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An awesome RTS.

The Epic War
Developer(s) Sektor17
Platform(s) Windows (XP, Vista, 7), Macintosh
Release Date TBD
Genre(s) RTS
Rating(s) ESRB: T


This game is about a war between 4 factions: Humans, Machines, Aliens and Demons. They must battle for control of Earth.



Assault - Weapon: M4 Carbine

Skill: Grenade Throw

Health: 100

Officer - Weapon: Sniper Rifle

Skill: Airstrike

Health: 80

Ninja - Weapon: Katana

Skill: Shuriken Barrage

Health: 50

Tech Marine - Weapon: Tesla Gun

Skill: Turret Deploy

Health: 110

Guerilla - Weapon: AK-47

Skill: Damage Boost

Health: 125


Military Droid - Weapon: Laser Lancer

Skill: Mini Hover-Droid Deploy

Health: 100

Mech Droid - Weapon: Minigun

Skill: Orbital Strike

Health: 150

Hover-Droid - Weapon: Mounted SMGs

Skill: Plasma Shots

Health: 60

Med-Bot - Weapon: Life Drain/Restore Beam

Skill: Leech Health

Health: 80

Flamer - Weapon: Flamethrower

Skill: Flare Grenade

Health: 120


Hunter - Weapon: Spike Launcher

Skill: Cloaking Device

Health: 100

Xenomorph - Weapon: Claws

Skill: Super Speed

Health: 50

Alien Trooper - Weapon: Acid Launcher

Skill: Meteor Blast

Health: 125

Spore Drone - Weapon: Explosive Spore Gun

Skill: Parasite Swarm

Health: 80

Alien Commander - Weapon: Shock Cannon

Skill: Spore Grenade

Health: 150


Demon Soldier - Weapon: M14

Skill: Black Magic

Health: 100

Demon Knight - Weapon: Battle Axe

Skill: Soul Shield

Health: 120

Soul Eater - Weapon: Shadow Beam

Skill: Invisibility

Health: 65

Venom Soldier - Weapon: MP-40

Skill: Venom Grenade

Health: 85

Reaper - Weapon: Scythe

Skill: Summon Souls

Health: 110



  • APC
  • Tank
  • Gunner Helicopter


  • Heavy Mech
  • Droid Gunner Truck
  • Hovercraft


  • Scarab Monster
  • Spore Tank
  • Alien Ship


  • Shadow Truck
  • WWI Tank
  • Shadow Glider

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