The Exes Return is an story featuring the friends characters.All the gang's exes return into the lives one at an time,And it is clear that something is going to happen in Ross and Rachel's wedding.

One The Dress and an old friend or two

Rachel,Phoebe and Monica were in 'The Perfect Wedding Dress' store and were looking at some dresses.'Do you think i should wear this'?Rachel asked as she picked up one.'Yes,I think it looks great',Phoebe cried out which startled Rachel and Monica a bit.'I don't know,I think this one' Monica ahd always had to have stuff her way.'No,That is not perfect like the shop says.The shop never lies',Phoebe said in an creepy voice at the last sentance.

'Would everyone shut up.I just asked for an wedding dress,Not the biggest gold in the world',Rachel had said to her friends.Anyway,I am picking this-',But befour she could continue,Someone interupted them.

'Hey,Is that Rachel,Monica and Phoebe.I'm Charlie.Ross's ex girlfriend',Charlie had said matter of factly.'Oh yeah.You were Ross's partner or something.Nice to meet you',Rachel had said politely and she shook hands with Charlie.

'So who is the lucky one?',Asked Charlie.'Ross,What are you doing her?',Asked Rachel.It was as if it was an quiz,Thought Phoebe as she looked at Charlie.Something was wrong with her.She could feel it.

'Oh,I'm meant to look for an dress for my best friend,Um,Janice Litman',And that was what hit them all.Janice was divorced again,And now was marrying someother poor soul.'Oh yeah,Chandler's ex girlfriend',Monica cried out.Phoebe could tell that she was thinking what she was.Something was wrong.She could feel it.

Two Surprise

Phoebe dropped Rachel off and then she drove to her and Mike's place.The girls and Charlie had spent the whole day together.But Charlie had seemed to know what happened to the others after she dumped Ross,And might include Joey too.

She parked her grandmother's car and decided to go to Ursula's.She had quickly went into the kitchen and wrote an note to tell Mike where she was.She drove to Ursula's and again parked her car.

Phoebe knocked on the door.After an few minutes,Ursula answered with another man behind her.'Oh my god,Paolo',Phoebe cried out in shock.'I'm sorry.Goodbye',And with that Ursula went back inside.

Things were to suspicious now.First there was Charlie.The mention of Janice and then Paolo.Things were gettint weirder and weirder by the second.Phoebe went in the elevator while woman went inside too.

Then she felt like bricks were falling on her.That was Mona.'Hey.Um i'm Mona.Your Phoebe right.I'm Ross's exgirlfriend',She cried out happy.Phoebe just ignored her and hoped to god she would get out of there.When the doors opened,Phoebe ran out and dropped her hangbag.Mona looked down and smiled.She lifted up the hangbag and continued on with her buisness.

Three Oh My God

Chandler walked on in the streets.Monica was not home,So he decided to go with the twins to Ross's apartment.He had stopped to get drinks for the two screaming babies and now they were sleaping.

Chandler saw that going through the alleyway on the left will be quicker to get to Ross's.He then smelled something that was horrible.Jack had started to cry at the smell and Chandler looked behind the bin to see what was the smell.

Chandler then collapsed and was sick all over the ground of what he saw.An bloody mangled body layed there and from what Chandler could tell,It was Janice.Chandler ran away with the twins and he was running to Ross's.

Meanwhile,Ross was feeding Emma.'Dadda',Emma mumbled.'Emma,You said my name.You are an smart little girl-',But Ross was cut off when Chandler bursted in with the twins.'Janice,Body,Alley',Were the only words Ross could understand.

Half an Hour later,The police surrounded the neighborhood.Ross and Chandler learned that she was killed the night befour.Chandler and Ross said their goodbyes after questioning and they left to tell their fiances and wifes.

Four What Happened

Phoebe ran away from the building.She had just met Mona.Something was wrong.Dead wrong.She ran in the alley as she could tell Ross lived nearby.She then bumped into Janice.'Oh my god,Get away from me',Screamed Phoebe and she pushed her away.

'What are you doing',Janice screamed out and started to make an big annoying cry.'I'm sorry',And Phoebe helped her up.Befour she could explain,She saw someone behind Janice.Phoebe fell down and screamed.

Janice turned around and was stabbed in the chest.Phoebe ran away to her car.She had to get away.She turned around and saw the man who killed Janice walking up to her.It was David,Her ex boyfriend.

'David',Phoebe screamed as David smashed the window and grabbed onto her hair.Phoebe felt like David was in complete control of her.Phoebe started kicking the other door.Phoebe managed to bite on David's finger and she crawled to the other door.

Phoebe then screamed out in horror when she learned it was locked.Phoebe smashed the car window with the help of her feet.She crawled through it while David slowly walked up to her.Phoebe ran away and was running to Ursula's.She did not care if Ursula and her hated each other.

Phoebe banged on her door and then suddenly felt something dread all over her,Paolo was in there.When Paolo opened the door,He dragged her in and strangled her.Befour she was knocked out,She saw the corpse of Ursula.

Five Monica and Rachel's surprise

Rachel and Monica were chatting in Joey's house.He was in an audition so he let them have it so Rachel can try her wedding dress.She looked at the mirror and smiled.She was beautiful and then the door knocked.

'I will get it',Monica cried out in happiness and opened the door.Monica fell down into the ground of what she saw.Paul the wine guy and Tag were there.Tag grabbed on Monica and grabbed an knife.He held it in her neck.

Rachel looked around and saw Paul walking up to her.Rachel quickly ran to her old room and locked the door.Rachel then ran up to the window and hoped to god that she saw the 'morniing's here guy'.

To her relief,He was there.Rachel opened the door and screamed at the guy.He opened the w

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