"The Eastside Westside Dance Rivalry"

Nick and Jerrick





Guest star(s)

Mario Lopez, JC Chasez, Lil Mama, D-Trix




February 3, 2012

Episode chronology
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Need Cents for Rent

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The Scandal

Featuring: Nick, Jerrick

Also Featuring: The Crip Cousins, Matt Baker, Kat Baker, Kurt Twombly, Sophie Prescott, Suzy

Guest Starring: The Eastside Dance Crew, Mario Lopez, JC Chasez, Lil Mama, D-Trix


The episodes plot begins with Nick and Jerrick watching Americas Best Dance Crew. Jerrick then gets a crazy idea to get together a dance crew and go on the show's next season. Nick only agrees to do what Jerrick wants just because he needs something to do besides watch television. Jerrick rounds up the Crip Cousins, Matt, Kat, Sophie, and Suzy to join his and Nick's dance crew. Kurt later joins the crew as a means to lose weight and to earn the one hundred thousand dollar prize. Jerrick then names the dance crew The Westside Dance Crew just because he liked how it sounded.

A montage of dance practices between the crew occurs, all going horribly wrong with many accidents occuring throughout the montage. The incidents include Jerrick accidentally kicking Suzy through a window, Kurt jumping and bursting a whole through the floor, Matt and Kat getting tangled up and smashing a hole in the wall, and Sophie accidentally breaking Nick's favorite picture which causes Nick to cry.

The Crip Cousins soon quit the dance crew when they find out that the team's color will be red, the color of the Bloods street gang whom they hate. Finally it comes time for the group to go on the show. Before the start of the show they find out about the Eastside Dance Crew and a rivalry quickly follows between the groups. When the show starts the Westside Dance Crew performs first and the judges are surprisingly fond of their terrible dancing much to everyone's dismay. The Eatside Dance Crew then goes on and out performs that of the Westside Dance Crew. The judges surprisingly hate the very good dancing of the Eastside Dance Crew.

Another montage starts and it consists of the Eastside and Westside crews dancing in later episodes. The Eastside Dance Crew is constantly bashed despite performing well while the Westside Dance Crew is always praised despite performing poorly. At the end of the season the winners are announced, the Southside Dance Crew. The members of the Eastside and Westside Dance Crews are angered by losing to the Southside Dance Crew.

A week after the show ends the leader of the Southside Dance Crew is murdered. The murder of the Southside Dance Crew leader is later followed by the murder of the Eastside Dance Crew leader which occurs a week after that of the Southside leader's murder. Nick, Jerrick, and everyone else in the Westside Dance Crew return to Rose Beach, Florida and are all angry at Jerrick for wasting their time.



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  • It is the first episode to feature celebrity guest appearances.

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