The Dead Are Rising is an Friends Fanfiction. When Ross Geller is framed for the cause of the zombies invading Fortune City, He and his new partner Rachel Green must solve the mystery while looking after Ross's daughter, Grace.


Ross Geller is on the show 'Zombie Power', So he can win the money for his daughter Grace, Who is infected and needs an drug every day so she doesn't die. Ross wins and gets the money from twin sisters Phoebe and Ursula.

Ross is in the elevator and Rachel Green enters. Rachel is the leader of ZR, Which is an Zombie Rights group. When they are going down, The lift suddenly stops and the lights go out.

Meanwhile, Ross's sister Monica has fallen on the floor because of the explosion. She runs into the next room and grabs onto Grace. Grace screams and Monica turns around. She sees about two zombies entering the room.

Phoebe is running along with her friend Joey Tribbiani as the zombies invade the city. She sees Ursula and her boyfriend running from an zombie, Which grabs onto Ursula and bites into her neck.

The boyfriend gets tackled and is eaten by three zombies. Phoebe is in shock and Joey carrys her to the bunker, The only safe area for the survivors.

Ross manages to get the lift door open and the two get out. They get separated when the zombies attack them. Ross gets to his house and manages to save Monica and Grace befour their deaths.

Chandler Bing is with his wife Kathy and they are running to the bunker. Kathy trips and is eaten alive by an zombie. Ross and Monica encounter him and Ross grabs onto him while Monica holds onto Grace. They get to the bunker and all exits are blocked.

They meet Mike, Who is in charge of the bunker. Ross puts Grace to bed and finds an drug from the cabinet to give to her. Phoebe is still in shock and is sitting on the chair.

Ross and Joey find out that an woman has been spotted recording the events in the park.

Ross sneaks out and finds the woman, Who turns out to be Rachel. She admits that the zombie outbreak was not an accident because she saw a tape of someone blowing up the gates.

Ross later finds out he has been framed and he and the survivors try to solve the case. When he and Rachel find out that the terriorist who let the zombies in is Mike.

Rachel storms up and shouts at him, But he reveals he was blackmailed by an woman. When Chandler asks who, He reveals that Janice Litman was the one who blackmailed him because he is gay.

Mike grabs the gun from the table and shoots Phoebe in the head. He knocks out Chandler and Rachel. Meanwhile, Ross is looking to go back to the room when he hears an laugh.

He turns around and sees Janice, Who trys to kill him. Ross manages to escape and Janice looks for him. She gets an call from Mike and he tells her what has happened. Janice then says she is letting the zombies in from the sewers.

Monica hides with Grace when Mike looks for him. Monica then lets out an silent scream when she finds Joey dead. Rachel wakes up and attacks Mike who trys to shoot her. He shoots at an engine, Which lets the zombies in the bunker.

Chandler is eaten alive but doesn't feel it at all. Rachel runs from Mike and he chases her into the city.

Ross is horrified when he sees mutataed zombies killing and attacking people around the place. Rachel finds him and reveals all what has happened and that she can't find Grace or Monica.

Monica puts Grace in an room and tells her to take the drug at four and gives her an clock. Monica locks the door and starts to investigate what is happening. Befour she knows it, An zombie grabs onto her and bites her on the leg.

Monica lets out an cry and relises she needs the drug in an hour. Monica opens the door and steels from Grace and puts it on. Monica turns around and Ross shoots her dead after seeing what she has done.

Meanwhile, Rachel is attacked by Mike and manages to lock him up in an cell. Mike reveals all to Rachel and says that Janice is planning to release the zombies all over America.

Janice watches Ross and Grace move about and she jumps onto him. Grace falls down the stairs and screams as an legless zombie crawls to her. Ross is pinned to the floor and is forced to watch Grace's death.

Rachel kills Mike when he trys to escape and runs to get Ross. To her horror, She sees Grace as an zombie and she lets out an scream. She falls down and Grace continues to eat her.

Ross is later seen in an cell and it turns out that after he shot Monica, He shot Grace and then Rachel and imagained the rest up so he was not an serial killer. He rants out that Janice has won and the doctors don't know what he is talking about. Meanwhile, A few zombies that had survived are seen heading to Los Angelas to feast for some more flesh.

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