Friends. The friends family are growing. However, something terrible happens to each family.

One Family

Ross and Rachel smiled as they looked at their newborn twins. Ross was holding Danny and Rachel was holding Lily. "Look at them", Rachel giggled.

"Where is Emma", Rachel asked after half an hour playing with the twins. "Emma is with Mike and Phoebe. God it is like an nursery at that place", Ross chuckled. Phoebe and Mike were looking after all their children.

Meanwhile, Monica Bing patted her stomache and smiled. "Only two month's", She whispered. Monica found out she was pregnant and she and her husband were surprised. They were going to adopt again until the news.

Monica walked to the bedroom and saw Chandler holding an empty bottle of milk. Monica slowly grabbed the mill and walked to the kitchen.

Joey Tribbiani kissed his wife, Janet and she kissed back. Joey couldn't believe he had made an commitment. He still remembered their wedding day, every single moment of it.

Janet was pregannt with triplets, but they were happy because of their wealth. They had move across the street from Monica and Chandler, and Ross and Rachel moved in next to them.

Phoebe giggled as Mike started to run to catch an running Emma Geller. It was an mad house. They were looking after Erica and Jack and their own children.

Phoebe had Summer, Alisha, Mike Jr. and Sophie. Sophie was the eldest, then came Mike Jr, Alisha and then Summer. Phoebe wanted another child, but this will be the last.

Rachel fell asleap and Ross kissed her forehead. He then looked at his children and smiled. Rachel came up with Danny, and Ross came up with Lily, because it was Rachel's favourite flower.

Ross had fell in love with them the moment he met with them. It was the same for Emma. Ross remembered when they found out it was twins. However, Joey helped them with their money.

Ross picked up Lily and snuggled her. He was going to treat his children equaly. He smiled at the thought of the twins being born. Danny was born in christmas eve, and Lily was born in christmas day, two minutes apart.

Monica looked at her old diary and smiled. It had pictures of her and Rachel when kids, and had her on the prom night. She smiled at the thought when she and the gang watched the video.

Monica kept reading and smiled when she relised she wrote she had an crush on Chandler the first time they met. Although Chandler called her fat, He was still her crush.

Joey walked out to the balcony to look at his swimming pool. He saw his sister, Gina, swimming in the pool. He walked back in and saw Janet looking at him. "Hello, Princess".

Phoebe fell asleap and woke up in an hour. She got up and looked in the mirror. On her forehead, it was written, Great Mom.

Phoebe turned around and saw Sophie smiling. Phoebe walked up to her and hugged her. "You are so smart", Phoebe kissed her. She hoped her life was like this for the rest of her life.

Although, in an matter of weeks, their lives were about to be toren apart.

Two Home Party

Rachel woke up and smiled. It was ten o'clock, and in an hour, Ross was going to pick her and the twins up. Rachel asked the nurse for her clothes and she changed in the bathroom.

She then heard Danny crying through the room. She could tell her children's cries apart, even in an day. Rachel rushed to Danny and held him.

She managed to get him asleap and put him in the cot and smiled. She and Ross were complete and blessed with three children.

Meanwhile, Monica, Chandler and Phoebe were in the Geller household. "Where is Mike", Monica asked Phoebe. "Mike is with the children at his parent's house", Phoebe explained.

"Where is Jack and Erica and Joey", Phoebe asked. "Joey is at his parents house with Janet. Erica and Jack are with Mom and Dad", Monica explained.

Just then, Monica's phone rang. "Hello", Monica asked. "Oh hey Rachel. I can't wait to see your children. I'm sorry i couldn't be there", Monica apologised.

Later on, Ross and Rachel opened the door with Lily and Danny. Everyone surprised Rachel and she almost cried in shock. "I had no idea", Rachel honestly cried.

Two hours later, Joey arrived with Janet and Mike. Mike and Phoebe walked upstairs and looked at an sleaping Emma. "Where are the kids", Phoebe asked.

"Mom and Dad's. Mike Jr. didn't look so pleased", Phoebe chuckled. Even she couldn't stand her in laws. "I want another one", Phoebe said. "Well, we can-", Mike pointed to the bed.

Meanwhile, an angry Emily Waltham was staring at the Geller House inside her car. "One week. One week and you and your Rachel and your children will die in the flames", she whispered and drove off.

She drove back to her new home and looked at her husband. Thank god he is the only contact with me from the city, she thought and she grabbed the hammer from the desk.

She slowly walked to her husband, who was watching the television. Emily raised the hammer and hit him on the head. James Brown was dead.

"I'm glad i didn't change my second name", Emilly muttered and she kept hitting him over and over on the head with the hammer.

Three Phoebe's Horror

Phoebe woke up and got up from the bed. She relised she was naked and quickly put on her dressing gown. She walked to the bathroom.

She opened the cabinet and grabbed the pregnancy test. She peed on it and waited thrity seconds. She looked at the test and sighed. Negative.

She and Mike had waited an week befour checking. They had been doing it non stop the last week. She had an nice hot shower and changed.

She saw Mike Jr. and Alisha throwing and catching an ball at each other. She was lucky to have her family. Phoebe walked to the lounge and heard Mike's phone.

She looked at the screen and saw the name was Jessica. Phoebe checked the text and was horrified at what it said. I luv you babes. When are you leaving Phoebe. I mean, i'm pregnant, youbetter hurry up.

Phoebe chucked the phone at the wall. She had tears in her eyes. How can Mike, her perfect everything, cheat on her. Just then, Mike came in with Summer and Sophie.

"Up to your room", Mike smiled and turned to kiss Phoebe. "We need to talk", Phoebe whispered. Mike followed to her in the kitchen.

"What is it", Mike asked. "You fucking bastard. You think cheating on me with Jessica and getting pregnant and getting away with it, Well you are wrong", Phoebe slapped Mike on the face, leaving an red mark.

"Pleas-", Phoebe cut him off. "OUT", Phoebe screamed. Mike quickly ran out and slammed the door. Phoebe collapsed and bursted out in tears.

She closed her eyes and woke up. Summer was hugging her. "Why is Mommy upset", Summer innocently asked. "Because, Daddy did something very very bad and upsetting", Phoebe hugged her even more.

Meanwhile, Emily smiled when she threw the hammer into the lake. It was midnight. Her first murder had gone to plan. She had hid his body in their basement and locked the door.

She walked back to her house and looked at the sheet on the table. She smiled. It had all the details of Ross and Rachel's deaths.

Hell, she wanted to see Rachel and Ross being terrified. They would witness Emma's death, and then Danny and then Lily. She was going to enjoy this.

She grabbed the pistol from the table and aimed it at the dart board. She never loved the man she killed. He was only part of the plan. She remembered he wanted to go to New York.

That was when her plan started,

Four A Shoulder To Cry On

Phoebe wept into Rachel's arms. Ross looked on from the kitchen. He looked down and relised how much of an scumbag Mike was.

Summer, Alisha and Mike Jr. were staying over at Joey and Janet's. Emma and Sophie were over at Monica and Chandler's house.

Rachel put the blanket over Phoebe when she fell asleap. She walked to her bed and fell instantly into an dark spell. She was exausted.

The next day, Rachel went downstairs and saw Phoebe watching the news. "Are you okay", Rachel asked Phoebe. "No, I keep seeing that mes-", Phoebe bursted crying.

"Pheebs, You can stay here as much as you want. But you will have to not cry, for your children", Rachel managed to convince Phoebe.

"Your right. I better get all the children here. It is time to be with my family", and Phoebe walked out of the house still wearking her dressing gown.

Rachel then saw Ross. "Please", He begged. Rachel knew that voice and immediatly went, "No", Rachel walked up to him and lightly hit him in the head.

Emily was in the back garden, looking out from the back window. Her plan wasn't working, not with Phoebe and the children about. She was going to have to kill them too.

Five Labour or Miscarriage

Monica kissed Chandler on the head and sat next to him. They watched the televisions until Erica started to cry. "My turn", Chandler whispered and walked upstairs.

Monica went to bed early that night. At Two O'clock in the morning, Monica woke up and went to the bathroom. After flushing the toilet, she saw blood coming down her legs.

"Chandler", Monica screamed. Chandler ran in and saw what was happening. "I will get the ambulance", Chandler hoped everything was okay.

Monica was told to rest on the couch while the ambulance was coming. The doctor's got there. "Mrs Bing, If we don't get you to the hospital, you can lose the baby", the doctor told Monica.

Monica bursted in tears as she was led to the hospital. Chandler was along with her, telling her everything was going to be okay. He had phoned Joey and told him to look after the twins.

Two hours later and Monica screamed in pain. "Am i going to lose the baby", Monica asked the nurse. "We don't know for sure, but if you can hold the baby in for a bit longer we can tell", the nurse said.

Meanwhile, Emily looked at Chandler in the waiting room. He didn't see her and she smirked. She had sneaked in at that night and poisoned Monica's orange juice.

Ross was going to suffer, losing Monica and her baby. Hell, She was going to enjoy telling him the truth of what was happening when she would lock them in Ross and Rachel's bedroom.

Emily walked out of the hospitial and got in her car. She saw Ross getting out of the taxi and running in. Rachel must be home alone with their children.

Emily drove to her house and opened the basement door. She walked downstairs and kissed her dead husband on the lips. "That is for sparking this wonderful plan", and Emily giggled.

Six Break In

Joey said goodbye to Gina who was leaving for Japan and walked back in. He phoned Chandler for any news. "Is she and the baby okay", Joey asked.

"Yeah, the baby was born last night. The baby is in care but, but there is an good chance the baby is going to live", Chandler explained. "That is so great, any names", Joey asked.

"Monica came with Hope. You know, as in, Hope to survive", Joey smiled at the name. It was perfect. He said his goodbyes and went back to bed. He saw Janet sleaping and he kissed her tummy.

Phoebe looked at the pregnancy test. Positive. "No", she whispered. She had just moved to an new home, next to Monica and Chandler.

She wondered if she was going to have an abortion. "But that will be against my beliefs", she said to herself. Just then, Mike Jr. ran in with an dinosaur toy he got from Ross.

"Mommy, Can i have juice", he asked with puppy eyes. Phoebe quickly threw the stick in the bin and said yes. She walked to the lounge and grabbed the phone.

Joey and Janet went go babyshopping. Emily broke in their house and crept upstairs. She grew angry when she saw their nursery.

She and Ross could have had this. But only popular emotionless Rachel got in their way. "Bitch", Emily whispered and she started to smash the nursery.

She walked to the bedroom and grabbed onto the phone. She looked at his text messages. When ever she found one from Rachel, she deleted them.

She took an picture of the swimming pool outside and then sent it to Janet. She walked downstairs and walked into the kitchen. She grabbed an apple and bit into it.

She chucked the apple on the floor and walked to the lounge. She kicked the flatscreen television and it smashed. Emily walked outside and drove off.

Meanwhile, Janet heard her phone ring. She looked at the message and saw the swimming pool. She dropped the phone and Joey asked what was going on.

"Someone is in out house", she whispered.

Seven One Day

Ever since the inncident, Joey and Janet went to live with Phoebe and the kids. Monica and baby Hope were sent away from the hospital.

Emily stared at Jack and Judy's house. One day until their son and their daughter and their grandchildren would perish in the flames.

Emily knocked on the door. Judy answered and was surprised. "Emi-", she was cut off when Emily hit her straight on the face with an hammer.

She dragged the body upstairs and put her on top of the bed. She heard the door opening and relised Jack was in. "Judy i'm going to the bedroom", she heard Jack shout.

Jack opened the door and saw Judy. "Wh-", he was too, cut off when Emily smashed him on the brains with her bloody hammer.

She locked the front door when going out and drove away. One day. One day and everyone she hated will burn and die an horrible death.

Phoebe cried as she lay on her bed. She couldn't believe she had the abortion. The worst part was that the doctor had somehow found out it was twins she was carrying.

She had killed two children. Phoebe saw pils lying on the counter. She crushed them and put them in her glass of vodka. Befour she drank, Alisha came in holding an book.

"Mommy read", she asked. Phoebe poured the glass down the drain and put the glass inside the basin. She grabbed the book and read to Alisha. It was because of her, Phoebe never commited suicide.

Just then, her phone rang. Phoebe told Alisha she would read it after the call and answered. It was Joey. "Pheebs, someone has broke into out house and destroyed the nursery", he explained.

"Have you phoned the police", Phoebe asked. "No, But me and Janet are going away to my parents. Also, Monica says she wants to look after your children for the night, if that is alright", he asked.

"Sure", Phoebe needed the break. "Okay i will call you when i get there", Joey put the phone down and he and Janet left, not knowing they were the lucky ones.

Meanwhile, Emily watched as she saw the happy couple drive away. She had sneaked in again when they were in the house. It was an shame she couldn't kill them, but at least they would live with the knowledge that their friends had died.

Monica looked at baby Hope in the cot. She didn't know why she wanted Phoebe's childrens to come over. She asked Rachel for Emma and the twins, but Rachel said that they could stay in Monday.

Monica couldn't believe Hope and her nearly died. Maybe it was god punishing her, for cheating on Chandler with Richard. Hope was Richard's child, so Monica had killed Richard incase he told Chandler.

She still remembered his body, lifeless, on the floor. But she could have sworen an woman had witnessed the murder, although she never told the police.

Eight At Last

Sunday. Sunday. Sunday. The day she had waited for as long as she could remembered. Emily stared at Rachel, who walked inside the house with Emma.

"Time to pay, bitch", Emily muttered. She then saw Phoebe with the four children walking to Monica and Chandler's home. Emily quickly hid behind the tree.

She turned around and saw them coming in. "Pheebs, you will be the first".

Rachel put Emma in her cot and then Danny started to cry. Rachel gave him his bottle and Danny stopped. Rachel put him in his blue cot.

She had it all. At last. Rachel walked downstairs and sat on the couch. Emily slowly crept up to her and swung an baseball bat, which hit Rachel's head. She fell down with an thud.

Later that night, Ross walked in and put down his suitcase. "Hey Rach", he said. He opened the lounge door and saw Emily holding Lily.

"What are you doing", Ross asked in shock. "Oh nothing, Just knocking out your wife, kidnapping Phoebe and your children", she spat on the floor.

"Give me-", Ross was cut off when an man walked into the lounge. "Richard", Ross whispered. "Your darling sister tried to kill me but Emily here saved me", he explained.

"Also, i killed your parents. They are dead. I killed my husband James. I broke into Joey and Janet's house and smashed up their nursery", Emily said.

"Where's Rachel", Ross asked. "Oh", Emily opened the kitchen door and came back with an tied and gagged up Rachel, but Ross gasped when he saw Emily was holding an gun.

"Now", she shouted. Richard jumped onto Ross and befour Ross knew it, he was knocked unconscious.

He woke up and relised he was tied up with Rachel. He saw Phoebe tied up to the sofa and he tried to scream, but he had duct tape over his mouth.

He then saw Emma, Lily and Danny all in one cot. He looked up and saw Emily pouring gas all over the floor. "No", Ross and Rachel tried to say.

"Oh, Look at this for giggles", Emily whispered to them and she aimed gun and fired. And an body hit the floor.

Nine Escape

Rachel tried to scream. It was Richard. Phoebe woke up from the gun and relised what was going on. Emily then grabbed the lighter from the coffee table.

"Also, i poisoned Monica to try and kill her and her baby", but befour she could continue, Chandler tackled her. He quickly ran to Phoebe and untied her.

"You get the kids", he shouted. Phoebe grabbed onto Danny and ran out. He tried to untie Ross, but Emily jumped up and grabbed onto Chandler.

The two fell down and Chandler kicked her on the belly. Emily screamed in pain. Chandler went back to untie Ross. Ross got up and started to untie Rachel.

However, Emily lit up the lighter and threw it at the gas. The house immediatly went up in flames and Rachel screamed.

Ross grabbed onto Emma and Rachel grabbed onto Lily. Emily got up and tried to grab Rachel. When the three tried to run out, flames erupted, blocking Rachel and Lily escape.

"Rachel", Ross shouted Just then, Monica ran out and saw what was going on. "Give me Emma", Monica picked Emma from Ross.

Just then, the bottom floor of the house exploded, sending the window's glass to shatter. Monica, Emma, Chandler and Ross fell to the ground.

Rachel ran upstairs with an raging Emily chasing her. She ran to the nursery and cried when she saw Emma, Lily and Danny's cots on fire.

She ran to her bedroom and locked the door. She put Lily on the bed and tried as hard as she could to open the bedroom window.

Emily grabbed onto the hammer from her pocket and started to hit the door. Rachel screamed when the hammer managed to make an small hole.

Rachel unlocked the bedroom door and gave Emily an good kick to the stomache. She ran and picked up Lily and managed to dodge Emily trying to grab her legs.

Rachel cried when she relised there was no escape for her. Rachel screamed as part of the floor collasped beneath, making Emily separated from Rachel.

Ten Emily Or Rachel

Rachel gasped for air as she neared the step bedroom. She again locked the door and put Lily on the bed. She grabbed onto the vase and started to hit it against the window.

The window shattered and the glass fell to the grass. She Monica and Chandler trying to get Ross away from the house.

"Help", she screamed which caught their attention. "Get the ladders", Monica screamed to Chandler who obeyed. He got the ladders and ran across the road.

Just then, Phoebe ran out with the phone. "The service is blocked", she told Monica. "It's okay, we are going to get Rachel and Lily out", she told Phoebe.

The stairs were against the wall and Ross climbed up. He grabbed Lily and passed her to Chandler who passed her to Monica.

When Rachel got out and the two started to climb down the ladders, the house exploded one more time, sending the two to the road.

This alerted the neighbors who ran out to see what was going on. However, Phoebe screamed when she saw Emily, unscratched, coming out of the house.

She aimed the hangun and started to fire at Ross and Rachel. Everybody started to run away and Ross and Rachel were nearing Monica and Chandler's house.

Emily quickly got inside her car and started the engine. She then drove against the limit to knock Ross and Rachel over.

Ross managed to push Rachel away and was knocked over by Emily. Emily lost control and smashed into the house, and she died instantly.

Phoebe screamed as she relised Ross and the children could die. Rachel ran to Ross and started to sob. Her husband is dying.


Rachel and Ross smiled as they saw their fourth grandchild for the first time. Lily had given birth to baby Rachel. Rachel was honured because of this.

Emma had married an man named Euan Brown. Emma had given birth to Stacey and Harry.

Danny had fell in love with an man named Neil and the two adopted an child named Laura. Ross and Rachel still loved their son for who he was.

Lily fell in love with Mike Jr. and they had baby Rachel, after months of trying for children.

Phoebe, however, gave Mike another chance and they got married again. They went to Japan to stay with the help of Joey.

Mike Jr. and Lily got married and had child Rachel.

Sophie became an single mother to babys Vera and Summer.

Summer had died on the night of Emily's mayhem.

Alisha got married to an man named Carl and the two live in England.

Joey and Janet moved out of their house and lived in Monica's old apartment when their children grew up. Janet gave birth to baby's Ian, Harley and Khyla.

Ian fell in love with Erica and the two had twins Chandler Jr. and Andrew.

Harley grew up alone but had wrote hundreads of books, making him famous.

Khyla fell in love with Ben, Ross's son from his first marriage, despite their ten year apart.

Monica and Chandler were devastated when Hope had died during Emily's mayhem, and Monica never told Chandler the truth.

They did, adopt child Fiz. Fiz fell in love with her own adoptive brother Jack and he did as well, but since they were not related, they got married.

The friends family's continued to grow, and Monica's last words were Continue to grow, and i will be proud.

The End

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