The Glacier
Universe Super Smash Bros.
Appears in [[1]]
Playable Character(s) Meta Knight, Dante, Peach, Vergil, Koopa Bros.
Home stage to None
Availability Rise of an Unleashed Army only

The level starts out with Meta Knight jumping near the edge of a glacier as he sees the Halberd being flown by someone nearby. Meta Knight jumps off the edge and follows the Halberd while being acumpinied by Dante and Peach.

But then demons start emerging from the ice below them and attack the smashers. Their no match for them though as they continue to try and recieve the Halberd back. More demons emerge from the ice as the smashers battle them and are eventually defeated. The smashers then make it to the Halberd until they are stopped b the Koopa Bros.

The Koopa Bros. intoduce themselves to the three of them and then introduce Vergil as they were hired by Vader to destroy any smasher that comes to them. Dante becomes furoius and charges at Vergil and battles him on his own while Meta Knight and Peach take on the Koopa Bros. It is a long and ferocious battle but the smashers come out the victor. Dante on the other hand is defeated andVergil is ready to attack the remaining two until it's revealed that demons start to attack Vergil.

Vergil eaisily defeats them and revives Dante while Peach revives the Koopa Bros. The villians then unite with the smashers to defeat the demons. They put up a handful to them but are defeated in the end and the smashers board the Halberd at last.

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