The Frosty Cliff
Universe Super Smash Bros.
Appears in
Playable Character(s) Ice Climbers, Luigi, Jade Wong, Mario, Kirby, Mega Man, Master Chief
Home stage to None
Availability Rise of an Unleashed Army only

The Frosty Cliff is the sixth stage in Rise of an Unleashed Army for Super Smash Bros. Smash Wars. The level starts off showing a cutscene showing two unknown people wearing snowsuits running from Demons through snow, switching through various different camera angles, taking care not to show the faces of the runners. A little ways later, the runners stop at a cliff, also covered in snow, followed by a third unknown runner wearing green overalls. Demon swarm the cliff, trapping the runners. At this time, the camera zooms out to reveal the runners as the Ice Climbers and Luigi. They seem doomed, until the Demons suddenly freeze in place, even those in the air stay still. Another Smasher walks onto the cliff, a heroine with the power to control time; Jade Wong.

After supposedly telling them a plan, she unfreezes the Demons, most of who die because of lack of heat. The Ice Climbers and Luigi then proceed to fight off the remaining Demons, at the same time protecting Jade while she creates a signal that she is sure the Demons will see. Her plan is to attract Demons so that they can wipe most of them out right here. Her plan works, and more Demons come after her. At the same time, Mario, Kirby, Mega Man, and Master Chief, having since gotten this far from Midair Stadium, See the Signal and believe that whoever made it is in danger from the Demons they can see closing in. But in fact, it's quite the opposite.

Kirby lands the Dream star nearby, and after Jade clues them in, they all team up, devastating the Demons as they keep coming. Eventually, the Demons stop coming, and the Smasher take this chance to escape. Kirby leaves once again on his Dream Star, taking everyone except Jade, who wanted to stay behind and look for any clues of of the Demon's reasons for attacking, and Master Chief, who offers to help and, if needed, protect Jade. Afterwards, Jade finds something on one of the Demons, but she hears a stuggle behind her. She turns around and sees that Master Chief is missing. While she's looking around for him, A lightsaber is suddenly put to her throat. . . .

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