The Gravedancers II: Revenge of Terror (AKA: The Gravedancers: Revenge, The Gravedancers: Terror, Revenge, and The Gravedancers 2) is a 2008 supernatural-horror film about a couple, John and Karen, they dance on the graves with their friends, soon they are attacked by the ghosts of the living dead.

Plot Edit

Film is about John and Karen, newly weds, they dance on the grave of random peoples, drunk, and are being attacked by the ghosts as with eleven other people, soon the ghost try even deadly more lethal then even attacks and starts taking them out one-by-one and the only survivor is Karen.

Deaths (in number order) Edit

  1. Mark: butchered
  2. Alius: thrown off a building and impaled by pole
  3. Ray: decapitated
  4. Clark: eviscerated
  5. Sean: butchered
  6. Charlie: decapitated
  7. May: burned
  8. Jonas: killed by George with electrical tools
  9. George: killed by electrical tools
  10. Simon: impaled by pole
  11. John: killed by lawnmower blade
  12. Ben: killed himself to safe Karen and put the ghosts to rest

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