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1. Part 1 is a story about a boy who have to find the 3 Eternals, to fight the evil Magnabomb. On his way he is tried to be stopped by several henchmen.

2. Part 2 this part begins with the knowledge that Magnabomb is under controle of Kingsblade. They fight Kingsblade and win.

3. Part 3 50 years since Kingsblade is beaten. Mysterious men (The Captain, and Killer) are looking for the secret ingredients to revive Kingsblade and his master Demonico.

4. Part 4 Again 30 years as past because The Eternals are locked away again by Kingsblade and Demonico, but they are brought back by The Knights, old friends of The Great Eternal...




  • Drake/Dragonman (hero of the story)/(eternal of all living creatures)
  • Solara (eternal of space)
  • Zed (eternal of indimension)
  • The Great Eternal (Head of all eternals)

The New Mutants


First Evil, later good

Evil (Ranked Order)

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