don't know how to tell you this, but you are soul bonded", Molly explained.

Ginny and Harry paled. "No", he whispered. "Madam Promfey says you have to be in skin contact for atleast two days".

Ginny and Harry looked each other, shocked to speak. "What happened to the spy", both of them said in unison. Everyone was in shock.

"Oh no", Molly whispered. "This happened to James and Lily". "My parents. What happened", Harry and Ginny said in unison.

"NURSE", Molly screamed. Hermione and Ron were ushered out the room. "Oh my", Promfey whispered. "What", they said in unison.

"Miss Weasley is pregnant". Ginny screamed, along with Harry. At the same time and finished at the same time. Then, something happened.

The bed started to shake, and the two of them floated up in the air. Harry yelled for help, like Ginny, and then they fainted, and fell into the bed.

Harry awoke, along with Ginny. Molly screamed, and Dumbledore came in to see what happened. He saw Harry and Ginny.

Both their right eye was bright Green, and the other was brown. Harry's hair was an mixture of black and red, the same with Ginny.

"It seems that the baby in the bond had made them survive", Dumbledore told Molly and Athur later in the night. "She is only young", Molly whispered.

"It seems that the horcrux in Harry caused this baby, to become dark. Not dark dark. But dark enough to end the war", he told them.

"War", Molly whispered. "Horcrux", Athur asked. Dumbledore told them how Voldermort had made seven horcurxes, one of them Harry, and how he was reborn.

"Sir, who was the traitor", Arthur asked. "Barty Crouch Jr., he was in disguise of Mad Eye".

Soon enough, there were more screams. "SHE'S IN LABOUR", Promfey shouted. "Already", Molly whispered.

They saw Ginny scream and sweat was soon enough on her forehead. "HELP ME", She screamed even more.

It was an week later and Ginny was still in labour. The news went in pretty fast. "Always knew she was an slut", Malfoy taunted Ron.

Ron punched Malfoy on the nose, and befour he could say anything, Hermione stunned him and the two friends ran to the hospital wing.

They saw Ginny holding an baby, smiling at them. "Is it over", Hermione asked. Hermione noticed Ginny's hair and eyes, and was shocked.

"Look at baby Lily Hermione Potter Weasley". "You are godfather and Harry is doing the toilet befour you ask".

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