Harry Potter. Lily survived that halloween night. Years later, and Harry is starting his first year. However, because of Love, the canon universe year changes.


Harry Evans was not an normal boy. Not an normal boy at all. In fact, he was an wizard, but to the muggles, he had an active imaganation.

To the wizards, he was an hero. To his mother, he was her only hope of living. When Harry was only one, Lord Voldermort, the most evil wizard alive, killed his father and attacked them both.

Lily was pushed down the stairs, and Voldermort tried to kill Harry. Lily heard crying, and ran upstairs, not daring to hope.

That night, she was shocked when she found out Peter Pettigrew, their friend, tried to frame Siruis Black, their other friend, for killing them.

However, thanks to Lily, she told the Ministy of Magic and Peter escaped the dementors. He was found the next day, and was sentanced an life sentance of Azkaban.

Lily and Harry now live with Remus Lupin and his wife Tonks. Tonks was heavily pregnant, and Harry was to be made Godfather.

Lily and Petunia now get on, although the only one who disaproves is Vernon. When Dudley started to show signs of magic, Vernon divorced Petunia.

Petunia lives next door with Dudley and Siruis, who started to date her after Vernon divorced her. She couldn't be more happy.

Harry's best friend is Ronald Weasley, as Lily is friends with Molly and Arthur, Ron's parents. The Weasley family is an big one.

The eldest is Bill, then Charlie, Percy, Fred and George, who are twins, Ron and their only daughter Ginny. Lily and Molly are hoping for the two to fall in love.

Lily is living the perfect life, as James would want for her to. James. Lily wished she could have died instead of James. Things would be better instead of living an false life.

Lily looked outside. She saw Harry, Ron and Ginny trying to get rid off all the gnomes. Lily sighed. Another day was passed.

The TrainEdit

"Bye Mum, Padfoot and Moony", Harry told Lily, Siruis and Lupin. "Bye, Little Prongs", Siruis said to Harry. Harry was called this after James had died.

Harry was going to Hogwarts. He was excited, along with Ron. The two were starting their first year. Lily was close to tears.

"Can i keep him another year", she asked Lupin as the train drove off and Harry disapeared. "He had to go at some point", he whispered back.

Harry sat in the compartment along with Ron and the twins. The twins walked away to find an boy named Lee and his spider. Ron hated spiders.

Just then, an boy with blonde hair apeared in. "Is it true that Harry Potter was in the train. Oh yes", he pointed at Harry's scar.

"What do you want", Ron asked. "Look who is talking. Red hair. Poor as butter", the boy mocked. Ron was about to stand up, but Harry managed to make him sit.

"Lisiten, maybe you can sit with us", the boy asked. "No", Harry said as the boy offered his hand. "Fine", the boy and his goons stormed off.

"Must be an malfoy", Ron muttered. Haryr nodded. The Malfoy Family were one of the eldest and richest poor blood family you could get.

They seemed to drool for power and once tried to sue Lily for walking an dog, as an dog is not an wizard pet. However, they wasted Court's time and they were sued themselves.

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