a fanimated episode


The students follow Edward to his home, where they then meet Edwards parents, and his 6 older brothers and 7 older sisters, and his pet skunk, Spunky, then Edwards mom remids Edward that family tree day is tommorrow at Wayside, then Edward shoves his parents, brothers, and sisters into the candy broom closet, and makes them promise not to embaress him at school, while Todd and the others wondored what thety were doing in there, so they press their ears against the door, meanwhile, back in the closet, Edward says if they don't embaress him, he'll let you play Dradelopoly with him, so they say they would never embaress him, so then Edward opens the door, and the others fall to the flooor. Then Edward brings in his family tree (his family, including him was actually in the tree), Mom accidentally tells a bad joke, that appearently, everyon (including todd) laughs to, and Edward thanks his family for not embatssng him.

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