As the night grew shorter, he knew that his time was coming. Never the less, he went through with his plan all the way to the end. He rushed into the three story building, ready for death...

"Stop him! Don't let him get away!" Yelled a stout man, commanding the troops chasing Aaron. Aaron had been in the building for little under six hours collecting the information he needed from the file room beneath the fort. He now knew that the symbols that he had been recently drawing all of the time, were, in fact, connected to the strang event known as the Summoning. But he still hadn't the slightest idea of what the symbols stood for. But just then an arrow flew by his head and scratched his ear.

He could see the window that he had, for several monthes, been planning to jump out of into the stream below. He had another good 10 meters before reaching it, and then he just had to follow the stream to his encampment that he set up with a falbergasted woodsman who had so blindly agreed to for the small price of a golden coin from Galmun, the owner of the smallest goblin forge.

And now, Aaron took and blind leap, and flew out of the window above the stream. But then pain burst into his back as though he were being stabbed by a knife...or hit by an arrow! The blood was staining his clothes and he couldn't see straight. He had the slightest idea that this arrow had severed a major vien. SPLASH! He landed in the stream wish a tremendous splash and began his work of swimming downstream.

It was only less than a minute when he heard another splash faintly from behind him. A man with blood red hair came swimming up to him. This man was a much faster swimmer than Aaron, and he looked as though he was a good 2 1/2 meters tall. Aaron, though he did not know what he was doing, swam faster, and still, blood rained down his body and his vision was going blury. But then he heard a scream that ripped the night in two. He chanced a look over his shoulder, and the man was dead with an arrow in his head.

Aaron, through much effort, finally reached his camp sight. He climbed up onto the shore and stared straight at the woodsman who he had promised the coin to when he returned. The woodsman stood up and began to move towards Aaron. Aaron fell to the ground. His heart seemed to stop. He knew what was coming. He couldn't believe, that even for a second, he had let him self believe that he might live. The woodsman took the arrow out of Aaron's shoulder and placed it on the rocks.

"You're going to die. I don't know how to help you." The woodsman told Aaron in a soothing voice. Aaron, though he regretted it, knew what he must do. He removed the papers from his wrapsack, and in trembling arms, handed them to the woodsman,

"Here, follow my instructions. Please, figure this riddle out. I havn't the slightest clue what each character means, but i do know that they are all connected to the Summoning. This is my final wish, i leave all of my posessions to you. Help me, and get your most trusted friends to help you." And with that final breath, Aaron now lay dead at the feet of the woodsman.

Chapter 1: JaniffEdit

"You can't just up and leave me! Come to sense Janiff! Please!?" Molly said to her husband, Janiff, while he was packing a small traveling bag as he often did when going off to another drudge for a few weeks. A drudge is a center for a woodsman society, or a collection of woodsman who are part of the same group. After baring witness to the horrible death of the strong young man, and the passing of the symbols to him, Janiff had never been the same. He had decided, ruffly a week afterwards, that he would set out to find his two best friends, Michael and Ellice.

Michael and Ellice used to live with Janiff before they were banned from the capital city of the country Empare. They had been banned after they were framed for the murder of a government official, and then were forced to go their seperate ways. They had sworn an oath that they would never again all meet together. But people break oaths, and this was i time to do it.

"I have to. This guy was on to something. If he wasn't, then he would NOT have been killed. There is something that they don't want us to know." Janiff, although he was paying more attention to his knives than her, said with a straight face.

"EXACTLY! If they don't want us to know it, it's for our own good!"

"No, its not! If this man gave his life for it, it MUST be important!"

"But how are we going to make ends meet? Your the bread barer!"

"He left us behind everything he had! We've got as much silver as the mayor now!" Janiff then took out his pocket watch and set it into his bag. This pocket watch wasn't just any pocket watch, this was his father's pocket watch. He had given it to Janiff in his last days alive. Janiff now set to the door when he heard the youthful voice from the doorway to the kitchen,

"Please don't go daddy?" Janiff turned around, half astonished, half guilty. He would never think of leaving his son. He knew this would be a long and perilous journey, and that he might die. But he had to take it. It might just save the world.

"I'm sorry son, but i have to take this journey. Don't worry, i'm going to come back. I'll always come back. That's a promise." Janiff strided over to his son and hugged him. His son was but eight years old. He could not believe that he had had the courage to walk out and say that. Janiff stood up and looked at his wife and third child. He then called out, "Michael! Cain! Get down here!" Janiff watched as his two oldest kids ran down the stairs. Michael, seventeen years, and Cain, fourteen years, were the ones who worked to keep the house running while he was gone.

"Listen, i need you two to tack care of your mom and brother while i am gone. I'm going to see my two best friends in other parts of the country, so i'll be gone for a good amount of time. Michael," he stopped and looked at his oldest son with pride when he had called his name, "I need to talk to you privatly for a moment outside." They walked outside, shoulder-to-shoulder and waded out to the middle of the field.

"Son," Michael looked back intently at his father, "You are in charge of the family while I am gone." He paused for a moment trying to think of what else he could say. "And in the off chance that i don't return, there is a safe, in the celler. The code is 1-2-9-0-2-3-4. It has everything you need in there to survive if I don't make it back."

Janiff and Michael returned to the house. Janiff turned to his family which was assembled in the den. "I'm going now. Good bye," and he looked and his youngest, Chuckie, and added, "But i will return. Alright?" They all nodded, hugged him goodbye, and he walked out of the door, and into the open air...

Janiff had been walking for three days now. He was running low on water and food, and was still another day or two from the town were Elice was. Many times a day he stopped and wondered why am i doing this? What will this give ME? But every time, he reaches into his pocket, pulls out a slip of paper, and looks at the eight symbols alligned on the paper. He then would look to the left of those symbols at the words written beside them. Never whole sentences, just fragments like The forge...the shadows...the elves...the frost...Janiff understood none of these. His only thought was that after he got Michael and Elice together, he would head off for the Amaden Goblin Forge and then to the elves.

Janiff stopped walking. He could hear something in the woods. He didn't know what it could be, but still, he set down his stuff and went in search of what might be his dinner that night. But then he suddenly stopped. He just saw something that he didn't want to see. Not this early on, then his blood will be spent for nothing...There it was again. So it was true, he was going to die this early. Maybe he would get lucky and by some magical turn of events, this would be the most unworthy bandit there was. He slowly unsheathed his knife, but then he saw it....the silver reflecting the ssunlight charging at him. He quickly countered the first blow.

Then the bandit came at him again. He ducked swiftly and knifed him in the stomach. The bandit staggered, but just then a memory his father told him came back, "A bandit very rarley travels alone. Three or more most likely" And so it was, two more bandits stepped out of the woods on the other side and made for his bag. They were wareing hoods so he couldn't tell who they were. But then he heared the ringging bell that signalled the charge of the army.

Janiff looked over his shoulder to see three chargeres rideing onto the dirt road from afar.

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