The Geller's Secret is an Friends fanfiction. Ross Geller falls in love with Monica Jones, but what they don't know is that they are siblings. Tragic as Monica becomes party girl and then has an nervous break down.

One Meeting Ross

Monica and Rachel walked down the street, looking for their parents. "Anyway, I found out that Sophie is having an affair in that new soap opera. You know, 'Marble street'", Rachel explained as they continued.

"Who with", Monica asked. "Troy", Rachel replyed. "Mom, Dad", Monica shouted when she saw Jack and Linda standing in the bus stop.

"So, How was things with aunt Linda", Linda asked. Monica was the elder sister of three children of Jack and Linda. It was Monica, Joey and Rachel. Joey and Rachel were twins.

"Fine", They both said. "Lets get in the car", Jack proudly said. Jack had bought an new car and was proud to show off with it.

Rachel and Monica got in the back and they drove off. After half an hour, They got out of the car and walked into the house.

"Where's Joey", Monica asked Jack. "He is staying with his pals", Was all he said. Monica ran up the stairs to do her homework.

Meanwhile, Ross Geller was in his house looking out at the window. He and his mom, Judy had just moved in the neighborhood a day ago. His father had died when he was only one, says Judy.

Ross got out of the house and walked his dog, Sugar. Sugar was a choclate labrador and was his best friend. When walked the dog, He saw an girl sitting down in the grass.

"Who are you", He asked. "Me, I'm Monica Jones", Monica smiled as she got up. "I'm Ross Geller", The two of them smiled at each other.

"So, Is it okay if i see you in Monday, At eight", He asked. "Sure", Monica smiled as she walked back into her house.

Two Rachel and Monica Gossip

"I'm going on an date", Monica happily told Rachel. "Who with", Rachel smiled as she put her book down. "Ross Geller, He just moved in across the street".

"Is Mom and Dad okay about this", Rachel asked. "What they don't know, can't hurt them", Monica smirked as she walked to her bed. She and Rachel shared a room.

"I heard Mom telling Dad something last night", Rachel said as she got inside her bed. "What", Monica asked as she grabbed her hairbrush and started to brush her hair.

"Mom's pregnant", Rachel said. Monica turned around. "Realy", Was all she said. Linda had been devastated when she lost another set of twins just after Rachel and Joey were born.

"She says she is keeping it an secret so her pregnancy will go well", Rachel smiled as Monica got into her own bed. "Wow", Was all Monica could say.

Meanwhile, Ross looked downstairs and saw Judy, His Mom, going in her bedroom with two men. Ross slowly crept down the stairs and looked into the bedroom.

Judy was no doubt having an threesome. Ross then crept back upstairs and grabbed the knife in the drawer. He rolled up his sleve, and started to slit his wrists. Ross knew it was wrong but he also was turned on whenever he done this.

Three The Date

Monica moaned as she sat in her chair, waiting for the bell. She and her friend Phoebe Buffay were in sixth period, Maths. The most boring subject ever.

Just then the bell rang and they were dismissed. "So tell me about your date", Phoebe asked Monica. "I'm waiting for him at eight, in the beach", was all Monica said.

"Oh well, tell me if you get lucky", and with that Phoebe skipped away when she saw her friend Jane.

Later on and it was eight o'clock. Rachel helped Monica sneak out and now she was waiting on Ross to come. Just then, she saw him coming.

"Hey", they both said and they gave a quick kiss on the lips. "So, What do you want to do", Ross asked. "Ice cream", Monica suggested. "Okay".

They got their ice cream and started talking. They both felt an weird connection as they talked. "Can you feel that", Monica said.

"Yeah, i guess cupid wants us to be together", and befour they knew it they were making out. Befour she knew it, She and Ross lost their virginity.

"That was amazing", Monica said. "Another making out date", Ross smiled at Monica. Monica kissed him and said goodbye. She ran back to her house and managed to sneak in.

Four Two Weeks

Monica and Ross were never apart during school. They decided not to tell their parents since what they had done in the beech.

Rachel and Phoebe noticed this and Phoebe accidently told Joey. "Why are you going out with him, you big slut", He shouted at Moning during their lunch break.

"Fuck you, i know you sleap with Phoebe and Emily", Monica shouted at him. "How did you know about that", Joey was raging. "Oh, Emily and Phoebe", Monica smirked.

Joey relised they were even and apolagised. Rachel commented that she was the only not horny sibling out of the three of them.

"Seriously, It's like i will grow up alone and you's will have millions of kids", She said during one night. It was eventualy two weeks since Monica and Ross's date.

Monica woke up at four and was sick. Rachel and Linda helped her and Monica finaly got to sleap at five. She got to skip school and got an text from Rachel.

Ross got in an fight with your enemy, Brian and Ross is in hospital. Monica quickly throw the phone away and backed away. Something was not right about this. She was feeling physicaly sick ever since the beech incident.

Five Ross and Monica's Date From Hell

It was now an month and Ross and Monica relised they were in an serious relationship. It was time to tell the parents. Judy Geller first.

Judy downed an bottle of vodka when she saw Ross and Monica walk in. "Who are you", Judy asked. "She's my girlfriend", Ross simply said.

Judy then looked at Monica's face and then let out an tear. "Monica, my darling", was all she said and she ran up to Monica.

"What", Ross was shocked. "My daughter a-", but then she gasped when she recounted Ross's words earlier. "Daughter", Ross and Monica said in unison.

Befour she knew it, Monica vomited on the floor and dashed out of the house. She quickly ran to her house and opened the door.

She saw Jack and Linda kissing and they turned around and saw her. "Hello", Jack smiled. "Is Ross Geller my brother. Is Judy Geller my mother", Monica roared at Jack.

"Yes but how did you find out", Jack said. "I don't care about that, me and Ross fucked", Monica bursted out crying and collapsed.

Just then, Judy and Ross ran in and they saw Monica. "Ross", Jack said. He let out two tears because of Ross there and what Monica had just said.

"If's you want the truth, i must tell the truth", Jack looked away. Linda was going to divorce him. Monica was going to disown him. Rachel and Joey will never forgive him. His new baby will never see his face. Ross will never want to see him again.

Six Truth

Monica ran into the living room along with Linda. Monica sobbed the place down as the other three followed. "I fucked my own sister", Ross was sick. Meanwhile, Rachel continued to lisiten from upstairs.

"I was married to Judy. We had a set of twins. I faked my death and raised Monica. That was when i met Linda. I got her pregnant with Rachel and Joey so we got married".

"Why did you fake your death", Judy asked in horror. "Because, i couldn't raise twins", was all he said. "But you raise Rachel, Joey and Monica", Linda shouted.

Monica then put her hand in her mouth and felt disgusted. "I'm pregnant with Ross's child", Monica sobbed. They all looked at her in shock.

"When did you find out", Jack shouted at her face while Linda tried to stop him. "Last week you bastard", Monica looked up at Ross. "I've ruined our lives", She said.

"No, these did", He pointed at Jack and Judy. "And i saw you with those two men", He shouted at Judy. "Well shout at me more because one of them got me pregnant", Judy fell down.

Jack relised his world just shattered right there. His ex wife, Pregnant. His soon to be ex wife, Pregnant. His daughter, Pregnant with his lost's son's baby.

Seven Miscarriage

Next time. Linda suffers an miscarriage, and is told she could die, while Monica runs away but runs into Phoebe and the two have an heart to heart.

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