The Grend'el, also known as Homos Adjunctus, are the result of a second breed of Titan 3 Androids that were most successful than their predecessors. The Grendel are also the new name of the separatist Titan Industries.


When the first Titan 3's were made, they were only successful soldiers because, unlike the first 2 programs, which used any normal human, Titan 3's only accepted physically superior men and women, and sometimes they even chose children. The Titan 3s had both the resilience of the Titan 1s and the power and speed of the Titan 2s, making them the perfect soldier, the one man army. In the Titan 3 program there were 600 candidates, twice that of the Titan 1 and 2, yet only 45 survived, the least out of the 3 generations. Eventually, nearly all of them were killed off in the final days of The Battle of Adonias, until only around a dozen or so remained, including Adrean, Bogart, and Jamey. Bogart, the CEO of T.I. at the time, knew they had to try to make more, possibly using different augmentation procedures. Bogart tested it on himself first, and he became the first Golem / Grendel hybrid.

All pre-Grendel Titan 3's, were known as Golems. This included Adrean, Bogart, and Jamey. Adrean became the next hybrid, and together, they became the first King and Queen Golems. They then began to recruit candidates. Over 2050 candidates were recruited, all of superior physical condition, and 1400 survived. Over the next few months of the Adonias struggle, the human forces began to push back the invading Zodiac, with a price, over 1,000 Grendel had been killed. With less than 400 left, Bogart put his genius mind to work, and created one of the most advanced Cloning Machines, ever. It could only clone 3 copies before overheating, then he had to let it sit and cool down, but as he progressed, he was able to clone 12 to 16 copies before it would heat up.

Eventually, due to extensive losses in the field, and constant recloning, The Grendel began to evolve, and adapt to their new augmentations. They began to become a new species of hominid altogether.

The result of the later generations of Grendel was acute senses, of sight, hearing, smell, taste, and even touch. They even began to evolve to not need reproductive organs, although the sexual dimorphism was still vaguely present. When The Grendel operated with the UEM and the MSWG in the battle of Haven, at this point in time, the UEM and MSWG had begun to hate the Grendel, and not even consider them Human anymore. During the battle tension uprose, and The Grendel parted ways with the UEM completely.

In the later periods of the war, The Grendel's hatred for humanity grew even more, and they sided with The Zodiac, although more of a slave race, like the Scamps or Scarabs. The Grendel saw themselves as the future of humankind, a second chance to start off with a clean slate, and believed they were God's preferred ones. They intended to help The Zodiac cleanse humanity.

During the battles on Earth, they were mainly deployed as front-line troops, mainly replacing the Banshees, until the Great Divide. Until then they always doned plasma arm gauntlets, to help protect themselves, as their new armor was still in the works, and still very fragile. Due to this position exchange, the Banshees were strict snipers.

In the post-Division era, The Zodiac had split into 2 sides, those still against humans, and those now loyal to them. The Grendel, at this point in time, had risen in the ranks to almost be equal with the Fiends, although still below religiously. Their battlefield poficiency had also broadened aswell, as many different castes are visible, as well as clones of different DNA, mianly Ivy's DNA, from the ruins of The Spindle Shrine.

After The closing days of the final battle of Atlantis, The Grendel's only leader, Bogart, is killed, and they all but dissolve from existence. Nobody knows what happened to them, truely.


The Grendel have 7 simple ranks.

The Rook, Knight, Clone, nor Bishop are not encountered until Total Assault 3.


It is unclear as to which of the 2 highest ranks is higher. There is proof that the King rank is higher, like when Adrean takes orders directly from Bogart. This may seem unfair, however, it has been confirmed by Compton, however, that there can be more than one Queen at a time, but there may only be one King Grendel, so this would make sense if the King had slightly higher authority.

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