The Deep Lake
Universe Super Smash Bros.
Appears in [[1]]
Playable Character(s) Ryu, Little Mac, Sora, Donald, Goofy, Link
Home stage to Anti-Sora
Availability Rise of an Unleashed Army only

The level starts out with a martial artist training near a great lake. The martial artist does many different fighting moves but stops to rest. It is revealed to be Ryu. Ryu stops and looks at his reflection in the water. Ryu turns because he hears ruffling behind him and he gets into his fighting stance. A small boxer then emerges from a bush and it's Little Mac. Mac challenges Ryu to a match to see who is the better fighter.

Ryu and Little Mac scrap for a while until one (whomever the player chose) becomes the victor and revives the other after the fight. They congragulate each other and are stopped when demons start to attack the smashers but are defeated in no time. Ryu looks for where they came from and see that it's from a battleship (Halberd) on the other side of the lake. They unite to get to the Halberd. Ryu and Little Mac fight with their fists and soon make it across the river which they then jump on top of the Halberd and find a group of smashers fighting against demons and a shadowy being that seems like one of the smashers.

Ryu and Mac help out the smashers by defeating the demons surrounding them. They then join in the battle of defeating the Anit-Sora. This Anit form outs up a good fight and is defeated in the end. Sora glides up to the control rooms and takes control of the Halberd and heads out to find any smashers that have not been taken by the demons.

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