The Elementals And The Return is the second Meet Me Novel by Terry Doss, Published by Little Black Books and released on January 2nd 2006 in the United Kingdom, United States, Papa New Guinea, Japan, Australia, New Zealand and Moscow.


The Book begins with Allison Theonard at Mr. H's Academy early for the semester writing Fernard Fire to see what they've been up to, when they are arriving and what she, her brother and the two twins have been up to.

She informs on the day of arrival that there is a new principal a pompous man who only controls two elements.

She claims there is an annoying particular student desperatley trying to woo her, and her brother has taken fancy to her admirer's sister.

All in all she tells her start so far Mr. H's has been eventful but none more so then when she first started with them and accompanied them to the battle against Mr. Niroy Mr. H's brother.

She writes telling much of the school is starting to cope with Mr. H's death and the staff particularly seem to overtry at being optimistic with his passing.

She tells however in the final part of her letter to Fernard that she believes there is a strange shadowy man in the gardens of the Academy at night watching her at night.

She tells she has brought this up with Theo who simply dons her off with it's just her imaginary top-notch boyfriend watching her from afar.

The Last sentence of her letter reads: "I'm am Concerned."

The scene then tells of a man walking across the Garden pathway staring up Allison's window as she writes her letter.

The scene then goes to Fernard who along with Ingrid (his girlfriend), Bruce and Wendy set up a quarry cubby-house and have been warding off their new normal school's bullies The Quarry Gang.

Fernard is apparently marked for death as kneed the leader Thomas Heww in the genitals and Ingrid refused his advances.

Fernard eventually settles to casting fireballs at Thomas and his gang to scare him off.

At first Thomas had told two Paranormal Investigators who were in good with his father that a boy named Fernard Fiery Face Finlayson was a mutant freak who could catch fire.

The Investigators rocked up at the Finlayson House and began staking out the property for any sings of his amazing abilities, their noises also had upset the Gibbs Next Door of whom's daughter had refrained from talking to Fernard at all over the past few months working up till his start at Mr. H's.

Fernard, Ingrid, Bruce and Wendy wished to refrain from starting early like Allison, Theo, Tim and Jill did because of Mr. H being dead.

They took time in their grievances.

They are set to forced to start early as strange slugs of fire, ice, water and rock attack Bruce, Fernard, Ingrid and Wendy one night.

They are eventually brought to the school by the academy's new principle Mr. Beckerdinge to the school followuing attack where he setlles them in with a roomate in a room of the now fully finished Mr. H's Academy.

Ingrid ends up in the room with Allison, Wendy ends up with Jill and Bruce ends up bunking with Tim.

Fernard however ends up in the room with Allison's admirer and immediatley doesn't click into him.

The following morning they all are before starting their first training classes to meet with Mr. Beckerdinge in hos office.

There he tells Fernard, Ingrid, Bruce and Wendy that those slugs belong to Mrs. Lenya A Elemental Master from the West disowned sister of Mr. H, Mr. Niroy and Mr. Linjiin.

Fernard and the others argue that Mr. H told them last year that Mr. H told them that hsister and other brother were deaqd the only left Elemental Master was the one who lost his powers, the evil brother Niroy.

Mr. Beckerdinge informs them was what his personal journey last year was to go and finish his other evil siblings before they finshed you and didnt inform you to save you the trouble of facing them both.

Fernard asks to why they would have to face them both if the two were disowned from each other.

Mr. Beckerdinge says however they still work in a small alliance when it comes to power, saying that only together can they complete most of there swet out crusades.

He tells their latest as now confirmed by the attack that night is to extract your powers like Master Niroy had planned.

Fernard then asks to why he is addressed as Master isn't his name Mister?

Mr. Beckerdinge claims that back a long time ago when the degree of Elemental Education had first started there were four Masters who rose above all other's.

Because of their rise and power spot they were addressed as Masters by all others.

He tells Mr. H was among them but refrained from the group when he found them to be killing off the competition.

Mr. H was then disowned by the others and he immediatley disowned all three as well.

The second to follow was Niroy who tried to rise as leader of his other siblings Lenya and Dijiin but they spawned a mutiny and disowned him.

Niroy in the process also disowned them.

Eventually came the time when Lenya and Dijjin were forced to duke it out for the the ultimate power position but were two equally matched.

They instead and split the position and disowned each other as siblings.

Now the two left want the four strongest holders of the elemental powers to up the anty and claim the ultimate postion.

Each believes that with you four's powers they can outdo each other, considering they already possess a great number of power.

Over the course of year you'se will be trained and then set off for another journey where you will go to the East and West and take down the two.

But for now you must start your day with not grave news of dangerous taks you must complete in time but rather lessons to expand your minds and muscles so set forth.

Fernard, Bruce, Ingrid and Wendy then exit the Mr. Beckerdinge's office and meet up with the other four outside the office.

They seem shaken and find their first lesson to involve the training of athletics in power, an obstacle course taught by the teacher Mrs. Dodd, Their second to Channelling Power and Defense by Teacher Mr. Sinclair, Liquids And Weapons by Teacher Mr. Toading and an extremely secretive Stealth lesson by a teacher named Mrs. Q.

The eight engage in painful lessons throughout the day up until night where all apart from Allison sneak out to find the principal Mr. Beckerdinge and find more that they want to know.

Allison alone in her room catches glimpse of the strange watching shadowy figure.

The other seven find Mr. Beckerdinge and ask them to Mr. H's History and finally the given date to when their training classes would be complete and when they would be able to go on the journey to stop the other two Masters.

Before Mr. Beckerdinge can reply to the final enquiry a scream is heard from outside.

The seven and Mr. Beckerdinge run outside and find Allison's necklace on the ground.

The following Morning Mr. Beckerdinge announces to the school including Fernard and the group that Allison Thgeonard is missing and anyone who may have seen, heard of know anything to her disappearence are to come forward at the marked times to my office only and that because of her disappearence several guards.. of sorts will be called in to watch the school at night, patrol the gardens and corridors of every floor.

A student at the front raises his hand to enquire to what the guards are when suddenly large bird headed man walk in Eyption clothing with golden swords.

They Bow to the students and principal leaving Mr. Beckerdinge to gigle with delight.

Fernard and the others continue on with their classes accompanied by watching guards and then one night and are attacked by a tornado concealing a large ice-grove ccreature which breaks apart Fernard, Ingrid, Wendy, Bruce and the other's floor.

Mr. Beckerdinge is abducted by the creature and the group then set off on their journey to the west and east to eliminate the last two masters of the elements, and reclaim H Academy's Principal.

The group of seven before their outset eventually stumble upon a secret cave in the Aacademy's Garden where they discover Mr. H under disguise to still be alive and be with Allison.

He tells he was hoping they would have already found the cave and been able to set off before together on a journey to destroy Mrs. Lenya and Dijiin.

The group however are tagged along by Timothy's girlfriend and her brother with the undying love for Allison on their journey.

They first come to the West and fail to destroy as her they almost made part of her wet bodies collection.

They eventually after venture to past the Peruvian Border by Elephant Flies where they cut off the pursuit of Lenya's Ice Fliers.

They then come to the West after a mix-up in the Contitental Element Travel Agency and face off against the monster holding Mr. Beckerdinge.

They save him unaware that they've got Mr. Dijiing under Beckerdinge's form who is actually with Lenya.

Mr. Dijjing attempts to kill the group as they hit the Ice Factory but he is betrayed and stabbed in the ehart by Lenya with her Ice Knife.

Mr. Dijjing then freezes to a ice sculpture like statye and Lenya engages in a final battle with Fernard, Mr. H, Ingrid, Wendy, Bruce, Allison, Theo, Tim and Jill.

The group overcome her with the four disciples of Claradence they have taken to help them (one being from the Element Travel Agency).

She breaks apart at her barrier and the group escapes apart from the Disciples who stay behind to ward off the damage.

The group escape on their elemental pets from the first one which arrived at their doors at the same time as the message that lead to to Magic Cups and Tups Shop and to Mr. H

The Story ends Fernard showing off his flames and the others their abilities to the Paranormal Invesitgators still scailing his house causing them to flee in panic and be forced to revert their story humiliating Thomas's father and him making him the new bully victim of his gang.


  • Fernard Fire Finlayson
  • Ingrid Ice
  • Wendy Waters
  • Bruce Boulder
  • Mr. H
  • Mrs. Lenya
  • Mr. Dijiin
  • Caritos- The First Disciple From England
  • Flamboyo- The Second Disciple From Beijiing China
  • Totorro- The Third Disciple From Conneticut, America
  • Julio- The Fourth and Final Disciple From Italy
  • Armar Beckerdinge
  • Thomas Heww
  • Arthur Heww
  • Detective Kate Tierne
  • Detective Mark Moss
  • Allison Theonard
  • Theo Theonard
  • Timothy Turner
  • Jillian Turner
  • Mr and Mrs. Gibbs
  • Mr and Mrs. Finlayson
  • Evelyn Gibbs

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