The Devil a horror novel that features the friends characters.When an man named Noel moves in the apartment,He and Rachel date.Ross is jealous and enters his apartment.He then finds two bodys,And he tells Phoebe.The two investigate,And they dig more about Noel's history.

One The New Resident

Rachel looked on at the new resident."He was sexy", She thought."Maybe she could ask him out",She walked up to Noel."Hey,I'm Rachel Green.I live in apartment 20.Can i ask who you are"?,She asked."Noel Marple",He replied and he shaked her hand."Can i date you",Rachel nervously said out loud."Sure,You know Edmonds restraunt.Be there at eight",He then grabbed an box and took it in the apartment.

Rachel walked to her apartment and relised Monica was out.She dug in her pockets and grabbed the house keys.She opened the door and walked to the fridge and grabbed an bottle of orange juice.She poured the juice in the glass and she turned around when she saw Joey and Ross entering the house.

"Hey Rach.Want to go down to Central Perk.Phoebe's singing her new song",Ross said.Rachel said yes and she walked out of the apartment,Giving Ross the keys to lock the apartment."I'm thinking of asking her out",Ross said to Joey."Dude,That is leaving the friends zone",Joey said matter of factly."I don't care",And the two of them got out of the apartment.

"Hey, Central Perk. Phoebe is going to peform,The Devil next door",Rachel said through the mircophone and the auidence clapped. Phoebe sang

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