Unofficial sequel to M. Night Shyamalon's Unbreakable, The Fragile revolves around a seventeen year-old Evan Richards Anderson in his junior year at high-school, struggling to make it in a World all against him.

Plot Synopsis Edit

The film opens in August. Evan has just been beat up, we see several men leaving and we see him with a black eye and a broken nose. His mother attempts to sue in court, but she is highly broke, and cannot compete with the mens' rich fathers. Evan goes home. On his way home he discover his grandfather was hit by a car and is dying. Evan goes home to find out he has been banned on another website, another case of a mysterious man named 'The Butcher' corrupting members to his will. Evan has done everything he can to find out who this man is, but every attempt hits a dead end. Upon searching, he his written an email. Evan opens it to find it from The Butcher himself, The Butcher introduces himself as Mike Butcher and says he knows about Evan's bad luck. He offers to help him at a price, when Evan asks, Butcher simply says he will reveal all when Evan meets him at the destination, Hopkinsville Kentucky. Evan, having his driver's license suspended, manages to get a bus there and meets Butcher who is wearing a leather jacket and sunglasses. Butcher tells Evan about a plot he has been drawing up to get a secret object from the United States Government, a ring which he believes grants eternal luck. Evan thinks he is crazy, and tries to run, but is grabbed by Butcher's friend, Jeremy Rifkin, and Butcher asks him to stay, and just atleast listen to what he has been saying, and that he has been ignored is whole life, and that he, Evan must know what it feels like. Evan submits, and Butcher drives him to his house. Butcher shows Evan pictures of the american presidents and shows that they are all wearing the same ring. Butcher has the most recent photo of the ring being worn by the warden of a maximum security prison, Gray Bogart. Evan remembers how his grandfather was dying on his way from the court. Perhaps this ring could save his life. He asks what Butcher has in mind.

The Butcher says he knows of someone who knows the location of The Ring. They go to his house and find documents about the prison, and they become trapped when the resident begins looking for them. Butcher offers to distract while Evan escapes and goes for help. He escapes and hears commotion inside. After getting home he calls Butcher and tells him it was a mistake, and that he shouldn't have come along. Butcher asks him if he has visions or premonitions. The truth is Evan does. Butcher then tells him that heroes walk the Earth, and that he and Evan are both destined to become heroes, once they acquire the ring. Evan hangs up and goes to bed, the next morning he is contacted by his friend, Jack, who tells him that a friend of his, Rose, has tried to commit suicide. He goes to her house and finds that she had slit her wrists. He scolds her and she says nobody likes her and that her life is a living hell.

She explains how her mom was hurt by her father, and that they are always too busy hurting each other to care about her, they weren't even home when she did it. Evan offers to allow Rose to stay with him and his Mom. When they get home, Evan introduces her and tells his Mom about how she has been being treated by her parents. His Mom understands. The next morning, he finds that The Butcher has been spamming his Email account again, telling him how Heroes are not made, they are born, and that he always has been. He gives him two options: Help him get The Ring, or be a winy little child and decide against it. He ignores it and the next day he finds out that a nearby Prison has been destroyed, nobody survived. Evan catches a bus there and Rose and Jack decide to tag along.

He arrives and sees a burnt piece of newspaper with the words, "Scum of the World" on it and beneath "deserved to die". Evan knew who had done this. He tries to tell his Mom but she won't listen, so he calls the police and directs them to Butcher's house, only to arrive to find it empty, he had moved out. When he gets home, he is contacted by The Butcher who tells him he has the Ring and that he knows Evan went looking for him. He tell him that because Evan is no Hero, he will never be great, he will remain a failure and he is doomed to lead a hollow life. He tries to convince Rose and Jack to come with him, but Rose tells him to let it go, that the Ring is a lie, and that he would be no better than Mike if he went looking for him. Evan submits and the next day he finds that his house is on fire, he manages to drag an unconscious Rose out but his Mother is killed in the flames. He then learns that his grandfather had passed away.

Evan decides to go looking for Mike Butcher, saying he is tired of leading a hollow life full of misery and woe, and that he is tired of living. Evan travels to Kentucky to find Mike beating up passerby, Evan tells him to stop and to come with him. Mike refuses and Evan sees the ring on his finger. Mike then leaps onto the top of a building and Evan goes after him on the fire escape. He arrives to see Mike with a bomb. He says the building is being used to funnel illegal drug corporations, and that he, Mike, will be the hero. Evan tells Mike that the explosion will destroy the entire block and kill hundreds of innocents, Mike ignores him and Evan tries to stop him but Butcher is too strong, he overpowers Evan and knocks him out.

Evan wakes up in the hospital, to find Jack and Rose at his side. Rose tell Evan that the Police are still searching for who caused the explosion in Hopkinsville, telling him that the explosion destroyed a city block and killed hundreds of people. Evan's face expression becomes blank, and he simply says he is giving up hope, that there is no justice in the world, and that they should all just give up. Rose helps Evan out of the Hospital bed and outside. She tells him that Evan can stop him, that he can stop Mike and get the ring, that he is the real hero. Evan says how could he be a hero, he is not strong, not fast, not invulnerable. She says that a Hero is not made from strength, speed, and invulnerbility, he is made from love, from compassion, and care for others, the drive to succeed, and Evan had all of those. Jack hears this and tells Evan not to do it, and that he could die. Evan says he will go after Butcher.

He watches the news in a local diner to hear for the next site of an explosion, there had been bombs going off all over the country. Then he hears it, a bomb, gone off, in Knoxville Tennessee. He travels there and is too late as the bomb goes off. He gets out and runs away to the small house where he grew up. He tells Rose over the phone that he failed again, and that he is not a Hero. She says otherwise. She says the time is not now, and that he will save lives, even if it is just one. She says that he has a chance in this world, and that she does not. Evan tells her how much more he means to him than anyone else, and that he will put himself before anyone else. The next day, when he gets home, Evan finds out that Rose is being held hostage by a mysterious man. He finds out that it is none other than Micheal Butcher. Evan then remembers his Mother's gun that she kept in the closet. He pulls it out and points it at Butcher, who has a knife to Rose's throat.

Jack arrives to see Evan pointing the gun at him and tells him not to do it. Evan says, that if he hurts Rose, in any way, he will fire. The Butcher tells him that he must comply, because there is no way he can ire before he slits her throat. Evan hesitates and lowers the gun. He tells her to please put her down, and that he is no hero, and that he cannot stop him, he just asks that he please leave his friends alone. The Butcher replies with the fact that he killed his mother, and he can kill the rest of his friends if he stands in his way again. Evan drops the gun and The Butcher leaves. Rose tells him to get the gun, and shoot him before he kills more people. Evan realizes, that if he does not stop Butcher, he will kill and kill and kill without end, and that he is the only one that can stop him. Jack tries to stop him but Rose hits him with the frying pan. Evan runs out of the back door with his gun to see Butcher sprinting across the field, running, trying to escape. Evan yells after him and he turns around. Evan runs after him and goes up to him, and tells him to please stop. Butcher replies, saying that he cannot, the world of no faith is a world of no hope, man is corrupt, and that he will make god realized, and to do so the evil must be cleansed. Evan then replies, saying that then he must be cleansed. Evan fires a round into his leg. Butcher falls to one knee, and tells him he cannot kill him, he does not have what it takes, Evan then fires into his stomach. Then Butcher smiles, and says, 'You, would dare raise your blade to me?' Evan then replies, 'No, I am just here to rid the world of evil.' Evan then fires a round into Butcher's head, killing him.

Evan finds out that Rose has been attempting to commit suicide again. He finds her on the roof of the water tower at the park, and she says she is going to jump. He asks her why and she says that her mother and father were killed and nobody appreciates her, not even Evan, he says that he does appreciate her and that she is the best friend he ever had. Before Evan can begin ascending he is tackled by Jack, who tells him that he is trying to protect Evan, and that he cannot toy with other's lives. Evan then says that she is going to die if he does not save her. Jack then says, 'You leave me no choice.' Jack picks up a wooden plank and Evan goes for the gun but it falls into the reservoir and is washed away. Jack hits Evan over and over again with it and Evan tries to get up but is hit again. Rose then says there is no worth living, nothing to live for. She stand over the reservoir, about to jump when Evan kicks Jack and begins to ascend. Evan gets almost to the top when he is attacked by Jack from below. Jack says he won't let him do this. Evan then kicks Jack in the face and he falls into the reservoir and is washed away. Evan manages to get to the top and grab Rose's hand before she falls in. He says, 'No, I am a hero, and I have saved you.' He pulls her up and in the newspaper he is congratulated for saving her from her fall. He was a hero after all. She says that among heroes, there is always a leader, usually one without as powerful of powers as the others, but possesses the power of love and friendship that brings us together.

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