The Gig is a season 3 episode of wayside


Skyler's band, the Nutomic Diablos, has their 1st gig at the SteamPunk Stadium. Everyone tries to get tickets in any way they can, even going so far as to weasel them out of Skyler and her bandmates. And Eventually, the free tickets go to Todd, Maurecia, Dana, Rondi, Edward, and Benjamin Nushmutt. And the concert ensues while Myron is watching from the Stadium gutter.


Mark Rendall as Todd

Denise Oliver as Maurecia

Lisa Ng as Dana, Shari

Martin Vilafana as Myron

Sarah Gadon as Rondi

Jessica DiCicco as Skyler


  • This episode is a full 30 minutes long (and that includes commercials)
  • Debut Appearence: Skyler
  • 1st time Benjamin Nushmutt appears in the Tv series
  • Before the conert starts, Edward and Rondi are seen leaning toward each other

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