The Deadly Sins is an story that features the friends characters.The gang are deadly assassin's and are working buisness all over the world.But when their new leader frames Phoebe for murder,Their are in real danger.

The Toy BusinessEdit

"Do you think we should torture Brown", Smiled Carol Willick,Ross's ex wife."No,We need to give him an deal",Rachel said as she sorted her papers.

"We can blackmail him",Smirked Ross."Blackmail,How",Monica smiled at her elder brother.He was the one who was manageing to give them money.

"I saw him kissing Pete Becker and i recorded it",He put the tape in the dvd player.

They all saw Pere kissing Gordon Brown in Pete's house.

"The toy business,What should we do with it anyway",Joey spoke the first time in the meeting.

"Strip club or Garage',Ross turned the tv off.

"Garage",Phoebe said as she sucked on her lollypop.She would always be seen sucking one.

"Hey,Here is an call from Emily",Ross answered the phone.Rachel hated Emily.She was dating Ross but Emily was the one who aranged the buisness in London.

"That's great",Ross grinned."What",Chandler and Phoebe asked at the same time.

"She has managed to get two banks in one day.More money is coming,Baby",They all grinned.

"Do we need the toy buisness,Then",Rachel asked.

"Yes",Ross put down the phone and he dished out his orders.

"Rach,You show him the tape and do the business",Ross then went to his office,a.k.a his house.

Gordon's office.

Rachel knocked on the door,Hopeing he was in.She had snaked in with the help of Carol and Phoebe,Who were sleaping with guards right now.

"Come in",Came an voice from the other side.

Rachel entered and closed the door.

"Who are you",Gordon asked.

Rachel walked up to his dvd player and put on the tape.

"I'm calling sec-",But he looked at what was playing.

"Give us the buisness and we keep put mouths shut",Rachel shouted.

"Okay".More to be continued.

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