Characters Present

Mickey Mouse

Donald Duck





Ludwig Von Drake















Other House of Mouse Guests


The other 7 dwarfs come to the House of Mouse.


Mike: And now, here's a mouse that has round ears. Mickey MOUSE!

Mickey: (Appears on stage). Hi, folks! We're going to have a swell day today!

(Camera directs at the door and we see Nifty, Hungry, Stretchy, Colorful, Springy, Wistful and Wheezy coming through the door).

Wistful: Aw, come on! We can't find them here!

Nifty: Of course we'll find them!

Wheezy: I think they're that way! (Points).

Springy: Come on!

(Dwarfs run past Daisy).

Daisy: Hey, guys. You don't have a reservation.

(Dwarfs run into the room where all the guests are).

Stretchy: (Pants and sweats). Made it.

(Camera directs on the other dwarfs gasping).

Doc: Nifty!

Grumpy: Hungry!

Happy: Colorful!

Bashful: Springy!

Sleepy: Wistful!

Sneezy: Wheezy!

Stretchy: And Stretchy too!

Bashful: What are you doing here?

Stretchy: Well, you weren't at the cottage. We tried to find you, and here you are at the House of Mouse.

Mickey: Huh? (Walks to the other 7 dwarfs). Why, you must be new here! My name is Mickey. (Shakes Springy's hand). What's yours?

Springy: I'm Springy.

Hungry: Hungry.

Wistful: Wistful.

Wheezy: Wheezy.

Nifty: Nifty.

Colorful: Colorful.

Stretchy: And Stretchy too.

Springy: Wait a minute. Did you say you were Mickey? Mickey Mouse? The Mickey Mouse as in the star of Disney? That Mickey Mouse?

Mickey: Yeah. Why?

Stretchy: You my biggest fan. (Stretches his arm and shakes Mickey's hand). So where's our seats?

Mickey: Right where the other dwarfs sit.

Springy: Okay.

(Dwarfs sit next to Bashful, Grumpy, Sleepy, Happy, Sneezy, Dopey and Doc).

Springy: Good thing we're not squished! I'm glad we found you. We get to enjoy a show! Come on, big hug! (Gives Bashful a hug)

Bashful: (Blushes). Aw.

Stretchy: So what do you do here, Mickey?

Mickey: We show performances, how cartoons, and we--

Stretchy: Wait! Did you say "cartoons"?

Mickey: Yeah.

Stretchy: I have one in my pocket. (Pulls out a roll of film, and stretches his arm to give the roll of film to Mickey).

Mickey: (Looks at the film with the words on it, reading) Made by Stretchy Stretchkins. Your last name is Stretchkins?

Stretchy: Yeah, I know. Silly, ain't it? Also Springy's last name is McSprings!

Springy: (Looks surprised and grabs Stretchy's mouth).

Mickey: Oh, well. Catch Horace! (Throws roll of film to Horace Horsecollar).

Horace: Thank you! (Puts film into the machine).

(Cartoon starts)

(Cartoon ends and audience cheers).

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