Seventh level of Total Assault 3.





  • UEM
    • Rhino
    • Tortoise
    • Jackrabbit
    • Mammoth
    • Desert Wolf
    • Timber Wolf
    • Phoenix Gryphon
  • Zodiac
    • Hover Craft
    • Hover Chassis
    • Hover Aircraft
    • Hover Gun
    • Hover Turret
    • Hover Tank
    • Slasher
    • Stinger
    • Stalker

Rough Landing

  • This level opens with Davian and Jon's Phoenix Gryphons flying back to the UEM Titan's Fury, the ship that currently all of the commanding officers of the UEM forces are on. They meet with Major Jennings on deck and see her in an argument with Commander Steinburg. Davian asks what the matter is after Steinburg leaves, and Jon says he cares too much. Davian senses something is the matter with the tone of his voice. Jon says he feels great. Jennings tells Davian about their quarrel in the past, but then says that it is not important and that Ivy needs their help ground side, as well as Casey and Daniel, 2 more Titan 2s. Davian asks where Cody is, and Jennings says she doesn't know, and that he disappeared from the battle zone. The trio board a Raven, and are later dropped alongside Ivy. A cutscene plays showing a Butterfly land on a tree, and then get shot by a stray bullet, and then shows armies of Zodiac marching, followed by several Hover Aircraft, and Scorpion Stalkers laser unfortunate morsels. Then we see Jon, Ivy, Taylor, and Davian fighting Zodiac. After Taylor and Jon get split up from the rest of the group, the 4 of them, Davian, Ivy, Casey, and Daniel, must continue on their own. Gameplay commences.
  • You start out with the traditional EMP Glove / AR combo. Travel with the squad up the hill and path. Zodiac will drop down from the timberland forest. As you continue upwards, snow will become more abundant. You will fight Fiends, Grendel mainly Pawns and Rooks, Scamps, and Scarabs. Once you fight in 3 major battles, you will be dropped off a Rhino.
  • Continue your way up the hill, smashing through enemy defenses, and blasting enemies if you are on the gun. When you have made your way through about half way the level... you will face the largest enemy in the game... a Hydra.
  • When the Hydra bursts out of the ground, open fire if you are on the gun, if you are driver then drive circles around it, avoid its plasma blasts, one is enough to kill you, once you have weakened it, hop off, and board the sucka. Lay in five hits and it will drop back into the ground.
  • Hop back on the horse (Rhino) and smash your way through the enemy blockade up ahead and hop out and aid the Strikers pinned down. Once all of the enemies are destroyed, the Major will send her sympathies and drop off a Mammoth. There are pretty much only two stretches left in the Mission, so hop in, and blast your way through them. Once you have arrived at the final highway, and all the enemies are dead, a cutscene will play, but the Mission ain't over.

The Ivy and the Rose

  • In the cutscene, several Scarabs can be seen flying away. Ivy and Davian, and the other 2 can be seen standing around, when Davian calls for Evac. An enemy dropship however, flies overhead, cloaked, and drops an enemy Hover Pod. The Pod uncloaks and opens. Ivy aims her Chain Gun at it, and out pops a new, female Grendel. It wields a Scorpion Scythe and charges at her. This is a Rose Clone. Ivy attempts to open fire, but the Rose is on top of Ivy before she can react. Davian then comes up behind her, grabs her, and throws her off. Gameplay will begin.
  • Rip her apart with your grenade launcher. Once she is killed, the final cutscene will play, showing her face mask pop off, and underneath is the face of Ivy... it is her clone, well, her DNA's Clone. Then a deafening noise erupts from the camera and the ground shakes. We can see the Atlantic ocean, and a massive island emerges from the sea, we can see hundreds of Zodiac ships in orbit above the Island. Over the TAC we here the Admiral asking what the hell it is, and Robbie replying, naming it Atlantis. He then says it is where Dark Energy has taken up refuge, and he also has the Final Shard. The Admiral then announces that they are going to the Island, and nothing can stop them from attaining the Final Shard and ending the way. The Admiral then announces that one final push is all that remains, saddle up.

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