The Eastside Dance Crew are a group of characters appearing in the animated television series Nick and Jerrick. They appear only in the episode "The Eastside Westside Dance Rivalry" as the rivals of Jerrick's dance crew, the Westside Dance Crew. The members of the group are: All- Amerikan, Kupid, Popparazi, King K, and Cool.

All-Amerikan is a nineteen-year-old African American woman and dancer. She is the leader of the Eastside Dance Crew and is the best dancer in the group. She has chocolate colored skin, jet black hair, light brown eyes and wears a baby blue cut-off and baby blue pants. She is murdered at the end of "The Eastside Westside Dance Rivalry."

Kupid is an nineteen-year-old Caucasian American man and dancer. He is the co-leader of the group and the best friend of All-Amerikan and has a feminine personality. He is tall and dirty blond hair and wears a light blue jogging suit with a white t-shirt when he dances. He also has blue eyes.

Popparazi is a ninteen-year-old Jamaican American man and dancer. He is tall at six foot four inches, has dark skin, short black hair, and is overweight. He is based off the rapper The Notorious B.I.G.

King K is an anthromorphic bird based off of King Dedede of the Kirby video games. He has red feathers as well as a yellow beak and wears a blue jumpsuit.

Cool is a nineteen-year-old Latin American man and dancer and is known for his "cool" attitude. He also remains relaxed and calm even while dancing. He is characterized as a very arrogant individual as well. He has sleek black hair and tanned skin. He wears a blue mens tank top and black shorts.

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