The Great Animal is the second episode of 100 Acre Wood Chronicles.

  • Story

Pooh Bear and Mickey Mouse encountered an evil sorcerer named Rothbart who turned into a Griffin known as The Great Animal. The two friends escaped to Pooh's house and they both had a plan to save the 100 Acre Wood from Rothbart.

In a place called Acme Labs - Rothbart visited Pinky and The Brain who are plotting to capture Pooh and Mickey. So - Pinky and Brain build alot of booby traps to get Pooh and Mickey. But nothing works. The two Mice visited Rothbart at the Stone Aged Castle and told him that they failed. Rothbart booted them out and decided to take over the world by himself.

The next day - Pooh and Mickey found Rothbart and the Fight begins. Rothbart transforms into the Great Animal and attacked Mickey. But Goofy came and fought the Griffin.

Rothbart followed Goofy and Mickey to Tree Hill. But Goofy takes out an Arrow and aims it into the griffin's heart. Rothbart the Griffin tumbled down to the river below. The Forest Creatures cheered for the Heroes. Pooh and Mickey visited the Brisby Family and told them all about their Mission.


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