The Evil Dead is a 2012 upcoming horror film that is a remake of the original 1981 film. the film stars: Matt Barr as Ash, Zac Efron as Scotty, Emma Stone as Linda, Paris Bennett as Kendra, Tequan Richmond as Jared, Lizzy Caplin as Cheryl, Mila Kunis as Shelly, and Erik Knudsen as Cody.


8 friends - Ash, Scotty, Linda, Kendra, Jared, Cheryl, Shelly, and Cody - head to the Tennessee hills for spring break. They stay at Jared's summer home, a log cabin by the forest. When they get there, they all go skinny dipping in a pond by the hills. Shelly wanders off with Kendra and Cheryl and they discover a neat cave in the hills. Jared and Scotty follow them and scare them, but the five members explore away. 

Later, the group finds a tape recorder in the basement. The tape has a chant that, unknowingly, unleashes demons into the area. Cheryl gets into a fight with Linda, and Cheryl runs off. In the woods, Cheryl is attacked and raped by demonically possessed trees, but escapes. She flees, but the bridge connecting the cabin's area to the rest of the world collapses as she crosses, causing her to fall 300 feet to her death into the river below. 

Cheryl's missing goes highly unnoticed by the rest of the group, until her corpse, possessed by a demon, bursts through a window and stabs Jared in the leg with a pencil Shelly dropped. She then goes after everyone else, but Scotty locks her in the cellar. Everyone decides to get in the car and drive away. In the car, Jared, the second person possessed, attacks everyone and eats some of Shelly's hair, but everyone abandons the vehicle, locks Jared inside, and burns the car. Kendra runs away, but Cheryl, having escaped the cellar, viciously kills her by gouging her eyes. 

Back at the cabin, Linda gets possessed and attacks Shelly. Although Shelly is horribly wounded, she dismembers Linda with an axe. Shelly relaxes for a minute, only for possessed Kendra to break down the door and hack Shelly in the face with a shovel, killing her. A demon possesses Shelly and the two possessed women go outside and attack Scotty, Cody, and Ash. Cody is killed by having his head ripped open by Shelly, but Ash runs her over with a lawn mower, and Scotty disembowls Kendra with a meat cleaver.

Ash and Scotty run back to the cabin and get tools to find and kill Cheryl, but she comes in the cabin and impales Scotty on a dagger, killing him. Ash shoots Cheryl in the face, and seemingly kills her, but Scotty returns, possessed by a demon, and him and Cheryl fight Ash. Ash escapes them and is chased outside by the two all across the woods. They eventually have a long, epic battle in the cave. The tape recorder appears in the cave, slowly rotting, as are Cheryl and Scotty, and Ash realizes how to end the madness. He takes it and pours acid all over it. It melts, and so do Cheryl and Scotty. Ash then leaves the cave and walks through the woods and sunlight as the end credits appear.

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