A sequel to the recently released film The Expendables.


A former cop named Bartholomew Harrison is killed by a group of gang members in South Los Angeles leading his fried, a former Expendable,to hire the current Expendables to take out the men behind it, and stop the rise of power by Mario Garcia, a powerful crime lord in Los Angeles, who is attempting to bring together all of the street gangs under his banner. When the Expendables get involved he hires a group called the Indestructibles to combat them.



  • Dwayne Johnson as Cale Anderson: A soldier returning home from a tour of duty in Iraq who is recommended to join the Expendables by General Howard Cage.
  • John Cena as Tucker Mason: A friend of Cale, who also is directed towards the Expendables by Howard Cage.


  • Jean-Claude Van Damme as Nicolas van Reeth: A former expendable that was left behind on a mission, and has since become bitter and now leads his own group of mercenaries, the Indestructibles.
  • Wesley Snipes as Marcus: A member of van Reeth's team who is an expert at sword and knife combat.
  • Danny Trejo as Lobo: A former drug cartel enforcer in Mexico until he joined van Reeth's team.
  • Jackie Chan as Ming: A martial arts master in the Indestructibles.
  • Dalip Singh as Ox: A former championship wrestler in India until he was recruited by van Reeth to join his team.
  • Milla Jovovich as Viper: A former CIA assassin who was recruited to join the Indestructibles.


  • Armand Assante as Mario Garcia: A powerful crime lord in Los Angeles who is seeking to take control over all of the Street gangs and is faced with the Expendables, being forced to hire the Indestructibles.
  • Sandra Bullock as Helen Harrison: The daughter of ex-cop Bartholomew Harrison who is murdered by members of one of the Los Angeles street gangs, leading her to try and figure out who did it. She is an LA cop. She eventually joins forces with the Expendables.
  • Mel Gibson as Harvey Thompson: An LA cop, and the partner/love interest of Helen.
  • Danny Glover as Martin Anderson: Cale Anderson's father who lives in a dangerous LA neighborhood.
  • Robert Patrick as Benjamin Grant: A police captain under the payrole of Mario Garcia.
  • Harrison Ford as Anthony Wayne: A former Expendable and old friend of Bartholomew Harrison. He hires the current Expendables to take down Mario Garcia.
  • Clint Eastwood as Bartholomew Harrison: An ex-cop who dies when trying to stop a group of gang members from attacking a young couple. After his death his daughter Helen tries to find the ones who did it, and his friend Anthony Wayne hires the current Expendables to take down Mario Garcia.
  • Chuck Norris as Howard Cage: A former Expendable, decorated general, and old friend of Ross who directs two soldiers returning from a tour of duty to him to join the Expendables. He has a very outrageous reputation, being said to have done things considered impossible, which he jokes about.

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