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Principal Kidswatter informs the Kids in Mrs Jewels class, that one of theirstudents, Edward has come back to Wayside, after vacationing in Israel, after the PA counts 3-2-1, Edward comes in and introduces himself to todd, and then installs a rollercoaster on the playground, and then, FUN MONTAGE, then Everyone says they had fun, including Edward, then a customized limousine comes to pick up Edward, and then todd, and the others find out he is rich

Opening Sequence changes

  • Clips from seasons 2 are seen in the opening intro
  • Edward is seen jumping off the building at the end and sticking the dismount
  • in one clip, edward is seen coming out of a limousine (foreshadowing the later events in the episode) (this opening sequence change is exclusive to this episode only)
  • The word wayside is flashing in polychromatic fashion at the end of the intro


  • From this episode, onward, Bebe talks more
  • this episode marks the 1st appearence of Edward Shapiro
  • this is the 1st time a student's last name is revealed
  • This storyline continues in Part 2

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