The Elementals is a Fantasy Action Drama Novel by Terry Doss and the first in the Meet Me Trilogy. It was published Little Black Books and released on August 14th 2005 in the United Kingdom, United States, Papa New Guinea, Moscow, Japan, China, Australia, Canada and Ireland. It has spawned a motion picture adaption starring Sir Ian McKellen, Daryl Sabara, Dakota Fanning and Ian MacShane and directed by Mike Newell. It was currently the New York Times #1 Bestseller of 2005.


Four Kids from Four different streets all on the night of a shared birthday but different age receive extraordinary abilities which grant them control over an element heavily related to sociopathic personality.

The First child Fernard Fire Finlayson of Fairview Flames Street who has an insatiable crush on his beautiful neighbour of the same age garners the ability to emanate flames from his hands and has a strange fiery bird rock up at his doorstep.

The second child Ingrid Ice of Igloo Avenue freezes her home and annoying control freak parents inside it as a large polar bear and ice white otter come smashing in.

The Third child Wendy Wendelin Waters rescues herself from four very mean bullying girl as a wave bursts from the ground and mops them up with ease.

What is left is a small fish almost suffocating.

The Fourth and Final Child Bruce Boulder of Ground Road saves his dad from a large rock that almost costs him imminent flattening.

The Four children are all then visited by a wizened man who recommends they visit this one shop in relation to their newfound abilities.

The Kids all unite at the shop titled Magic Cups and Tups where a crazy cynical shop propietor points them towards the amazing Mr. H the wizened man who sent them there in the first place.

The Propietor Man tells the amazing Mr. H will be coming very soon to this shop to collect these kids and take them on a journey they need to take.

However with a sonic blast and lot's of broken windows in enters man with a prickly black moustache and neck length black hair.

The man is stopped as he approaches the children by the now arrived Mr. H who following his defeat escorts the kids away.

The Kids are taken to his large Temple Mansion where he bgeins to train them for their upcoming battle with the man who had attacked him.

He reveals himself to be a Master one of four with the power to control all four elements of the earth.

The Two others of the four have been killed by the man they need to face who has the villainous name title of Mr. Niroy.

Mr. Niroy wishes to kill the children and take their abilities as they are the four strongest element possessors of their generation.

The Mansion is revealed to house over 689 Children who each possess an elemental power who will serve as their army for when the time comes.

For now though they must reclaim the Four Crystal Shards of Itor to vanquish the evil Master Mr. Niroy.

Mr. H sends the four powerful children off on a journey across the globe to retrieve the shards and leaves a certain training assitant behind to train the other young army member children.

The first stop is the heat parched village of Ilidine Spain where the children enter the fire temple after evading four dragon guardians, an evil priestess and Mr. Niroy's fire shadow.

In the fire temple pitted against the Ilidine monster the children succeed and acquire the first crystal shard.

Meanwhile back at Mr. H's Temple Mansion four young children students decide to go off on their own mission to find Mr. H on his journey.

The four children try many fantastical escape tactis to go off on their journey to find Mr. H.

Fernard, Ingrid, Wendy and Bruce however question that they need to keep using this powers they've been forced in life threatening situations which they shouldn't have to do.

The Four however soon press on with the convincing of the propietor of the shop who joins then on there journey.

The now group of five press onto Antartica where inside a large Glacier discover a palace of ice with a monstrous spider guarding it.

The five fend off against the queen and her carnivourous babies to obtain the second shard which after a run in with Mr. Niroy's pet Vulture is completed.

The Four Children back at Temple Mansion now finally succeed in escaping the school base and set forth in their journey which takes them down into a set of Manhattan Sewers overun by Body Snatchers.

They are eventually rescued as the Body Snatcher's close in by Mr. H.

Mr. H however declines them to accompany them on his journey but instead of sending them back to Temple Mansion orders them to meet up with the four other children who are on a journey of their own.

Bruce, Fernard, Ingrid, Wendy and the Nups shop occupant then head forth to Italy where in Water Sqaure they enter a Fountain leading into an aquatic cave.

The Cave holds many bizarre creatures including the Sound Seeker the Guardian of the third shard.

From there the shop occupant sacrifices himself to the beast so the four children can acquire the shard and escape the cave alive with it.

Following their escape back into Water Square they meet the four children set to align with by Mr. H

The Four determine from an Eyption Traveller friend of the occupant that the fourth and final location they must visit is the Mountain Mansion of Gulliby Mountain Peak.

The now eight children take on the wing of a captured dragon and arrive in Gulliby where following a night of attack of strange shadow creatures shrowded in mist sent by Mr. Niroy the begin their trek to the house.

Once inside they discover themselves to be in a huge temple beset with dead bodies and bones.

Ingrid eventually comes to the dungeons and finds of hundreds of imprisoned children.

The Children are revealed to be Elemental Children as well and all former students of Mr. Niroy who once was a teacher like his brother Mr. H

A Large Monster known as the Borak however enters the Dungeon and begins to search for Ingrid.

Ingrid finds the monster the monster to be blind but have superior scent which leads Ingrid to attempt to cloak her scent.

Meanwhile Bruce, Fernard and the other four children come to large battlefield area before they notice Wendy has disappeared.

They hear Mr. Niroy's voice and suddenly a large green shadow oversweeps the group.

Fernard gets to his feet to find Bruce and the other four children held in place by green shadowy beasts all with a strange shadow form opf weapon.

Mr. Niroy then enters and snaps his fingers revealing Wendy tied to a large sphere above which begins to generate a large blue energy stripping her off of her powers.

He snaps his finger again and a large blue picture shows Ingrid being attacked by the Borak Monster.

Mr. Niroy tells that he will have their four abilities in one again so he many be a Elemental Master again like his brother and not a mere puller of the shadow beast's strings.

He tells Fernard that either he will surrender and he will simply extract their powers and let them live or he will kill them and extract them anyway.

Fernard glances at the battlefield floor and then asks that they battlefield duel over the powers: Him, Bruce and the four children against him and his shadow creatures.

Mr. Niroy accepts and the shadow creatures release Bruce and the others.

The six run into battle against the shadow beasts and while the battle goes onf ro long after their many injuries they eventually take down the shadow creatures on the battlefield.

Fernard then attempts to take on Mr. Niroy himself and is eventually stroke down with Mr. Niroy's large green mist whip.

Mr. Niroy then tells Fernard how it would take a proper amry of powerful warriors to even think of taking him down.

Ingrid then emerges with the hundreds of imprisoned children.

Ingrid and the hundreds storm into battle and as Mr. Niroy's distracted Fernard attacks.

Bruce and the other's begin to run in at Mr. Niroy but are stopped as he conjures of over a thousand of his shadow creatures.

Fernard tells Bruce to go and get Wendy instead of attacking on the battlefield.

Bruce then attempts to release Wendy but the Borak Monster comes charging through the wall with large cuts over him.

Bruce after pulling Wendy off the sphere engage in battle with the Borak.

Meanwhile down below on the battlefield the four children and imprisoned children fight against the shadow creatures leaving Fernard and Ingrid to take on Mr. Niroy.

They deeply injure him and as they are about finish him the Borak Monster hving being killed by Bruce falls down upon Fernard holding him in place unconsious.

Ingrid comes to aid which buys enough time for Mr. Niroy to get back to his feet and approach to kill them.

However from behind him emerges Mr. H who strikes him and then engages in a short battle with him.

Mr. H kill finishes Mr. Niroy by forcing his green whip back at him and has all the imprisoned children gather around him to place their hands on him.

Their elemental powers surge through him and he explodes in flame, ice, water and rock.

The Shadow creatures are then swept away.

Mr H appraoches the Borak and pulls it off from Fernard who gets back to his feet and stumbles quickly into the arms of Ingrid.

Mr. H smiles and after congratulating them on their defeat they he wards them out as the temple bgeins to collapse.

Wendy and Bruce slide down with his power and joing the running hundreds.

Ingrid supporting the stumbling Fernard are the back of the fleeing group with Mr. H who guides them but instead nearly dont make it until Mr. H walks back and uses his power to hold the back the oncoming miswt.

Ingrid stumbles Fernard out of the cave as Mr. H lets go and lets the collapsing cave take him.

The group eventually gather back at Mr. H Temple Mansion School and hold a funeral for Mr. H.

There the female assistant he left to mind ofver the rest of the children at the school gives a saddening speech that he will live on.

Fernard, Ingrid, Wendy and Bruce then accompany the other four children to the Manhattan Central Station where they see them off as they reunite with their families of whom the children had told them before that they wanted to disown them as their children because of their freak abilities they had developed.

Fernard, Ingrid, Wendy and Bruce however return home to their families ande find them all to give them a long talk where they clarify that's not their fault they have these strange conditions but they will have to be checked.

The story ends with Fernard being invited to his neighbour crushes' house party where he spots Bruce, Wendy and Ingrid.

The four promise to stick with each other as best friends.

Ingrid then leads Fernard upstairs where she shows him an elemental colour marked envelope reading H's Academy Start.

She tells this one is for her and that they all have been mailed one.

The neighbour girl of whom Fernard had his crush on then emerges and asks if they would like to go someone where and talk.

He declines and then glances at Ingrid.

The two glance before starting a passionate kiss which seems to upset the neigbour girl.


  • Fernard Fire Finlayson- The Second Oldest Of The Four Children, Secret Lover Of Harriet Mortie The Neighbour, Later Lover Of Ingrid Ice, Possesses The Strongest Elemental Power Of Fire, Student Of H's Academy Of The Elements
  • Ingrid Ice- The Oldest Of The Four Children, Later Lover Of Fernard Fire Finlayson, Cold Caring Personality, Possesses The Strongest Elemental Power Of Ice, Student Of H's Academy Of The Elements
  • Mr. H- Principal Of H's Academy Of The Elements, Lives In The Temple Mansion in Manhattan, Elemental Master, Possesses All Four Elements, Brother Of Mr. Niroy, Brother Of Mrs. Lenya and Brother Of Mr. Linjiin, Element Representation Of Fire
  • Mr. Niroy- Main Antagonist Of The First Story, Lives In The Mountain Mansion Of Gulliby Mountain Peak, Brother Of Mr. H, Mrs. Lenya and Mr Linjiin, Former Elemental Master, Possessed All Four Elements, Element Representation Of Earth, Puppeteer Of The Shadow Beasts, Former Principal Of Mountain Mansion's Academy Of The Elements
  • Allison Thernard- Sister Of Theonard Thernard, One Of The Four Children who attempted to trail and accompany Mr. H on his journey, Student Of H's Academy Of The Elements, Possesses The Moderate Power Element Of Water
  • Theonard Thernard- Older Brother Of Allison Thernard, One Of The Four Children Who Attempted to trail and accompany Mr. H on his journey, Leader of the four children, Student Of H's Academy Of The Elements, Possesses The Moderate to almost high ability of Fire
  • Timothy Turner- Twin Brother of Jill Turner, One of the Four Children who attempted to accompany Mr. H n his journey, Student Of H's Academy Of The Elements, Possesses The Moderate Ability of Earth
  • Jill Turner- Twin Sister Of Timothy Turner, One of the Four Children who attempted to accompany Mr. H on his journey, Student Of H's Academy, Possesses The Moderate Ability Of Ice
  • Wendy Waters- The Youngest The Four Children, Former Hater Of The Others especially Bruce Boulder, Later Best Friend Of Bruce Boulder, Student Of H's Aacademy Of The Element. Possesses The Strongest of the Elemental Ability of Water
  • Bruce Boulder- The Third Oldest Of The Four Children, Former Hater of the Grooup Especially Wendy Waters, Later Best Friend Of Wendy Waters, Student Of H's Academy Of The Elements, Possesses the Strongest Elemental Ability Of Earth
  • Shadow Creatures- Green Misty Monsters in Many Forms all orchestrated by Mr. Niroy, They Live in the Mountain Mansion of Gulliby Mountain Peak
  • Illidine- Large Red Dragon who guards the first shard needed to weaken Master Niroy
  • Sound Seeker- Large Eel/Octopus Monster that can only see by sound and resides in the Water Cave beneath the Italy Water Square Fountain, Killer of the Shop Occupant, Guardian of the Third Shard needed to weaken Master Niroy
  • The Tresk- Large Queen Ice Spider, mother of millions, resides in the Antartic Glacier Cave Palace, Guardian Of The Second Shard needed to weaken Master Niroy
  • Borak- Monster Guard of the Imprisoned Former Students Of Master Niroy, Blind but scent seeking, Guardian of the last shard needed to weaken Master Niroy, Has devoured the last shard prior to the heroe's arrival under instruction of Master Niroy
  • Imprisoned Children- Former Students of Master Niroy and his Mountain Aacademy Of The Elements
  • Mr and Mrs. Finlayson- Parents Of Fernard Fire Finlayson, Quick to Believe everything bad that happens is because of Fernard and him being a troublemaker
  • Mr and Mrs. Ice- Parents of Ingrid Ice, Control Freak Parents always wishing to clean and clean
  • Mr and Mrs. Waters- Parents of Wendy Waters, Overprotective Parents
  • Mr and Mrs. Boulder: Parents Of Bruce Boulder, Overspoiling Parents
  • The Shop Occupant- The Magic Cups and Tups Shop Occupant, Friend of Mr. H, Former Prisoner Of Master Niroy, Former Student of Mountain Mansion's Academy Of Elements
  • Evelyn Gibbs- Neighbour Of The Finlayson Famnily on Fairveiw Fire, Daughter of Bankers Mr and Mrs. Gibbs, Secret Crush Of Fernard Fire, Spurned Relationship
  • Vulture: Pet of Master Niroy, Stalker Of Fernard Fire, Ingrid Ice, Wendy Waters and Bruce Boulder during their journey, First Revealed at the Antartic Glacier Cave Palace following The Tresk's demise, Flies overheard escaping the collapsing Mountain Mansion following Master Niroy's demise
  • Mr and Mrs. Gibbs: Parents Of Evelyn Gibbs, Bankers at Premium United, Neighbours Of The Finlayson


  1. The Neighbour
  2. The Problem
  3. The Bullies
  4. The Landslide
  5. Spying On The Neighbour
  6. Advance On The House
  7. Stand Up On The Bullies
  8. Back On The Rock
  9. Fire
  10. Ice
  11. Water
  12. Earth (And Or Rock)
  13. The Card That Came In The Mail (It Reads Meet Me)
  14. The Magic Cups and Tups Shop
  15. The Owner
  16. Broken Glass and Hopes
  17. Here Comes The Amazing, Splendifirous Mr. H
  18. Teleporation
  19. Mr. H's Academy
  20. School In Ruin
  21. Meet The Take-Over
  22. Your Personal Journey
  23. My Own Personal Journey
  24. Training
  25. Departing
  26. Watching Eyes
  27. Arrival In Spain
  28. Escape Tactic #1
  29. Escape Tactic #2
  30. Strange Citizens
  31. Escape Tactic #3
  32. Illidine
  33. Escape Tactic #4
  34. End Escape
  35. The Volcano Cross
  36. The Dragons In Tow
  37. The Big One
  38. The First Shard
  39. Camp
  40. The Final Escape Tactic
  41. The Fleet
  42. Dream Sweep
  43. Creatures On Board
  44. The Captain's Bewitching
  45. Abandon Ship
  46. Past The Patrolling Police
  47. Down Into The Sewers
  48. Arrival In Antartica
  49. Across The Breaking Field
  50. Attack Of The Body Snatchers
  51. The Cave
  52. The Palace
  53. Mr. H Intervenes
  54. The Spiders In Tow
  55. The Second Big One
  56. Vulture
  57. The Second Shard
  58. Breaking Bridge
  59. Back On The Boat
  60. Off The Streets
  61. A Task
  62. The Boat Get's Working Again
  63. The Watching Vulture
  64. Vulture's Eye
  65. The Occupant Tells The Third
  66. The Only Water In The Sqaure
  67. The Fountain
  68. Underwater
  69. Booking A Flight
  70. The Vulture Gives Word
  71. Another Guardian
  72. Seeking Sound
  73. The Third Shard
  74. Sacrifice
  75. The Egption Traveller
  76. Meeting In The Urn
  77. The Fourth Location
  78. The Other Four Unitment
  79. Going To Gulliby
  80. Sleep Again
  81. Trek
  82. Mountain Mansion
  83. Photographs
  84. The Temple
  85. Down In The Dungeons
  86. Imprisoned
  87. The Borak Beast
  88. Battlefield
  89. Fight And Fight
  90. The Sphere
  91. Re-Match
  92. Master Niroy's End
  93. The Swallowed Shard
  94. Collapsing In
  95. Another Sacrifice
  96. The End And A New Beginning
  97. At The Train Station
  98. The Long Way Home
  99. The Parent's Talk.s
  100. Enrollment and Ending Sealed With A Kiss

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