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The Exorcist is a 2017 Horror-Religious-Drama film that will be a remake to the 1973 film of the same name. The film will have a different family, a different possesed child and will be set in a different time zone and setting. Much of the plot and conflict will be similar to The Conjuring 1 & 2, Dark Skies and the original The Exorcist that came out in 1973. The film stars Jessica Chastain, Patrick Wilson, Mackenzie Foy, Griffin Gluck, August Maturo, Bonnie Morgan, Javier Botet, Anthony Hopkins, Idris Elba, Kate Beckinsale, Christian Bale, McKenna Grace and Colin Firth.


Lynn Palmer is excited because her and her family are moving to London, England to start a new life with new cultures, new schools and new friends. Lynn has 3 children and her youngest one, Jesse is mildly autistic and always keeps a close eye on him, especially when they are in London. The Palmer family soon move into a house in nice quiet luxorious neighborhood where they befriend another British family who live next door to them and they warn them that no one has bought the house for years which made Lynn get a little suspicious. From the first night they got their, Jesse started doing weird things like talking in corners, sleepwalking, burning crucifixes and he keeps on saying he sees ghosts and demons. Everyday, Lynn would feel like their is something wrong with Jesse and later she starts noticing really frightening things like Jesse starts to have nightmares and illusions, he started to grow ill, his skin turns bony, they find a devil symbol carved in Jesse's chest, he is able to contort certain parts of his body and a carving hidden in the wall that says Jesse is Mine which was in demonic writing according to a priest. Things get really strange and creepier when her and her family feel like that they are being stalked by a demon in the form of a sinister nun who is out to kill the Palmer family. Lynn gets help from a local priest who says that her son is possessed by an evil demon.


Jessica Chastain as Lynn Palmer - She is the wife of Henry Palmer and the mother of Haley, Greg and Jesse Palmer. Lynn is a multi-cultured, sophisticated young woman who had a childhood dream to have a life of adventure with her family. Lynn works a full time job as a lawyer and she cares and nurtures her family, especially her youngest son Jesse. Lynn is really overprotective with Jesse and makes sure he doesn't get hurt, kidnapped or bullied because Jesse was born with autism and she thinks autistic children are very rare and need to be the most protected. She has a wonderful sense of humor and lives a middle class lifestyle with her family. Lynn lives in a quiet city in Ohio where her entire family grew up in. During Spring Break of 2017, Lynn and her family move to London, England, United Kingdom where se wants to start to new life for her family, mainly Jesse and thinks London will be better, fresher, and much safer place. The Palmer family moves into a nice quiet suburb and neighborhood. Henry, Haley and Jesse attend a private school in the center of London called St. Mary's Catholic Academy which is a luxorious high-level catholic school in London that is only for Catholic students that are American or British and for students ages 3 to 14 years old. All students at the school must have a navy blue book bag with the school's symbol on it and all students must where a uniform every day with black shoes with white knee socks or black knee socks. The buses at the Catholic school are white charter bus with black windows and the school's symbol on the side of the buses. The boys gym uniforms at the school are a blue and white T-shirt with white Nike shoes and blue shorts and the girls gym uniform at the school is a blue and white T-shirt with white Nike shoes a blue gym skort. The family befriend a family next door called the Morgan family and they soon become really good friends. As soon as the two families become good friends, the Morgan's tell the Palmer's to be careful in the house because the house hasn't been rented for over 60 years because the last owner of the house died mysteriously. Lynn thought they were trying to scare her so she didn't believe. The first night they stayed in the house, Lynn noticed Jesse talking in a demonic language the corner and Jesse sayed he was just saying his prayers but Lynn got suspicious. The next morning during breakfast and the kid's first day of school, Lynn noticed Jesse coloring a picture of Jesse and a demonic entity holding hands and he called it "The Man in My Room". Every night, Lynn and her family would find Jesse sleepwalking, puking, drawing pictures of demons and talking into the corners. One morning, Lynn realized that Jesse was severaly ill and that his temperature was 125 degrees. Jesse's body was so skinny that she could see all his bones, his drawings of The man were covering the walls, finding Jesse burning a pile crucifixes, windows and ceiling of his bedroom and a message was carved into Jesse's bedroom wall and the message says Jesse is Mine in a demonic writing according to a local priest named Father Samuel Collins. Then the Palmer family knew something was wrong when she found a Satan marking carved on Jesse's chest. The family then started having visions of a nun with sinister pale skin amd an upside down cross necklace that they think is the one that is causing Jesse to act strange. Lynn had an illusion of the nun in Jesse's bedroom embracing and comforting Jesse as if he was the nun's own child but she convinced herself that she was seeing things. The family asked several doctors what is wrong with his son but they won't explain what it is. The family's last hope was a priest to come over to their house and investiagate what is wrong with their son. A priest named, Father Samuels investigates Jesse's problem and he tells them that Jesse is possessed by an ancient demon, Razdul. The only thing the family has left to do is pray to Jesus Christ and God to see if they can stop the madness that has controlled their son.

Patrick Wilson as Henry Palmer - He is the husband of Lynn Palmer and the father of Haley, Greg, and Jesse Palmer. Henry is a fatherly, kind and nurturing middle aged man who has a strong connection to the Bible, peace and God as his mother was a faithful Irish-American Catholic woman and his father was an American Catholic man and Henry wants to raise his family to have a strong belief in God knowing that God will always be there for them in hard conflicts and Henry doesn't believe in anything bad like terrorism, Satan, atheism, and chaos as he prays to God that world peace will sometime happen in the future. Now he lives a middle class life with his wife, Lynn and his children, Haley, Greg, and Jesse. Every Sunday, him and his family go to church. Henry and his family say there prayers before every meal to show that they support their religious beliefs in Catholicism. He also tells his kids to say prayers before bed in order for them to go to heaven. Henry is protective with his children, mainly Jesse due to his autism. Henry worked as a job as a pediatrician in Ohio but as soon as him and his family moved to Lodnon, he got a new job as a local gourmet Chinese restaraunt in London where he is one of the chefs. Henry and his family befriends another next door to their new house called the Morgan's who warn them to becareful when they stay in their new house but Henry thought they were just being creepy. One night, Henry and Lynn saw Jesse in the backyard burning a pile crucifixes and Holy Bibles he asked him why he did and Jesse responded back by saying The Dark Angel told him to and Henry asked who is the man your room but Jesse never described the man or what the man looks like. From that point on, Jesse has been acting stranger then usual like turning crucifixes on the wall upside down, drawing pictures of demons, puking, not eating his food and talking in the corner every night. The family hires a priest named Father Samuel Collins to see what is wrong with him and he says that Jesse is possessed by a demon known as Razdul. All the family had left to do was pray to God for guidance.

Mackenzie Foy as Haley Palmer - She is the only daughter of Lynn and Henry Palmer and the sister of Greg and Jesse Palmer. Haley is a kind, good-hearted girl who lives a middle class lifestyle with her parents and brothers and is a very popular student at her school in Ohio but she unfortunately has to gain popularity when her and her family move to London. Haley is interested things like Pokémon GO, texting with her friends, and hanging out at the mall with her friends as she is a stereotypical teenage girl. Haley gets along with her brothers and whenever her parents are out on a date or running some errands, she is told to take care of and babysit Jesse and makes sure he doesn't get out of her sight because his autism makes him think differently. When Haley and her family moves to London, England, her and her brothers go to a local private international school in the center of London called St. Mary's Catholic Academy where Haley wears a white button up long sleeved collared shirt, a plaid blue skirt, white knee socks, a black tie and a blue sweater vest. Haley and her family befriend another family next door to their new house, the Morgan's who warn them to be careful as long as they stay in the house and they though they were trying to scare them. One night, Haley and Greg finds her younger brother, Jesse puking all over the floors and furniture and ripping out pages from The Bible and Haley asked what was wrong and he sayed that the Dark Angel told him to.

Griffin Gluck as Greg Palmer - He is the oldest child and son of Lynn and Henry Palmer and the brother of Haley and Jesse Palmer. Greg is a self-described dare devil and athlete as he is interested in sports, violent movies and video games and hip hop music. Greg is also occasionally a rebellious kind of pre-teen but sometimes he shows remorse for his mistakes and wrongful behavior and he always stays loyal to his friends and family. Greg seems to have a close relationship with his younger brother, Jesse and seems to be over-protective over him. Greg vowed that he'd even "take a bullet" for Jesse in order to protect him because he feels people will leave him rejected on the count of his autism. Greg's favorite interests are playing baseball, travel ball, and hanging out with his friends and siblings. Greg has a close relationship with his father, Henry as they always parlayed catch and kickball together. When him and his family move to London, England, him and his siblings attend a private international school called St. Mary's Catholic Academy where Greg wears a blue sweater vest, white button up collared shirt, black tie, gray dress pants and a black tie. Greg and his family befriend a family next door to their new home, the Morgan's who warn them to be careful as long as their in the house but they thought they were trying to scare them. One night, Haley and Greg find Jesse puking all over the floors and furniture while tearing pages from The Bible and they ask what's wrong with him and Jesse says "the man in my room" told him to.

August Maturo as Jesse Palmer - He is the youngest son of Lynn and Henry Palmer and the brother of Haley and Greg Palmer. Jesse is a quiet innocent young boy who is over-protected by his family because he was born with autism. His family would do anything to make him not see how dangerous the outside world by babying and spoiling him. Jesse carries a rabbit doll he calls Mr. Tickles which helps him fall asleep. Jesse attends a school for special education children where he learns math, science, history, reading and spelling in a different way then normal kids. His parents won't let him even play with the other neighborhood children as they worry they might be a bad influence. On Spring Break of 2017, him and his family move to London, England and his mother, Lynn thinks that London will have a safe environment for him. Jesse attends a private international school with his siblings St. Mary's Catholic Academy where Jesse wears a white button up long short sleeved collared shirt, navy blue pants, white socks, navy blue long sleeved sweater and a black tie. Jesse and his family befriend a family next door to their new house, the Morgan's who warn them to be careful as long as they stay in their new house. During the family's stay at their new home, they start seeing Jesse speaking in a demonic language in the corners of his bedroom but he says he's just praying. The next morning, Lynn finds Jesse drawing pictures of him and a demonic entity in a nun suit holding hands and Jesse killing his parents and siblings. Jesse then starts puking every night and they don't know why. Things start getting more weird when they find Jesse in the backyard burning a pile of Bibles and crucifixes and Jesse said that the Dark Angel told him to but they think he's seeing things. Every day at breakfast, lunch and dinner, Jesse would refuse to eat his food. One day, Jesse's family finds Jesse laying in his bed so slender that they could see all his bones, his eyes looked blood red, his skin started to turn grayish and they found a Satan marking carved on his chest. The strangest things were all his pictures of demons and murdering his family were covering the walls and ceiling of his bedroom and Lynn found a carving in the wall saying Jesse is Mine in demonic writing according to a priest named Father Samuel Collins. That's when the family realize that something is wrong with Jesse when they see a demonic nun with an upside down cross necklace haunting the family and trying to scare them out of the house so the demon can take Jesse away. The family hires several doctors but they don't know what's wrong with him. The family hires a priest called Father Samuel Collins who says that Jesse is possessed by a demon named Razdul. The only thing the family has left to do is pray for guidance on how to stop the demon from destroying their son but what Razdul truly is doing is protecting him and he wants can become Jesse's new father, manifest him into a demon and bring him to hell where he will forever be his adoptive father. While Razdul shows aggression, violence and death with most of his victims, Jesse is the only victim that Razdul shows protection and comfort.

Bonnie Morgan as Razdul/The Lord of Darkness/Demon Nun - Razdul is a large sinister black dragon and a male demonic spirit from hell and a shapeshifting demon that terrorizes and haunts the Palmer family, mainly Jesse. Ever since the 1600s their have been demons and entities terrorizing across Western Europe. The demons have been possessing innocent people mainly young children and sending them to Hell where they will severely suffer for eternity. Razdul is the mastermind behind the exorcisms and disappearances in the United Kingdom. Razdul has possessed and haunted many local family's in London for over 100 years and executed them to Hell where he killed and tortured them. Whoever Razdul executed to Hell, nobody ever uttered their name or even mentioned them again as they were banished from ever existing in the human world. Razdul's true form is a huge overgrown demonic male black dragon that is known as the Lord of The Darkness and one of the most powerful demons in all of the underworld. Razdul captures it's victims by taking the form of a demonic female nun with sinister pale, wrinkly skin, an upside down cross necklace, razor sharp teeth, razor sharp finger nails and blood red eyes so it can capture innocent people before possessing them and sending them to Hell where they will suffer for eternity. Razdul's nun form bears a strong resemblance to Valak from The Conjuring 2. Razdul can also occasionally take the form of a tall gray slender wraith like creature that strongly resembles Tristana Medeiros from the Spanish horror film, Rec. In London 1953, a young religious man lived in a house in a quiet neighborhood in London where he has very strong religion. Soon Razdul possessed the man's body making the man grow severely ill and the man hardly ate anything at all. The man was later sent to suffer in Hell, the man he disappeared he was never seen or heard from again and locals say that the man's ghost haunts the house but it's really Razdul lurking in the house. A year later after the man's death, a local British Caucasian man moved into the same house with his 2 kids and pregnant wife and soon Razdul possessed the family and terrorized the family before executing them to Hell where he killed them all and they were never seen or mentioned again. 64 years later after both the incidents, a local American family, the Palmer's moves to London into the same house where the disappeared man lived and the family befriend a family next door, the Morgans who warn them about staying in the house because they know about the disappearance of the man and their have been rumors that the ghost of the disappeared man haunts the house but it's really Razdul who haunts the house but the family and the Palmers think they were fooling around and trying to scare them. Razdul then takes control of the youngest member of the family, Jesse Palmer who is mildly autistic and will do whatever Razdul says. Razdul made Jesse do what ever he commands in nun form like speaking in demonic languages and burning piles of bibles and crucifixes. Unlike most of his victims, Razdul is acts as a surrogate father towards Jesse and wants to protect, nurtur and care for Jesse and lure him into the firey bowels of hell and transform Jesse into a demonic spirit and then become Jesse's new father and Razdul will destroy or even kill anyone who tries to get in his way or stop him from doing it. Razdul has made Jesse speak in corners in demonic languages, made him draw pictures of him and Razdul holding hands and pictures of murdering his family, made Jesse severely ill and made Jesse puke over walls and furniture and carved a Satan symbol into Jesse's chest. Lynn has even had an illusion of Razdul in his nun form, embracing and comforting Jesse while Jesse was in bed. Razdul carved a message in the wall saying Jesse is Mine and has been terrorizing and harming the Palmer family. Razdul made Jesse skinny and starved that his bones could be seen and Jesse's eyes turned blood red from Razdul possessing his body. The family hires several doctors but they don't know what's wrong with Jesse. The family finally hire a priest called Father Samuel Collins who says Jesse is possessed. The priest performs an exorcism on Jesse and all the family could do was pray for guidance from God hoping that Jesse will make it and be saved.

Javier Botet as Razdul/Lord of Darkness/The Hooded Wraith - The Wriath creature is one of Razdul's forms/manifestations that he uses to lure Jesse into his trap to and possess him before sending him to Hell. Razdul occasionally takes this form when he's terrorizing those that he possessed. One night, Lynn and Henry had an illusion of Jesse balled up and staring into a corner as he talks to a tall slender figure which was Razdul but once they turned on the lights there was nothing there in the corner with Jesse, Jesse called him "the man in my room" and never gave any description on what the man looked like. The wraith is either just one of Razdul's demonic forms or is a manifestation of one of Razdul's previous victims. Razdul can also take the form of a huge dark cloud of fog whenever he is in his wraith form inorder for him to escape through the walls. Razdul's first appearence of showing affection and comfort for Jesse was when he was in his wraith form while possessing Jesse's body. The Wraith wears a long dark hooded cloak, has long dark bony fingers with long sharp finger nails, wears an upside down cross necklace, and has a demonic facial appearence which is hidden under his cloak. Razdul also has mind control powers over Jesse commanding Jesse to do whatever he tells him to which caused him to be possessed.

Anthony Hopkins as Father Samuel Collins - He is a local priest at a Catholic Church in London. Samuel is a religious, fatherly and serious 60 year old man who takes everything he does seriously and is known as a "man of God". Samuel runs a Catholic Church in London where he is the priest. Whenever he feels like he is watched by Satan, he prays to God and reads versus from the Bible to condemn the demons back to Hell. Samuel has a kind loving side for children, because he also reads Bible stories and sings songs about the lord, Jesus Christ to children at catholic schools and Sunday schools. Samuel has performed many exorcisms on people who feel like they are possessed by demons and is described a "miracle worker" for performing many exorcisms and succeeding. He helps the Palmer family when their son, Jesse grows severly ill and Samuel says that he is possessed by a paranormal demonic entity named Razdul and he performs an excorcism on Jesse to stop the demon from killing him. On occasions, he starts charities for the less fortunate and for people with severe diseases like Ebola, AIDS, Zika Virus and people with different types of cancers.

Idris Elba as Detective Robert Stevens - He is a detective and cop in Scotland Yard who interviews the Palmer family after their son, Jesse gets possessed by a demon named Razdul. Robert has become a detective and interviewed many victims of massacres, rape, assault or kidnap ever since he was 23 years old. Robert works at a local police station in London called Scotland Yard where he interviews his victims. Robert stops any from crime he sees and turns the criminals into the police. Detective Stevens is described a "man in uniform" because he is a hard working, strong minded man who gets the job done. Whenever Robert is off work, he goes to a bar or a resaraunt orders roast beef with mashed potatoes and watches the Britian Football game on TV. An American family that moved to London, the Palmers gets interviewed by Detective Roberts after their automatic son Jesse gets possessed by a demon and so the family turn to Robert to talk about all the things Jesse has went and suffered through.

Kate Beckinsale as Victoria "Vicky" Morgan - She is the new neighbor of the Palmer family, the wife of Andrew Modgan and the mother of Lisa Morgan. Victoria is a beautiful, elegant young woman who grew up in London her whole life with her family and has a lovely British accent. Vicky has very strict, elegant manners and wants to keep her house and her family clean at all times but sometimes she can have fun side. Vicky lives in a quiet suburban neighborhood in London, England where she is a stay-at-home mom, her husband works at a business office and her daughter attends school at London's British-American Catholic School. Vicky and her family befriend an nice American family, the Palmer's who soon grows a strong friendship with the Morgan's. Vicky and her family warn them to be careful as long as they stay in the house because they know about the rumors that the house the Palmer's now live in is haunted by demons and spirits from the underworld.

Christian Bale as Andrew Morgan - He is the new neighbor of the Palmer family, the husband of Victoira Morgan and the father of Lisa Morgan. Andrew is a strong, intelligent, loyalty man that has lived in and grew up in Liverpool, England his childhood and by the time he was 18, he left Liverpool to attend college at London where he met Victoria and married her. Andrew and Victoria later moved into a house in a quiet suburb and neighborhood where they had a daughter named Lisa Morgan. Andrew soon got a job working at business office while his wife worked around the house and his daughter attended school at London's British-American Catholic School. Andrew and her family soon befriend a nice American family, the Palmer's who soon grows a strong friendship with the Morgan's. Andrew and he family warn the family to be careful as long as they stay in the house because they know about the rumors that the Palmer's now live in is haunted by demons and spirits from the underworld.

McKenna Grace as Lisa Morgan - She is the daughter of Andrew and Victoria Palmer, the new neighbor of the Palmer family and the best friend of Jesse Palmer. Lisa is a quiet, kind British girl who has lived in a small suburban neighbrohood in London where she grew up as an only child with her parents where she attends school at Lodon's Catholic Academy where she wears a white button up collared shirt, navy blue long sleeved sweater vest, black tie and white knee socks. Lisa has an interest in animals like dogs, cats, bears and sea creatures and she wants to a veterinarian when she grows up so she can study all about animals. Lisa and her family befriend a nice American family, the Palmer's who soon grow a strong friendship with the Morgan's. Lisa and her family warn the family to be careful as long as they stay in the house because they know that the house the Palmer's now live in is haunted by demons and spirits from the underworld. Lisa grows a strong friendship with Jesse Palmer who is the youngest in the Palmer family and they sokn become they best of friends as they eat lunch together and have several classes together at school and on occasions they walk or take the bus home from school. She always has Jesse's back whenever he is in trouble acting as a surrogate sister to him. Lisa and Jesse have math class, forgein language class, and reading class together.

Colin Firth as Officer Holland - He is a police officer at Scotland Yard and a close friend of Det. Steven's. Officer Holland is a middle aged British man that has worked as a police officer in London's Scotland Yard police departemnt for the past 20 years and has fought and solved several crimes in England and wants to London a safe city. Officer Holland and Det. Stevens are partners at the police departemnt and they always have eachothers backs when they are needed acting as surrogate brothers towards each other and they help each other fight crime and interview the victims so they can get some information about what happened. Officer Holland and Det. Steven's interview the Palmer family after their son, Jesse Palmer gets possessed by a demon named Razdul. Det. Stevens and Officer Holland ask each member of the family information about what happened and how it all started all about how Jesse was possessed. In a few years, Officer Holland has a plan to retire from Scotland Yard so he can spend more time with his friends and loved ones.

Regina King as Principal Sharon Parker - She is the principal of St. Mary's Catholic Academy and a local American woman that lived in London her whole life. As a kid, Sharon didn't feel like she'd fit in with her classmates because she was an American and she grew up in London for most of her life and she moved to London from New York City where her entire family lives by the time she was 3-years-old. Over the years, Sharon got used to living in England and considered her self one of them. Sharon graduated from college and then got a job as a principal at a high-level private school in London called St. Mary's Catholic Academy and a lot of her students respected her and though she was a nice, calm principal. Wherever Sharon needs to go, she goes by foot and has no problem walking to where ever she needs to go. She befriends another American family called Palmer family where their children, Greg, Jesse and Haley will attend her school from now on. Sharon is very multi-cultured and has an interest in adventuring different countries like India, Ireland, Mexico and Sweden whenever her students are on summer vacation.


Detective Robert Stevens - As Det. Stevens, Father Collins and the Palmer made their way inside Jesse's room, they saw Jesse balled in a corner muttering noises and speaking in tongues as he is sobbing in his pajamas. Det. Stevens and Father Collins slowly walk up to Jesse and Det. Stevens reaches his hand out to put his hand on Jesse's shoulder but then Jesse lifts his head which is gray and ashy and his eyes are a dark red. The demonic Jesse grabs Det. Stevens arm and throws him across the room slamming his head, hard onto the wall. Father Collins then grabs a crucifix and points it at Jesse and reads a verse from The Bible to weaken the powers of Razdul. The Palmer family tried to escape but the demonic Jesse uses telekinetic powers to close the door before they could run. The demonic Jesse then makes the crucifix Father Collins is holding burst into flames and then Father Collins throws the crucifix onto the floor as the demonic Jesse crawls up slowly to him with blood oozing from his mouth, contorting his body and with razor sharp teeth about to kill them. Det. Stevens slowly crawls up to the burning crucifix and burns off the flames. He then saw Jesse trying to kill Father Collins so he aimed the crucifix at Jesse which made him hiss in a sinister voice. Jesse then used telekinetic powers to make all the windows in the bedroom break and used the telekinetic powers to throw several chunks of glass into Det. Stevens stomach and chest. Then Fatehr Collins threw holy water onto the possessed Jesse which caused a huge shockwave and so Lynn grabbed Jesse who was unconscious and the family and Father Collins ran down the stairs trying to escape but Razdul used his powers to ceil the doors and windows shut.

Father Samuel Collins - As the family watched Razdul was slowly crawl down the stairs in the form of a wraith, the Palmer family and Father Collins were down the stairs and Father Collins continues to read Bible versus in order to exorcise the demon and mare it leave Jesse alone. Then, the slender figure crawls even quicker to the bottom of the stairs and corners the Palmer family and Father Collins prepared to eat and kill them. Lynn grabbed a picture of a crucified Jesus off the wall and aimed it at the demon as Henry protected Jesse and so Lynn weaken Razdul's powers. The demon sends and transports to the family and Father Collins to Hell where they are completely surronded by fire and magma. Lynn and her family then saw Jesse turned to normal and looking into the sky and she ran up to Jesse trying to save him but then a huge black dragon with red eyes flew down which was Razdul in his true form and kept Jesse away from Lynn and the dragon roared really loud as it gaurded and comforted Jesse away from his family. The dragon's loud roar caused a shockwave which made the family and Father Collins fly to the ground. Father Collins looked everywhere for his bible because the wind and fire were blocking his eyesight and then he found the Bible and tried to condemn Razdul back to Hell. He slightly opened his eyes and continued to read the Bible verse as hard wind made it difficult for him to move. The dragon then lookede down at Father Collins and used it's powers to kill Father Collins. As Razdul was using his powers against Father Collins, Father Collins skin was starting to severely burn from Razdul's powers and then Father Collins turned into bones and dust. He was screaming in fear as he was growing weaker as his body was turning bony. He then fully turned into dust leaving nothing but his cross necklace. The wind then blew away Father Collins dusty remains.

Jesse Palmer - After watching Father Collins get killed, Lynn and her family noticed the dragon hypnotized Jesse and commanded him to follow him into the open portal to Hell. Jesse slowly walked and followed the dragon. Lynn, Henry, Greg and Haley tried to stop Jesse from going and called out his name but Jesse kept walking closer to the open portal. Lynn sobbing in fear yelled out "Come Back, Jesse" and "Come Back" several times as the dragon put Jesse in a trance and lured Jessse into Hell where Razdul became his new father. The family scream in fear as they watched Jesse entering the fiery bowls of Hell and Razdul who was the dragon was now Jesse's adoptive father. When Jesse was no where to be seen, a huge flash of a bright light emerged from the sky causing an earthquake to happen and the ground started cracking open as the light grew bigger and bigger by the second. The family tried to run but then the light fully bursted across the entire earth. The family ducked their heads into the grass as the light was sucking in everything it saw. The light then fully sucked in Lynn, Henry, Haley and Greg and they all screamed in fear as the light sucked them in and sent them through a vortex. The vortex went completely dark and then everyone woke up in their beds thinking it was all a nightmare. They went to check on Jesse in his bedroom but the room where his bedroom was in was completely empty. Lynn calls her mother to know where Jesse is but she said that she never had a third child named Jesse. The family soon realize that all of Jesse's drawings are gone, all his toys are gone and the rest of his stuff is gone. Greg then shows his family one of their family photographs and the photo was just him, Lynn, Haley and Henry but Jesse is not in the photo. They all soon find out that Jesse was banished from existence on the Earth and only exists in the underworld of Hell and Razdul is now Jesse's adoptive father.

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