The Evil Dead is a 2012 remake of the original 1981 film of the same name. It is directed Sam Raimi and is produced by Bruce & Ivan Campbell. It stars Rutina Wesley, Arlen Escarpeta, Sean Farris, Danielle Panabaker, Kay Panabaker, Chris Zylka, Alyssa Diaz and Chad Michael Murray.


Ashlee Campbell and her 7 friends rent a cabin for the weekend. When Scotty finds a book and plays it ack on a recorder., strange things begin to happen, wich put Ashlee, Scotty and their freinds in danger.


The eight kids arrive at the cabin, and start to explore. They go swimming, and Shelly wanders off and finds a hidden cave. It appears to go on for miles. The kids go back to the cabin and Scotty finds a book and reads from it. Suddenly, the lights go off and it starts to rain. Chelsea finds to her horror it's raining blood, and in fear runs off. She starts to run across the bridge, but falls through into the water.

The group is worried about her when they hear a knock. It's Chelsea, who is possesed. She takes a huge bite out of Timothy's face, and starts to fight the others. They lock Chelsea in the basement, and help Timothy. Shelly starts to go crazy. Ashlee, Scotty, LLoyd and Timothy get in the car, but Chelsea escapes and throws a molotov at the car. Timothy is burnt alive, and Lloyd fights Chelsea, and beats her face in with a rock.

The final six panic, and Lloyd says he's going to try to hike out of there. He leave, and he thinks he's being followed. Chelsea's possesed corpse grabs him and gouges his eye with a branch, killing him. Ashlee, Robert and Scotty go in the basement to look for weapons. Ashlee grabs a chainsaw, Scotty  grabs a machete, and Robert  takes a hammer. Upstairs, Shelly thinks Linda is possesed and slits her throat. The other three see this, but Shelly runs out into the woods. The three chase her, but Chelsea's corpse grabs Shelly and rips out her spine.

The three run to the cave and are seperated. Chelsea grabs Robert, and hits him over the head with the hammer repeatedly. Chelsea's corpse is cut in half by Scotty, but he gets possesed. Ashlee cuts off his arm with the chainsaw. the arm grabs her and she stomps on it. Her arm is slashed by the machete. She decapitates Scotty and flees into the cave, as demons howl...


  • Rutina Wesley as Ashlee "Ash" Campbell
  • Chris Zylka as Scott "Scotty" Landry
  • Arlen Escarpeta as Llyod Johnson
  • Danielle Panabaker as Linda Simmons
  • Kay Panabaker as Shelly Simmons
  • Sean Farris as Robert Leonard
  • Alyssa Diaz as Chelsea Jones
  • Chad Micheal Murray as Timothy Matthews


Chelsea- Drowns in river

Timothy- Burnt alive in car

Lloyd- Eye gouged by possesed Chelsea

Possessed Lloyd- impaled on dagger by Robert

Linda - killed in bedroom by possessed Timothy

Possessed Linda- Throat slashed by Shelly

Shelly-Spine ripped out by possesed Chelsea

Possessed Timothy - dismembered with axe by Robert

Robert-Head beat in by possesed Chelsea

Possesed Chelsea-Chopped in half by Scotty 

Scotty-Killed off screen by demons

Possesed Scotty- decapitated by Ashlee


Ashlee is the only survivour.

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